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Todd owyoung photographer

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work
  2. 2. Photographer: Todd Owyoung• Todd Owyoung is a portraitphotographer specializing in livemusic and lifestyle photography.• His work commonly appears inmany music magazines such asRolling Stone, The New York Times,entertainment weekly and manyother popular magazines. He alsohas his own website where hispictures are displayed and sold.• He claims to photograph roughly 5-6bands a week.
  3. 3. Examples of photographs
  4. 4. Choose an image…. Describe it• This photograph was taken at a liveshow played by the band Kiss. Theintent of the photograph was topromote the band, promote the liveshow and presumably make a goodcover photograph to be sold to amagazine.• The picture cleverly includes the artistmid act surrounded by fireworks in afreeze frame jam packed with action.The cameras low angle makes theartist look more impressive workingwell for a magazine or websiteimage, this makes the picture morelikely to be used, therefore helpingthe photographer a lot.
  5. 5. Composition• The photographer is using a wide angle lens on this picture, this workswell because it captures the whole stage and gives the picture depth.The artist in the picture is shown in the middle and the rule of thirds isclearly present in the photographers mind while the picture was taken.The photograph was clearly taken professionally because the position itis taken from would normally be extremely hard to get to.• The fact that the artist appears to be alone on stage makes the picturelook a lot more dramatic, there is a lot of scenery around the artist yet heappears to be isolated making the pause of the live action look evenmore impressive. The photographer may have edited the photo later forthis to be the case.
  6. 6. Techniques used• Some of the main techniques used inthis photo are simple but extremelyeffective. The photo uses a fastshutter speed making it appearextremely clear and steady. Thephotographer used the camerasfocus extremely well to capture theartist in full focus in the foreground.along with an out of focus crowd inthe background. Again thephotographer uses the rule of thirdsvery well to capture a lively picturewith as much action as could be fit in.The brightness and exposure settingswork very well also because thepicture has a warm glow from thefireworks but not so much that itoverpowers the image completely.
  7. 7. Strengths &Weaknesses• Overall Todd Owyoung is a verytalented and professionalphotographer with a large rangeof interests and styles. Some ofthe most inspirational types ofimages he produces are liveshows creating an atmosphereand displaying the artist in fullform, I would take ideas like thisfor my own work as capturing theatmosphere in a photograph isan impressive ability. Howevermy least favorite of the styles arethe more boring images showingthe artist such as the one shownon the right. The image doeshave a lot of good qualities thestyle just doesn’t appeal to me.