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The lonley island i'm on a boat


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The lonley island i'm on a boat

  1. 1. Name: Richard O’Connor Music Video: The Lonely Island – I’m on a boatNarrative – What is the story of the music video, characters, settings, conflicts, Mise-en-scene (What colours, sets and props are used? Why?)resolutions? The setting of the video is on a very expensive looking boat in the middle of an exotic lookingThe music video involves a teenage boy who wins a boat ride for three people in a ocean. The characters are all dressed very smart to emphasize how cool the characters thinkcereal packet so the boy, his friend and T-Pain go on the boat trip dressed in suits they are. They are also seen in scenes that look similar to regular rap videos from rich stars,singing about all the different experiences they are having on the boat trip. There are this creates comedy because it can clearly be interpreted as them making a joke of richscenes where the artists can be seen enjoying the boat life but also scenes where they artists.are making a joke of famous artists and the people they left at home. Target Audience – Who is the music video for? The video is aimed at people around 15 – 30 because it has some immature humour but it is also relevant for anyone who is interested in popular music. The video is probably aimed more at males because the theme of the song is more relevant to male interests. Editing – Describe the different editing choices made? As the video is fast paced the editing is made to clearly replicate the style of a popularCamera Shots – What shots are used and why? upbeat song such as a rap song. This also helps to highlight how easy they are saying it is toThe video is very fast paced with a lot of quick jump cuts, this is because they are trying make a popular song even if it has no look impressive and similar to fast paced rappers. This also fits in well with the songand helps the video to progress from scene to scene. Music Video style – What style is used and why? The music video style is mostly performance based with a slight narrative element to it. These two work well together because the performance element allows the video to look funny whilst the narrative gives the music video a purpose and allows it to progress through the song like a story.