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Task 3

  1. 1. Of all the different types of motion graphics there are I have decided that idents are one ofthe most common and most generic of the motion graphics that litter the media. I willchoose 3 different idents and analyse and compare them and explain how they are used inthe media industry today.Ident 1The first Ident that I have chosen to analyse is a televised ident that was used for ITV in-between programmes. The ident can be seen here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH9IuIKf0TEThe Ident starts with a windy beach scene where a yellow windbreak is placed, the cameraslowly zooms towards it as it blows away from the ground and starts flying into the air. Thecamera pans round to watch this, and as it does the ITV logo moves out from behind thewindbreak and moves into the air. The camera pans round all the way until it is lookingdirectly at the sky while the windbreak spins through the air. The ITV logo is present almostall of the time.The animation used on the windbreak is very good because it goes quickly from a real sceneto just a background with animation on top. It looks very realistic and professional and themovements look smooth. I could create something similar to this by using Adobe aftereffects and filming two different shots one of the beach, and one of the sky and animatingover the top. Also the colour of the windbreak matches the logo and allows the theme ofthe channel to be seen by glancing at the Ident. A lot of techniques are used such assharpening the colours on the windbreaks to make them stand out and also rotating andflipping them several times to create the natural feeling and make it look real. One mainthing that creates a real feeling is that when the flying windbreaks are high up they gobehind the logo but when they are close to the camera they go in front. This makes theIdent look both very realistic and natural. All of this would be easy to do on Adobe aftereffects using layers and simple tools.The purpose of this ident was to clearly identify to the audience that they were viewing ITVso the ident itself promotes the channel in a subtle way making sure the audience are awarethat all the shows that they watch are part of ITV.Ident 2The second ident that I have chosen to analyse is another televised ident, similar to the lastexcept this one is used for channel four. The ident can be seen here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hSrNMX5FigThe graphic starts off with the camera flying very fast across a desert looking at the groundas though it were an aeroplane. The Camera starts to look up and begins to slow down as itapproaches an aeroplane base. There are other planes in the air and hundreds of planes
  2. 2. bunched together on the floor. The camera twists 90 degrees and starts moving upwardsand for a couple of seconds the channel 4 logo is visible in the space in-between the planes.The ident uses a small amount of animation when the 4 logo is visible to clear the spacepurely because it would be lots more work and possibly money to organise with the ownersthe physical setup that would be required. The movement of the camera was controlled,smooth and very effective. This helped the channel 4 logo be seen and created a dramaticeffect for the ident. The colour used is all very plain and desert like this creates a continuoustheme and makes the ident look incredibly real. I could create something like this usingvarious footage and Adobe Premiere or for a more animated look I could use Lightwave. Atthe beginning the ident uses the blur effect to really create the image of travelling at a highspeed over the desert even though the camera itself is travelling slowly and the qualityremains at a high level. The ident itself is quite sharp looking especially the logo which Isuspect was sharpened in the editing software to make it clear and visible.The purpose of this ident was also to identify to the audience that they are watchingchannel 4. The ident does this by very subtly putting the channel 4 logo into the ident ataround 30 seconds in. The ident also follows the house style of all the other channel 4idents, this alone lets the audience sub consciously know that they are watching channel 4.Ident 3For the final ident I have chosen I decided to use, again a similar kind of ident however thistime, used for BBC two. The ident can be found here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1hUhxPHs6wThe Ident Begins with a number 2 that is designed to look like an insect in a forest setting,the camera slowly zooms out and suddenly the number two is swallowed by a Venus fly trapin the shape of a larger number two. The camera then stops zooming out and the BBC 2information appears.The ident is made using animation and regular camera footage. The forest scene wasprobably filmed with a camera and then the number 2 bits were added in afterwards usingsome software probably similar to Adobe After effects. The colour of the ident is all verygreen to fit in with the theme of what is happening. The graphics of the animation are verygood and it looks quite realistic as though it is really there. Finally the movement of thecamera works perfectly because it is like watching a scene from a thriller film and thereforelooks professional. Because of the ident being so short more effort can be put into littledetails for example; at the beginning the plants around the number two are blurred to makeit seem as though the camera is focusing on the number two. This creates a very dramaticeffect and draws all attention to the channels logo. The logo itself and once zoomed out, therest of the background is very sharp looking to give it an enhanced, more realistic look.
  3. 3. Again the purpose of this ident is to advertise to the audience that they are watching BBCtwo and that the programmes they see on that channel all belong to BBC two. This identdoes this in an obvious way and instead of trying to subtly remind the audience of thechannel they are watching it simply states the channel they are watching but does so in aninteresting and memorable way.Overall each different motion graphic does its job perfectly well; they simply do them inslightly different ways. The main contrast in style is between the channel four and the BBCtwo idents. This is because channel four has a running style of idents all of which subtlyidentify the channel by making the channel four logo out of many different things, one beingthe example where the logo is made out of spaces between planes. The BBC two idents doalso have a running style however theirs is much less specific and focuses more on howcreative the idents can be and how unique the ideas can be to their channel. The ITV ident isthe most simple one of the three, however this doesn’t by any means indicate that it is theworst, after all an idents job isn’t to be the most creative or unique motion graphic evermade, it is simply to identify the channel in the best way possible making use of moderntechnology to do so.Picking a winner would by no means be easy due to how different they all are despite all ofthem having the same purpose. The main thing about idents is that they have to be changedevery so often in order to keep in the completion with the other channels and to keep thecreativity fresh and keep the audience entertained.