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Task 1 different applications of photography


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Task 1 different applications of photography

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications ofPhotographyRichard O’Connor
  2. 2. Advertising IndustryPhotography is widely used in a hugeamount of media In the advertisingindustry, one example of this could bebillboards like this one shown on theright. The photography can aid theadvertisement a lot because thevisuals are what catch the eye of theaudience and stay in their mind. Anadvert full of text is a bad idea so mostcompanies tend to try and fit whattheir message into an image that looksinteresting to a member of the public.This is used whether the advert is onTV, billboard or any other mediaincluding photography. Anotherexample of clever photography used inadvertising is seen all the time onrefreshment advertisements. Theymake the picture look so that theproduct is irresistible and refreshing asit could possibly be this can even go asfar as to sub-consciously make theaudience crave the product.
  3. 3. Fashion IndustryPhotography is widely used in the fashionindustry. This is most commonly the case becausephotography is the best and easiest way ofgetting the product seen by the highest numberof people. The best thing about photography inthis sense is that once a picture is produced it caneasily be placed anywhere, from the internet tothat billboard near your local supermarket.Photography also works well in fashion becauseclothes can look a lot better and a lot moreappealing in exotic scenarios such as the onesshown on the right here. The backgroundscompliment the pictures and really make theclothes themselves stand out. This is importantbecause with things like fashion photography thetarget audience will only be briefly glancing at thephoto, so the more they can take in and the morethe photo can catch their eye, the better. As wemay all have noticed clothes look more appealingon somebody else, especially when that personhas been edited professionally for countlesshours, this is yet another advantage that at aglance of a photo wouldn’t run through mostpeoples minds.For example Annie Leibovitz is a very famousfashion photographer who has worked formagazines and independently, to produce manydifferent fashion photos. She has photographedmany famous people and produced manydifferent styles of photography. Her stylethroughout her career however has worked in anextremely unique way the style she goes for is afantasy and just generally twisted look. Thisworks well for her because it really catches theaudiences eye and made her a long standingname among photographers.
  4. 4. Music IndustryYet again photography is used in the musicindustry to promote the artists themselves.Photography is actually used in the musicindustry quite commonly especially consideringthe large variety of music magazines out there onthe market. One of the most common reasons forphotography in the music industry is for albumcovers.The music photography used in this way is alwaysshowing the artists in a specific way, for examplea rock band would have a cool looking set ofphotography showing them looking tough andplaying guitars, however an indie band wouldhave a more relaxed approach with an urban,perhaps black and white background and acousticguitars. Album covers are important to a bandbecause the face of the album can often be a bigselling point especially in rock bands. Anothertime photography is used in music is at festivalsand gigs, this really promotes the band and givesthem an image especially when those photos getput on T.V or in music magazines.An example of a well established musicphotographer is Rukes. Some of his photos areshown to the right, he calls himself the #1 DJphotographer of the world, being photographedby him would instantly increase the reputation ofany musical artist because of the size of his fanbase and because of the reputation he has forphotographing respectable artists.
  5. 5. Sports IndustrySport is an extremely popular subject of interestfor countless numbers of people all across theworld, and the best thing about it is that there isreally no language barrier to sport, as is withphotography. The two things go hand in hand,and with perfection and practice some incrediblephotographs can be obtained in terms of sportphotography. One brilliant reason thatphotography is a good idea in sport is simply forthe history books. Sport has existed for as long aswe can recall and tales of the legends have beenpassed down as well. With photography, we cannot only remember the heroes in a greater sensebut we can honour them and use the pictures toeducate, and model the sport of today of theheroes from the past.Speaking in terms of todays photographyhowever there are still many reasons andadvantages of having photography in the sportindustry. The media is full of sports news i.e. innews papers, television, online and more. Eachone of these different media types involvesphotography into its sports news. Photographs ofthe action not only look impressive but help theaudience to fully understand the informationthey are receiving.One example of a sports photographer is BobMartin, he takes many different sport pictures,some of which will be chosen by the media touse, however even the ones that don’t still litterthe internet and many people will buy the photosbecause of how dedicated to sport they will be,or for example a sports club will own animpressive photo of a famous sports star toadvertise that particular sport.
  6. 6. Photo journalismPhoto journalism is one of the most simpleconcepts to understand compared to the otherphotography industries and also one of the mosteffective. Photo journalism is simply a picture toaccompany a story being reported in the news.This can involve a picture of the youngest everathlete grinning widely, or this could even be apoor African child starving with no food or freshwater. No matter what the picture is photojournalism is designed to make the story morethan just words, to put the audience in the shoesof the reporters themselves. Each photo wouldbe taken in a specific way, so for example thephoto of the young athlete would make the boylook extremely happy and the picture would be ina proud way with the intention of inspiring thosewho witness it. However the picture of thestarving child would be taken in a dark, miserableway designed to make those who see it havemercy on the child and understand how lucky weare to have all that we have.One well known photo journalist is Chris Jordan-Bloch who has taken many different photos fromall around the world, reporting many things,some simple stories, but filling them withpowerful emotion through the photography, hiswork is commonly used in news stories for manydifferent news broadcasters.
  7. 7. Fine Art PhotographyFinally, fine art photography is simplyphotography with the intention of lookingimpressive purely for the sake for art. In fineart photography, effects like shutter speedreally come into their element, fine artphotography is all about creating photos thatshow something in its best light possible withthe intention to create art and make money.There are many different styles of fine artphotography, for example there is a surrealstyle where images are manipulated or takenat perfect angles to make simple everydayscenes or objects look obscure and different.There is also a very modern take on fine artphotography such as daylight cityscapesshowing a modern day world of glass andbeauty. There are also old fashioned lookingshots of either a rural or urban setting, theseshots can either show the setting in abeautiful, quaint way or even a creepy,disgusting and dark way. Overall there are analmost unlimited number of styles of fine artphotography, because it really is art and artcomes with the freedom to do whatever theartist desires.One example of a fine art photographer isMalcolm glover he travels to various exoticplaces and takes impressive photos each withlarge variety, Photography works well in thisway because it involves getting paid for ahobby and being able to travel around andsee all those things with your own eyes.