Magazine logo design


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Magazine logo design

  1. 1. Magazine Logo DesignThis was my first idea for my magazine logo; I decided that the logo I choose should be simple, easyto read and professional looking. Somy first potential idea was in thisfont. This is one of my favourite ofthe logos I created because not onlyis it clear but it looks smart and unlikethe kind of word art font used onmost amateur made magazine covers. On choosing a logo design I had to bear in mind the genre ofmusic magazine i am going to create. This font looks perfect for an electronic, DJ style magazine.My next idea was a whole different style to the last idea, I didn’t want to make a group of differentlogos that all looked the exact same just because I thought I already knew the features I wanted in it.So I experimented with different words and fonts and in the end I decided I like this font too, it is alittle unclear but with only a small amount of research it became obvious to me that there arecountless numbers of magazines out there withtitles that aren’t easy to read and after themagazine gets to a certain status the ability toread the name becomes unnecessary.After a while of looking for a specific font I stumbled upon a variety of fonts like this one, it occurredto me that a lot of magazines have asophisticated look and depending on the typesof music I plan to include in my magazine thiscould be a clever route to take. For a magazinecover like this a clear, bold font is necessary. I feel that the name of the magazine suits this style andcould easily be turned into a magazine of professional standard.Finally my last logo design is one that I created using a pre-set font and editing it on Photoshop sothat it would be appropriate to fit onto the front cover of a magazine, I think this font would workwell on a hip hop, pop culture magazine or onesimilar to the existing magazine ‘Vibe’. This logoappeals to me because it looks different and despitethe unusual style it is still clear and easy to read.