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Magazine article

  1. 1. The Massively popular rap duo ‘2IQ’ took a break from their fast paced lifestyle of touringfor their new album ‘Bread and Butter’ to have a quick chat with us and discuss how theylike the experience of their new found fame. As I’m sure you are aware the duo are rapidlyincreasing in size popularity since their number 1 hit Origins so we thought it was high timewe quizzed them on their route to success. The band consists of Bradley and Jimmy whowere more than happy to come and give a few words to their fans. Of course, with theircurrent status we had a lot of questions that we knew you would want to know, so whenthey sat down we gave them a good grilling.1. Q: How are you finding the music industry so far?A: Well so far we are loving every minute of it. There’s no better feeling than having yourown creativity received by millions. So far we’ve had a really positive reaction from thepublic so it’s helping our confidence a hell of a lot. We did have high hopes for the songorigins but we didn’t expect it to blow up as much as it clearly has done; it’s just strangehow you can go from pretty much unknown to a number one hit practically overnight. As faras the actual work is concerned, despite being immensely cool that we can make a livingdoing just what we want, a lot of people don’t realise just how much effort we have to putin to the music ourselves. I mean you get a lot of people talking about how easy we get it,but we do put in the same hours as everybody else it’s just about perfection.2. Who are you biggest influences?A: Influences? Ha-ha, well we do try to make our music fresh and original but we did listento a lot of the same kind of music when we were younger, I know bands like Outkastprobably had a heavy influence on where we are on the music scale today.A: Yeah to be honest I for one have listened to whatever I heard, I mean I used to listen to alot of Hendrix and Johnny Cash, for us music has always been about the feeling rather thanthe sound, although mixing the two together can never hurt as we seem to be learning themore feedback from fans we get.3. How is touring suiting you up to now?A: Ah man this tour is probably the best thing I have ever experienced, it’s insane Iremember going to see bands on tour years ago, but to be in this position is just a dreamcome true. The other guys on the tour are a great laugh as well, it’s pretty much 90% funand then the other is performing to the fans which obviously is a great thing to be doing.A: Yeah like he said it’s great ‘cause traveling is what we always wanted to be doing and it’seven better to be doing it and getting paid. Playing to fans really is an experience toremember and its experiences like this that allow us to grow and come up with morematerial.4. You recently collaborated with DJ fresh, tell us about that?A: Yes we did recently spend quite a bit of time writing a song to put with a beat, mainlybecause we really like his music and we were interested in sending our music into thatgeneral direction. But yeah the song turned out great and he was… well he was a funnybloke to hang around with to say the least. We started out by writing a few verses as asample and sending them to him not really expecting a reply, but then just as Origins wasabout to make a breakthrough we got a message off him telling us that he really likes our
  2. 2. style and that we should work together to create something that he thought had greatpotential.A: Yeah that song should actually be getting released the second we get back from the tourand we are thinking about testing it out with some of the fans at the last few stops of ourtour, one of which being our home town of Manchester. As far as DJ fresh is concerned wehope to be seeing more of him in the months to come, he just had a very unique workingstyle that we would, really like to learn from ha-ha.5. Is there a meaning behind the lyrics?A: Definitely yeah, like brad mentioned before music is way more about the feeling and thestories it tells, than whether it sounds catchy on the radio. For me the definition of a goodsong is a song that has a powerful meaning yet uses the right words at the right time tomake a song that sounds great and can be heard by the audience for more than just the twoweeks it’s in the charts for.A: We write the songs ourselves so it wouldn’t really be fair if we were to pride ourselves onwriting music that means nothing and was made purely to inspire a nation into thinkingabout ‘tonight’.6. Any more albums in the future?A:That depends if we can think of any new material, aha. But yeah seriously talking we’dboth love to make a new album, besides this is where the real challenge of being a musicartist takes place. It’s easy enough to rocket straight to the top, its staying there that counts.A: Pretty much like he says we know we are too lucky to just let it go, and besides we have awhole bunch of fresh ideas ready for the ears of as many people as possible. We were alsohoping to do a few interesting collaborations, so hopefully the star status will stick aroundlong enough.7. Any heated competition?A: Wow that’s an interesting question, well we definitely aren’t jealous or aiming to top anyartists just yet, we are just happy to be where we are and as far as the other guys areconcerned they have all been really helpful towards us.A: Yeah Jimmy’s pretty much hit it there, the only kind of rivalry is more just fun banter fromthe guys like Jordan and Harley from Rizzle Kicks but in the long haul they’ve really just beena big help and we are proud of how far they have come rather than being jealous.8. What is your relationship like?A: I can’t stand the prick. Hahahahaha, no, no seriously we are like brothers really we’vealways been good friends since college and being around each other non-stop was easyreally, just like hanging out with your buddies for a job.A: He says since college, I seem to remember meeting a kid with no mates, obsessed withstudying and I took pity on him, haha. But yeah it’s not so bad, it’s not like we are everbored at home anymore either so it’s such a great experience, why not share it with the twoof you?