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  1. 1. Magazine Front Cover AnalysisRichard O’Connor
  2. 2. BarcodeMain coverlineMastheadCover linesMainImageDatelineSellingline
  3. 3.  The target audience forthis magazine includespeople who are aroundthe age of 18 – 30interested in hip hopand rap music. Thisparticular magazineappeals to black malesthe most due to themain celebrity used andthe main cover line.Target audience
  4. 4. Masthead & Selling Line The logo for This magazine isextremely bright and bold. Thisworks well for a magazine logobecause when a client is lookingto buy the magazine they need tobe able to see and identify itquickly, the brightness and size ofthe logo also help catch thecustomers eye even if theywerent looking for it. The sellingline is short and simple for a briefskim read and effective becauseof the alliteration techniques usedto try and make the customer subconsciously be attracted to buyingthe magazine.
  5. 5. Main Image The main image of a magazine is byfar the most important factorconsidering how many sales thatissue will make. Even for somebodythat purchases that particularmagazine a lot it is important theyhave a famous and popular celebrityon the front cover. The choice ofcelebrity also confirms to peoplewho don’t normally read themagazine on the kind of content thatis most likely going to be included inthe magazine and its targetaudience. This particular magazinehas a very good picture that wouldstand out very well, definitely catchthe eye of potential buyers and themain image alone determines anexact style.
  6. 6. Cover Lines & Main Sells The style and font of the cover lines are bold and ruggedlooking. This implies a sense of power and manliness into thestories. This would work well for appealing to males. The maincover line reads “black power” This is a very bold statement fora magazine and creates a controversial aspect to the magazine.
  7. 7. MastheadMaincover lineMainimageSelling lineCompetitionFree gift
  8. 8.  The target audience forthis magazine would bemainly males agedaround 16 – 30 who areinterested in heavymetal music.Target audience
  9. 9. Masthead and selling line The masthead on this magazine isblended into the main image, usuallythis wouldn’t work too well becausethe masthead needs to stand out,however on this magazine cover themain image stands out enough on itsown and the masthead fits the style ofthe cover better. The masthead is astrong style and would catch the eyeof any customer looking for amagazine to do with metal music. Theselling line again is short and sweet,this reading “defenders of the faith”appeals greatly to their targetaudience and people who arepassionate about music.
  10. 10. Main image The main image of this magazine isan extremely impressive andnoticeable one. The image instantlyreads the genre of music and type ofstories that will be in the magazine toanybody who hasn’t seen it before.Another important factor of theimage is that it will play well with thefans of the magazine because it is abold cover choice and their targetaudience are those who like theirmusic different to everybody else.
  11. 11. Cover Lines & Main Sells The cover lines of this magazine are in bold text designed to looklike they are written in blood. These two factors work wellbecause it is not only easy for a customer to read but it appeals tothem before they even read it.
  12. 12. Comparisons Overall The two magazine covers, despite looking completelydifferent are extraordinarily similar in an attempt to achieve thesame goals. The Metal Hammer cover was an interesting design because ofhow plain it was and because they used the main image as thewhole of the background, however the XXL magazine waseffective because it managed to include a lot of information in away that would still catch a shoppers eye and not bore them toomuch to read. I Personally prefer the XXL cover because I think it lookedsmoother and more professional whilst giving a little moreinformation about what kind of content to expect without having tolook at the inside.
  13. 13. Ideas for your own magazine For my own magazine I would definitely consider using astriking main image in the way that the Metal Hammer coverdid however I would choose more of a smart, plain title tocompliment this. I would choose to put in more cover lines as the XXL cover didalong with competitions however I wouldn’t put too many onbecause I appreciate the style of having a simple, plain buteffective cover.