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Welcome è il magazine chedà il benvenuto ai turisti stranieri in visita a Roma. Eventi, manifestazioni, angoli particolari della città sono presentati in una forma grafica gradevole e testi bilingue. Progetto e realizzazione by Empatic

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Magazine Welcome 2009

  1. 1. free press monthly / number 4 / May LITTLE GUIDE TO EVENTS IN THE CITY ROME
  2. 2. W WELCOME Index Events Exhib Stories of Rome Museums Entertainment Welcome 03
  3. 3. WELCOME W mensile di informazione culturale. Ev Chi siamo? Numero 4 – May EVENTS 2009 Reg. Tribunale di Roma n˚ 93/2009 del 11/3/2009 Editore: Melusina Edizioni Direttore editoriale: Fabrizio Sette Direttore responsabile: Simone Conte Traduzioni a cura di Tim Smit Progetto grafico: Empatic Events Sito Web: Stampa: Flyeralarm srl, via Pillhof 25, 39057, Frangarto (BZ) Redazione: Via F. Bonfiglio 55, 00168, Roma in Rome Email: redazione@ Welcome Welcome è uno strumento mirato per ampliare la visibilità di tutte quelle realtà che si occupano di turismo, intrattenimento e prodotti made in Italy (abbigliamento, enogastronomia Date / Hours / Tickets e artigianato di alta qualità). E’ un supporto innovativo e accattivante, dedicato ai turisti ma in grado di incuriosire / Info anche i lettori italiani che, trovandolo nei luoghi più frequentati, conosceranno un prodotto editoriale senza precedenti. Pubblicizzare la propria attività su Welcome garantirà un notevole ritorno di immagine. MAGAZINE IN LINGUA INGLESE A DISTRIBUZIONE GRATUITA OLTRE 150 PUNTI DI DISTRIBUZIONE NEL CUORE DI ROMA HOTEL DI LUSSO HANNO SCELTO WELCOME PER INFORMARE I PROPRI CLIENTI SUGLI EVENTI CULTURALI PRESENTI IN CITTÀ TUTTI I NUMERI SONO SCARICABILI DA INTERNET Vuoi fare pubblicità su Welcome? Chiama il 393.8732511 o scrivi a Welcome 05
  4. 4. Ev May Events Addresses & Info Ev Index A&I Music Exhib Sport FUTURISM S.S. LAZIO VS BUIkA 09 THE BAD BOYS OF 01 FUTURISM Scuderie del 10 S. S. LAZIO VS UDINESE Scuderie del Quirinale 10.00/20.00 E 7/10 UDINESE Stadio Olimpico Parco della musica 21.00 E 20 PIANO Quirinale Football Via XXIV Maggio 16 15.00 E 15/185 Viale P de Coubertin . Teatro 06 39967500 Via Foro Italico 1 199.109.783 Nazionale 01 GIOTTO E IL TRECENTO 17 A. S. ROMA VS CHIEVO GIOTTO 199.109.783 UEFA CHAMPIONS JACkSON 10 BROWNE Complesso del Vittoriano Football Complesso del Vittoriano U. UGHI, A. MADZAR Parco della musica LEAGUE FINAL Stadio Olimpico Parco della Musica 27 UEFA 09.30/19.30 20.30 E 18/33 20.30 01 VESPASIANUS Colosseo CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL E 7.50/10 Via di S. Pietro in Viale P de Coubertin Via Foro Italico 1 . 199.109.783 WWW.UEFA.COM 13 UTO UGHI, ALEkSANDAR Foro Romano Football Carcere MADZAR Palatino 06 3225380 S.S. ROMA VS FRED FRITH Parco della CHIEVO Parco della musica Musica VESPASIANUS Stadio Olimpico 21.00 E 15 Colosseo - Foro 15.00 E 15/185 Viale P de Coubertin . 18 THE YELLOW- JACkETS Romano - Palatino 08.30/19.15 Via Foro Italico 1 199.109.783 199 109 783 Parco della E 7.50 / 12 Musica 06 39967700 THE YELLOWJACkETS Parco della musica 060608 19 DEOLINDA Parco della THE BAD BOYS OF 21.00 E 15 / 20 TOURIST CALL CENTER Answers calls every PIANO Viale P de Coubertin day from 9.00 am to . Musica Teatro Nazionale 199.109.783 7.30 pm in English, 18.00 E 20 23 FRANCA MASU, “HOY COMO Via del Viminale 51 DEOLINDA Spanish, French, Ger- man and Italian. AYER” 06 48160255 Parco della musica Parco della 21.00 E 12 Musica JACkSON BROWNE Viale P de Coubertin . Parco della musica 199.109.783 25 BUIkA Parco della 21.00 E 30/40 Viale P de Coubertin FRANCA MASU . Musica 199.109.783 Parco della musica 21.00 E 12 29 FRED FRITH Parco della Viale P de Coubertin . 199.109.783 Musica 06 Welcome Welcome 07
  5. 5. Ex Giotto and the 14th century Ex Art EXHIBIT Il più Sovrano Maestro stato in dipintura. G iotto and Over 150 works of the 14th a very high level MARCH 6TH century is and undoubted JUNE 29TH 2009 the title of the quality have been Complesso del impressive exhibit gathered to guide Vittoriano on the Florentine us through the Opening Hours / master hosted development 9.30 -19.30; between March 6th of Giotto’s Fri. Sat. 9.30 - 23.30; and June 29th 2009 figurative painting Sun. 9.30 - 20.30 Tickets / E 7,50/10 Exhibitions at the Vittoriano style. Splendid complex on Rome’s polyptyches, Address / Via di San Piazza Venezia. The priceless oil Pietro in Carcere exposition shows paintings, sculptures, Telephone / us how Giotto, manuscripts and 06 68809035 in Rome Closed / Mondays maybe the first true gold works testify “Italian” artist, has the influence that become a symbol Giotto had on for late medieval many Italian arts art and highlights and crafts of his Review the profound influence he would time. Among the exhibit’s rare works have on many the main attraction artists in the Italian will be made up by peninsula after some 20 pieces by him. Over seventy the master himself. years have passed Being hard to move since the last great due to conservation exhibition on reasons this is Giotto and Italian actually the first painting in his age, time they’ll be held at the Uffizi in exposed outside Florence in 1937 to Florence in what commemorate the is bound to be a 600th anniversary of unique event even the master’s death. for Rome. 08 Welcome Welcome 09
  6. 6. Ex Il Bimillenario dei Flavi Futurism Ex Art Art Exposition on Emperor Vespasian. Avanguardia Avanguardie. W A ith the Coliseum), the “damnatio t the along the lines of a the exhibit boasts 2000th for the first time memoriae” (the centennial modern vision. numerous historic anniversary using this famous cancellation of of the works coming from of the progenitor building to its full anything that publication of the Interestingly, the the most important of the short-lived potential, since reminded of a manifest – which exhibit exalts the international imperial dynasty of although being person) cast on appeared on the cultural bonds collections. the Flavii (69-96 AD) Italy’s most visited the Flavii after Titus’ Parisian newspaper and the tight as a pretext, the city tourist attraction, brother Domitian, “Le Figaro” on formal relationships of Rome dedicates there was hardly one of the most February 20th between cubism FEBRUARY 20TH an interesting anything to see prolific builders 1909 – the Quirinal and futurism, with MAY 24TH 2009 exposition to inside. The Coliseum amongst the Stables dedicate a large selection Scuderie del Quirinale Emperor Vespasian. was started by Roman emperors, a very important of cubistic works The lively portraits of an already aged was murdered in exposition to able to testify Opening Hours / 10-20 the emperor himself, Vespasian in 69 AD 96 AD. In a rare Futurism. the similarities Tickets / E 7/10 of his sons Titus and and inaugurated demonstration of and differences Address / Domitian and of his in 80 AD by his son scientific rigour, The exhibition between the two Via XXIV Maggio 16 beautiful nice Julia Titus, with a full 100 the exposition gathers an artistic movements. Telephone / adorn the marbles, days of gladiator “Divus Vespasianus” impressive number Amongst the most 06 39967500 coins and silver games. In a way divides attention of masterpieces of famous works we Closed / Mondays mirrors we find here. it’s the most ideal evenly between early Futurism, and may find: Le grand Some 70 works of place to host an historical facts and holds even those nu by G. Braque, or arts are hosted exposition on the the beauty of the works exposed at Picasso’s Femme inside the “Flavian Flavian family. myth. the grand Futurism assise dans un Amphitheatre” The full extend exhibition held in fauteuil. U. Boccioni (a.k.a. the of the exposition Paris in 1912, and is present with brings us outside 26 MARCH 2009 exhibition that his Costruzione of the Coliseum 10 JANUARY 2010 caused quite a orizzontale and Le as well, as we Opening Hours / rumour. In only forze di una strada necessarily pass by 8.30-19.15 a short time the whereas we also the arch of Titus, Tickets / E 7,50/12 ideas of “speed” see Le nuotatrici masterpiece of Address / Via di San and ”dynamism” by C. Carrà and ancient Roman Pietro in Carcere were spread across Nu descendant architecture. The Telephone / the world, helping l’escalier of M. arch is one of few 06 39967700 the redefine Duchamp. Apart buildings to survive Closed / Mondays contemporary art from those masters, 10 Welcome Welcome 11
  7. 7. Ex Ex At the barbershop Stories STORIES Vanity in Ancient Rome. T he earliest women (especially Romans had the rich ones) had never heard specialised slaves of getting a at home who haircut, let alone would tend to their hairdressers or locks. barbers. They let Apart from cutting their hair and hair and beards, beards grow long barbers usually Stories of and weren’t really also cut nails and fond of elaborate did a thing or hairstyles. Coming two in manicure. from Sicily, the Rich Romans with first hairdressers enough time and Rome probably arrived in money on their Rome around 300 hands, could BC, and although visit one of them the Romans every day. Vanity? were somewhat Undoubtedly so, Legends and stories distrustful at first they soon started but just like today ancient Rome’s using them. Some barbershops were barbers worked a great place for out in the open gossip! Curiosity on squares or and talkativeness near markets, were considered whereas those to be the barbers hairdressers with “occupational clients of a higher diseases”, and social level had more than one their own shops, client felt very called tonstrinae. much at ease in In both cases their these surroundings. clients were almost Photo by gutter - Flickr exclusively men, 12 Welcome Welcome 13
  8. 8. Ex St. Peter’s baldachin Ex Stories Stories The face of the woman in labour. W hen by Pope Urban Pantheon molten, for poetry), lizards walking VIII (of the which inspired the (a symbol of rebirth into Saint Barberini family) famous line “Quod and the search Peter’s basilica it was designed non fecerunt for God) and it’s rather hard by famed artist barbari, fecerunt bees, part of the to overlook GianLorenzo Barberini” (What Barberini family’s this impressive Bernini and the barbarians coat of arms. bronze structure. unveiled in 1633. didn’t do, the Few people know Commissioned Barberini family the story of the The baldachin’s did) criticizing not decorations on the main function is to only the Pope’s frieze underneath indicate the place crazy spending on each column, where St. Peter the auto-celebrative where we see the apostle is buried, but monuments, face of a woman was of course also but mostly the in labour. Walking meant to celebrate fact that he had clockwise around the greatness of the no problems the baldachin we damaging what see the growing Pope who had it was left of ancient agony on the built. Rome’s treasures. woman’s face until, The baldachins on the last pillar, Apart from Bernini characteristic we find the smiling some rather twisted columns face of a newborn important artists are some 11 child. The depicted like Borromini, metres high and woman was Pope Maderno and made up of three Urban VIII’s cousin Duquesnoy also pieces each. who had a child worked on the Together with the while Bernini was baldachin. base and the top working on the To create this of the monument baldachin, both rather unique they’re covered in immortalized in piece of art, the plant and animal bronze. Pope had the motives, such as Ivy bronze flowers (said to allude to Photo by edwin.11 - Flickr that adorned the the Pope’s passion Photo by pdsphil - Flickr cupola of the 14 Welcome Welcome 15
  9. 9. Ex Archangel Michael in Rome Ex Stories Stories Saying “thanks” with a statue. T he Castel what was left of days, losing sick Sant’Angelo the distinct round and dying people is probably building. Of course on the way as one of Rome’s most of this trivia he went. When best-known can be found in the procession monuments, built any guide-book reached Hadrian’s in ancient times as or encyclopaedia, mausoleum, the a mausoleum for but few know Pope had a vision Emperor Hadrian the legend that of a flaming angel and his family. explains how who put his sword Its use changed the ancient back in its sheathe, radically in mausoleum got its to symbolize medieval times, modern name. the end of the when a much In the year 509 AD epidemic. feared fortress- little was left of That same night prison was built on Rome’s imperial the plague grandeur, only few ceased, and to people were left remind future living in the city, generations of the one barbaric siege miracle a wooden followed the other, statue of an angel and to top it all off was erected a terrible plague on Hadrian’s ravaged the city. monument. Numerous religious From that day it processions were became known as staged to invoke the “castle of the God’s mercy upon angel”. The statue the city. itself was replaced On of these a couple of times processions was over the ages, led by Pope and the current Gregory the Great version was made Photo by Alan Cordova - Flickr (590 - 604) and by Flemish artist Photo by lee ciaran - Flickr lasted three whole Verschaffelt in 1753. 16 Welcome Welcome 17
  10. 10. Ex The senator-ghost Ex Stories Stories Gold coins and bricks. T he eternal from the time of calmly sitting there, the boy is lying on city may not Julius Caesar. and he tells them the floor in the dirt. be anything about the old man. Taken back to his like the Scottish The barber’s assist- At night, while cell he then finds highlands, but in its ant appears to be a the boy eats his three bricks where intricate network nice lad and so the dinner, the old man the old man had of small streets and old man gives him a comes in his cell put the bowls filled alleys, ghost and gold coin. Stunned again. The senator with coins. After this spirits do fit in quite and tempted by rebukes the boy episode the ghost well. The following for having told the would visit and talk such generosity he story caused quite guard about him, to other inmates a stir, and can be immediately asks for and tells him that of Rome’s prison, found in many more. The old man he’s just wasted each time arousing chronicles of the doesn’t say no, but his chance to get their greed, and time. In the month appears to be buying rich. Then the ghost leaving them of June 1731, a time. He tells the boy puts three bowls useless bricks. barber’s assistant that he’ll put away filled with coins on was convicted for the leftovers from the floor of the cell assault and sent to lunch first, and that and, without saying prison in the Pal- he would come back another word, picks azzo Senatorio, on later. them up again Rome’s Capitoline and leaves. The hill. Once inside, he Later when the door remained met a well-dressed guards pass by on open and the old man with a their inspection barber’s assistant long white beard round, they see the runs after the old and asked him why tableware from man, but he falls on earth – judging lunch standing and shouts in pain. from his elegant outside the cell The guards come clothing and old and think the running and sound age - he was in barber’s assistant the alarm, but all there? The old has been able to they find is a white man then tells his get out and fled. robe, supposedly story, and says he Checking inside belonging to the Photo by portableantiquities - Flickr is a Roman senator they see him old man, While Photo by rockmixer - Flickr 18 Welcome Welcome 21
  11. 11. Ex One very extravagant house “Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more.” Stories Palazzo Zuccari. C lose to the contemporary famous artists. In his Spanish testament Zuccari Steps we find a decided to leave building that has his palazzo at the one of the most disposal of foreign interesting and artists studying in original facades Rome. However his in all of Rome: the last wishes were doorframe and not respected and the windows are when he died the actually monsters building simply with their mouths passed to another wide open! owner. When the Famous baroque Queen of Poland artist Federico bought it in 1702, Zuccari bought it became a the lot in 1590, reference point for and decided to Rome’s socialites, built himself a which it remained house and studio, for a couple of influenced by decades. Finally the “monstrous” however Zuccari’s building style last wish was of Bomarzo, a fulfilled, when once baroque park near again changing Viterbo. owner, the house At first Zuccari’s became a hostel architectural for foreign artists whim was harshly studying in Rome. criticized for just being plain weird but soon enough became a dream house for most photo by Luigig - Flickr 20 Welcome
  12. 12. Museums M M Info MUSEUMS GALLERIA MUSEO DI ROMA MUSEO NAZIONALE BORGHESE IN TRASTEVERE DEGLI STRUMENTI Opening Hours / Opening Hours / MUSICALI 8.30 - 19.30 closed 10.00 - 20.00, closed Opening Hours / on Mondays on Mondays 8.30 – 19.30, closed Address / Piazzale Address / Piazza on Mondays del Museo Borghese Sant’Egidio 1/b Address / Piazza Telephone / 06 32810 Telephone / 06 0608 Santa Croce in Ticket / E 8.50 Ticket / E 3 Gerusalemme, 9/a Tickets need to Telephone / 06 Museums be booked by tel- An interesting 7014796 ephone in advance. museum about life Ticket / E 4 in Rome at the end Possibly the finest of the 18th and 19th The National art-gallery in the centuries. Museum of Musical world: sculptures and Instruments is the in Rome paintings by some of the greatest masters of all time, bas-reliefs, and antique mosaics. biggest of its kind in Europe and has some unique pieces. GALLERIA MUSEO NAZIONALE MUSEO STORICO Info / Hours / Tickets / NAZIONALE ROMANO PALAZZO ALTEMPS VATICANO Opening Hours / DI ARTE MODERNA History Opening Hours / 8.30 – 19.30, closed Opening Hours / 9 – 19.45, closed on 9 – 12, closed on Sundays on Mondays Mondays Address / Piazza Address / Viale delle Address / Via San Giovanni in Belle Arti, 131 Sant’Apollinare 46 Laterano Telephone / Telephone / 06 Telephone / 06 06 32298221 39967700 69886467 Ticket / E 7 – 9 Ticket / E 7 Ticket / E 5 An inspiring collec- One of the most This museum tion of modern of important collections conserves the legacy the work of modern of ancient sculptures of Papacy and it’s artists from the 19th around, and a very court with a collection and 20th centuries. beautiful building, too. of robes, arms, artefacts and more. 22 Welcome Welcome 22 23 Welcome
  13. 13. M Museums Museums M Info Info MUSEO NAZIONALE GALLERIA COMUNALE GALLERIA NAZIONALE MUSEO H. C. MUSEO DELL’ALTO MUSEO DI ROMA D’ARTE ORIENTALE D’ARTE MODERNA E D’ARTE ANTICA ANDERSEN MEDIOEVO PALAZZO BRASCHI Opening Hours / CONTEMPORANEA Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Tue, Wed, Fri 9:00- Opening Hours / 8.30 – 19.30; closed 9 – 19, closed on 9 – 14; closed on 9 – 19; closed on 14:00; Thu, Sat, Tue-Fri: 9.00 – 19.00; on Mondays Mondays Mondays Mondays Sun- and holidays Sundays and holi- Address / Via delle Address / Via P S. . Address / Viale Address / Via di 9:00-19:30; closed days: 9.00 – 14.00; Quattro Fontane 13 Mancini 20 Lincoln 3 San Pantaleo (near on Mondays closed on Mondays. Telephone / 06 32810 Telephone / Telephone / 06 Piazza Navona) Address / Address / Via F. Ticket / E 5 - 6 06 32 19 089 54228199 Telephone / 06 0608 Via Merulana, 248 Crispi, 24 Ticket / Free entrace Ticket / E 2 Ticket / E 6 - 8 Telephone / 06 Telephone / 06 This rich gallery in 46974832 4742848 the palazzo Barberini H. C. Andersen’s The Museum of The Palazzo Ticket / E 6 Ticket / E 2,60 has some splendid home was turned the Early Middle Braschi collection masterpieces of into a museum after Ages presents an holds numerous This museum The museum’s the 14th to 17th his death, and now interesting collection manufactures guards the findings exhibit hosts some centuries, including holds a collection of of materials dating that tell Rome’s of various Italian 4000 works of art Raphael and 700 works to testify from the 4th to the story from the late archaeological by famous modern Caravaggio. the artistic genius 14th centuries. medieval period missions to Iran, and contemporary of this Norwegian until the second half Pakistan and Italian artists. master. of the 20th century. Afghanistan. GALLERIA D. PAMPHILJ GALLERIA NAZIONALE MUSEO PALATINO MUSEO NAZIONALE: MUSEI CAPITOLINI MUSEO DELLA Opening Hours / 10-17 DI PALAZZO CORSINI Opening Hours / CRYPTA BALBI Opening Hours / CIVILTÀ ROMANA Address / Via del Opening Hours / 8.30 – 16.30 Opening Hours / 9 – 20; closed on Opening Hours / Corso, 305 8.30 – 19.30; closed Address / Via di San 9-19.45; closed on Mondays 9 – 13.30; closed on Telephone / 06 6797323 on Mondays Gregorio 30 Mondays Address / Piazza del Mondays Ticket / E 9 Address / Via della Telephone / 06 Address / Via delle Campidoglio1 Address / Piazza G. Lungara 10 39967700 Botteghe Oscure 31 Telephone / 06 0608 Agnelli, 10 The Doria Pamphilj Telephone / 06 32810 Ticket / E 9 (valid Telephone / 06 Ticket / E 6,50 Telephone / 06 32810 gallery is home to Ticket / E 4 also for the Coliseum 39967700 Ticket / E 6.50 a grand number and Roman Forum) Ticket / E 7 Holds pieces of of 17th century The museum is home sculptural art of The exposed materi- masterpieces to works by the likes The museum hosts Museum on urban ar- immeasurable als are reproduc- including works by of B. Angelico, Rubens sculptures, frescoes chaeology, with a very value, the statue of tions of architectural Bernini. and Luca Giordano and findings of clear explanation of Oceanus, the Capi- complexes and and used to be the the Archaic age the development of toline Venus and the monuments of the home of Queen through to the time the surrounding area equestrian statue of Roman Empire, very Cristina of Sweden. of the emperors. through history. Emperor M. Aurelius. nicely done. 24 Welcome Welcome 25
  14. 14. M Museums Museums M Info Info MUSEO NAZIONALE DI MUSEO BARRACCO MUSEO D’ARTE MUSEO NAZIONALE MUSEO MERCATI CASTEL SANT’ANGELO Opening Hours / CONTEMPORANEA ETRUSCO DELL’ARA PACIS DI TRAIANO Opening Hours / 9 – 19; closed on ROMA – MACRO Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / 9 – 19; closed on Mondays Opening Hours / 8.30 – 19.30, closed 9 – 19, closed on 9 – 19, closed on Mondays Address / Corso Vitto- 9 – 19, closed on on Mondays Mondays Mondays Address / Lungote- rio Emanuele 166/A Mondays Address / Piazzale Address / Lungote- Address / Via IV vere Castello, 50 Telephone / 06 0608 Address / Via Reg- di Villa Giulia, 93 vere in Augusta Novembre 94 Telephone / 06 Ticket / E 3 gio Emilia, 54 Telephone / 06 32810 Telephone / 06 0608 Telephone / 06 0608 6819111 Telephone / 06 0608 Ticket / E 4 Ticket / E 6.50 Ticket / E 6.50 Ticket / E 5 The museum holds a Ticket / Free en- prestigious collection trance The Museum The “altar of peace” Trajan’s markets are A place where present of antique sculptures, holds some of the is one of the finest the main museum on and past of the eternal given to the city At this museum one masterpieces of the examples of antique antique architecture city are inseparably council in 1904. will find the works of ancient Etruscan art, beautifully that offers the visitor linked, due to how its Accardi, Schifano, civilization, who housed in this a number of replicas use changed over Festa, Rotella, rose to greatness modern building by and reconstructions the ages, some very Bianchi, and other before the Romans American architect of a part of the interesting pieces contemporary artists in overpowered them. Richard Meier. ancient forum and and a marvellous an extraordinary setting. its architectural view at sundown. decorations. GALLERIA SPADA MUSEO DI PALAZZO MUSEO PALAZZO MASSIMO MUSEO MUSEO EBRAICO Opening Hours / VENEZIA MONTEMARTINI ALLE TERME DELLE MURA DI ROMA 8.30 – 19.30; closed Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / Opening Hours / on Mondays 8.30 – 19.30; closed 9 – 19, closed on 9 – 19.45, closed on 9 – 14, closed on 10 – 16, Friday 9 - 13 Address / Piazza on Mondays Mondays Mondays Monday closed on Saturday Capo di Ferro, 13 Address / Via del Address / Via Address / Largo di Address / Via di Porta Address / Telephone / 06 Plebiscito, 118 Ostiense 106 Villa Peretti 1 San Sebastiano Lungotevere Cenci 6832409 Telephone / 06 32810 Telephone / 06 0608 Telephone / 06 Telephone / 06 0608 Telephone / 06 Ticket / E 5 Ticket / E 4 Ticket / E 4.50 39967700 Ticket / E 6.50 68400661 Ticket / E 7 Ticket / E 7.50 The gallery holds the The museum This ex-power plant still This fixed exposition in private collection conserves a number has all its machinery in At the Palazzo one of Rome ancient The Jewish Museum of Cardinal Spada of paintings dating place, that, combined Massimo one will city gates tells the in Rome hosts the and has works by back to the 15th - 18th with the marvellous find true treasures of story the extensive collections of Rome’s Guercino, Baciccia centuries. exposition of ancient Roman coins and city walls. much-troubled and Guido Reni. sculptures makes for jewellery. Jewish community. a very interesting museum. 26 Welcome Welcome 27
  15. 15. “Every instant of En time is a pinprick of ENTERTAIN eternity”. Marcus Aurelius Entertainment in Rome Food / Drink / Music / Shopping Photo by il Quoquo - Flickr Welcome 29
  16. 16. Only beer. Only quality food. Only Passion. En Food Food BIR E FUD RELAZIONI OSTERIA CULINARIE DELL’ANGELO Address / Via Benedetta 23 Address / Via Address / Via Phone / 06 5894016 Panisperna 75 Bettolo 24/32 bir Medium Price / E 25 Phone / 06 48930554 Phone / 06 3729470 Closed / Never Medium Price / E 30 Medium Price / E 25 *N1° on the map. Closed / Never Closed / on Sunday, *N2° on the map. Monday and This interesting hotspot Saturday (only dinner) for lovers of good Right in the heart of *N3° on the map. beer and good food one of Rome’s oldest gets its name from quarters, Monti, you’ll Close to metrostop & beer & food, albeit find this lovely restau- Ottaviano, this restau- in phonetic Italian. rant that offers some rant offers you a place It’s rather different intriguing recipes from to try some original from your average Southern Italy. The Roman dishes. The fud restaurant but home to freshly made pasta ambient is as typical a very vast and ever- everyday, served as it gets for a Roman changing choice of with artichokes and trattoria,simple and excellent dishes and salmon or sausage, a bit rough around pizza’s made from first lemon and Parmesan the edges, including quality ingredients. Bir cheese are worth the well-known red- & Fud always has at trying, as are the and-white cheq- least ten craft beers meat dishes (try the uered tablecloths. (artisanal, abbey, pork with sun dried The walls are lined small breweries) on tomatoes, pine nuts with various items draught, and an and black olives) and connected to both impressive collection the fish (swordfish with boxing and rugby, of bottled beers from lemon). For dessert the latter being the all over the world. the Relazioni Culinarie sport practiced by Situated right in the offers a lovely chest- its owner, Angelo heart of Trastevere this nut mousse or sorbets Croce. The cuisine is is really one to try out, made with fresh fruit. Roman, period, tasty whether in romantic The restaurant’s origi- and rich in flavour, Restaurant company or with nal nature is reflected no extravaganza’s friends, to get a taste in the continuous or fancy things. The of great beers and contemporary art price is fixed: 25 for a equally good food. exhibits inside its walls. complete meal. 30 Welcome Via Benedetta 23 (Trastevere) - Phone 06 5894016 Welcome 31
  17. 17. En Drink Drink RGB46 SENZA FONDO MA CHE SIETE VENUTI A FA Opening Hours / Opening Hours / 10 – 13 / 17 – 1 20.00 – 2.00 Opening Hours / Address / Piazza Address / Via 15.00 -2.00 Santa Maria Libera- Germanico 168/c Address / Via trice 46 Phone / 06 3211415 Benedetta 25 Phone / 06 45421608 *N5° on the map. Phone / 3805074938 *N4° on the map. *N6° on the map. This warm and wel- This concept store coming oasis for the The “Ma che siete offers its clients the thirsty can be found venuti a fà” can chance to enjoy in the basement easily be called a – without hurry of a 1920’s build- reference point for - the many avail- ing near St. Peter’s all beer aficiona- able books while basilica. The ancient, dos of Rome and warming up with a chestnut-covered province. In the nice cup of tea or brick walls welcome heart of Trastevere having a glass of those who enter to we find this fine pub, good wine. But not quench their thirst entirely dedicated only the books are on the wide range to good, artisanal for sale, you’ll also of draught beers. beer. They dispose of find designer objects Apart from the 10 draughts and two and furniture, made many abbey and original English hand by young crea- trappist beers, Senza operated pump- tive artists from all fondo (bottomless, draughts, which over the world. The in Italian) also boasts poor out unique in-house gallery a wide range of beers of undisput- provides room traditional cheeses, able quality. Some for exhibits and sausages, sliced of the best Belgian, performances by meets and more. Of German, Danish, both emerging and culinary intrest are American and, more acclaimed artists, also the sandwiches, interestingly, Italian and proposes itself salads, traditional br- beers. The “Ma che as a cultural meet- uschette, and cold siete venuti a fa” of- ing point for painters, dishes. It also has a fers a range of beers photographers, tearoom. that has no parallels poets and actors. in all of Rome. 32 Welcome Welcome 33
  18. 18. En Music Shopping En Music Shopping ALEXANDER PLATZ BIG MAMA FONCLEA ANTICA ERBORISTERIA AL SOGNO LIBRERIA DEL ROMANA VIAGGIATORE Hours / 20.00 – 2.00 Hours / 21 – 1.30 Hours / 19.00 – 2.00 Address / Piazza Address / Via Ostia 9 Address / Vicolo Address / Via Address / Via di Navona 53 Address / Via del Phone / 06 39742171 San Francesco a Crescenzio 82/a Torre Argentina Phone / 06 6864198 Pellegrino 78 Ripa 18 Phone / 06 6896302 Phone / 06 6879493 *N10° on the map. Phone / 06 68801048 *N6° on the map. Phone / 06 5812551 *N8° on the map. *N9° on the map. *N11° on the map. Since over five dec- One of the better *N7° on the map. The oldest herbalist ades, right on one The “traveller’s known addresses For over the last 30 in Rome, this shop of the world’s most bookshop” is unique in Rome famous for Since March 30th years Fonclea has was founded in beautiful squares, in Rome, and ideal it active concert- 1984 the Big Mama been considered 1752. Noteworthy is one can find the for those who are scene and its has been an one of the best the original furniture fairy-tale world of about to go on leading role in a important reference known live music in Italian walnut, Al Sogno. This lovely holiday, or visit places number of great point for the Roman clubs of Rome, amongst which we shop offers a range they’ve never seen. Jazz Festivals. The music scene. and an important find a magnificent of fluffy animals, Or simply for the ambient is distinctly Known for its varied reference point cupboard with collectable dolls curious, who can programming, for lovers of music. drawers where one and gift items of easily spend hours international and very warm, and the crossing over to Since its opening can find 350 different extraordinary quality between its many medicinal herbs, and beauty. Passing racks. At this lovely old walls are lined many different styles in ‘77 it has hosted (and will continue and a beautifully this shop’s threshold libreria you will find with the writings with quality as its to do so) a music- decorated panelled means entering a tourist guides and and autographs of only criteria, you’ll fantasy-like dimen- ceiling. Apart from maps of every the world’s most regularly hear some related event every the wide range of sion in which you’ll imaginable part of famous jazz artists. good old blues, but night, ranging from come eye-to-eye herbs, one can also the world, but also If you’re looking don’t forget about the many concerts with trolls, elves and find lovely fruited travel stories, foreign for an interesting jazz, rock, ethnic and to, presentations, teas, essential oils, fairies. If you happen literature, essays and night out, meeting singer-songwriters. festivals and fluidextracts and to be in the vicinity even philosophical new people and Over its 25 year retrospective over 20 different of Piazza Navona writings. The racks hearing new stories, long history the Big exhibits about blues qualities of honey. The we highly recom- are ordered by Alexander Platz is Mama has been and soul music... shop’s vast choice mend you to make geographic area but the place to be. more than just any also songwriters, is further completed a little detour and our advise would be Clients are assured place to go to a rock and jazz. The by products for discover the magic to just nose around of cordial service, concert, it has seen Fonclea is more aromatherapy and world of Al Sogno. everywhere; the an international many young artists than just that hydro massage as choice of books is kitchen with an emerge and mature. however, presenting well as liquors, herbal wide, varied and in a fine Italian kitchen spirits, incense and a many cases quite Italian touch and a and a broad choice wide range of lovely original. fine American Bar. gift items! of drinks. 34 Welcome Welcome 35
  19. 19. W Useful Numbers Parteners Hotels W Info Info ATAC CHILDREN DRUG ADICT AID 06 64695444 EMERGENCY 06 65741188 HOTEL ALIMANDI VATICANO 118 Viale Vaticano 99 – Phone +39 06 39745562 - BUS FIRST AID STATION 800 431784 POLICE 06 58201030 RELAIS HOTEL ANTICO PALAZZO ROSPIGLIOSI 113 Via Liberiana 21 – Phone +39 06 48930495 – TRAMBUS CHANGE BUREAU 06 46954695 CARABINIERI 06 722821 HOTEL RESIDENZA PAOLO VI 112 Via Paolo VI 29 – Phone +39 06 684870 – TAXI ITALIAN AGENCY 06 3570 FIRE SERVICE FOR TOURISM ROSCIOLI BEST WESTERN HOTEL UNIVERSO 115 06 49711 Via Principe Amedeo 5 B – Phone +39 06 476811 – TRAINS ROSCIOLI BEST WESTERN HOTEL PRESIDENT 892021 TRAFFIC POLICE 06 67691 060606 is the telephone Via E.Filiberto 173 – Phone +39 06 770121 – FIUMICINO AIRPORT ROSCIOLI HOTEL CLARIDGE number to call for 06 794941 FINANCIAL information on the Viale Liegi 62 – Phone +39 06 845441 – POLICE services provided CIAMPINO AIRPORT 06 67691 by the City of ROSCIOLI HOTEL ROYAL SANTINA Rome. The service is 06 794941 Via Marsala 22 – Phone +39 06 448751 – available in English CREDIT CARD from Monday to ITALIAN ROAD RESCUE BLOCkING Saturday, from 4pm ROSCIOLI HOTEL ARIS GARDEN 803 116 800 822056 to 7pm. Via Aristofane 101 – Phone +39 06 52362443 – LOST AND FOUND SANITARY HOTEL VALLE OFFICE (BUS) EMERGENCY Via Cavour 134 – Phone +39 06 4815736 – 06 5816040 118 HOTEL ALIMANDI TUNISI Via Tunisi 8 – Phone + 39 06 39723948 - LOST AND FOUND POISON UNIT OFFICE (SUBWAY) HOSPITAL HOTEL HADLER 06 57532264 06 3054343 Via Modena 5 - Phone +39 06 484466 - 36 Welcome
  20. 20. 3 W Map 5 6 8 10 11 2 9 1 7 Rome center 4 38 02 Welcome