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Catalan traditions 6th grade


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Catalan traditions 6th grade

  1. 1. Catalan Traditions
  2. 2. Charlie Rivel Charlie Rivel was a very famous clown in Catalonia. He was born in Cubelles on the 23rd April 1896. His real name was Josep Andreu and Lasserre. In his performances he used, a long T-shirt, a chair, a guitar and an ululation.Charlie Rivel was declared the best clown in the world.
  3. 3. CARLES PUYOLHe started as a footballer inPobla de Segur. There he had abig progression. He is the Barça team captainsince 2003. He plays as acentral defender.
  4. 4. MIRÓJoan Miró and Ferrà (Barcelona, 20th April 1893 – Palma, 25th December 1983) was a Catalan painter, sculptor, engraver and potter. He is one of the maximum representative of surrealism.
  5. 5. XAVIHe’s a catalan footballer. He was born inTerrassa on the 25th January 1980.Nowadays, he is the second player thathas played more official matches withBarça team.
  6. 6. La pedreraThe Milà house, also known as “La pedrera” (Thequarry), was designed by Antoni Gaudí and it wasbuilt between 1906 and 1910.It was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1984.
  7. 7. EL PARC GÜELLIt was designed by Antoni GaudíThis park is a place of peace thatcontrast with the noisy Barcelona.It has columns like tree trunks andcaves.
  8. 8. LA SAGRADA FAMILIAThe Sagrada familia (the Holy Family) is one of the most well-known example of Catalan Modernism.It is the unfinished work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.
  9. 9. Les ArenesThe Are ne s is a b ulring. lIt was unve il on 29th June 1 900 and t l he astb ulfight was he l on 1 9th June 1 977. l d The b uil ing was re d e signe d and now it is a d shop p ing ce ntre
  10. 10. MONTSERRATMontserrat is a Catalan massif and it has stood outbecause its characteristic geology.Montserrat literally means "jagged (serrated) mountain"in Catalan.
  11. 11. El parc de La Ciutadella The ciutadella park is a public park placed in the old town district.It was rebuilt during the Worlds Fair in 1888.