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Hammer bemutatkozo

  1. 1. hits the beat
  2. 2. Our mission Hammer Advertising is a creative playground, where we try tocreate well-being both for our clients and for ourselves.What drives us? A constructive spirit and a hands-on attitudethat give us daily inspiration to energize consumers in a playfulway. This creative force helps us build the path betweenpeople and the brands with very simple tools.
  3. 3. Seniormanagement DirectorOwner-Managing Director, Hammer’s Director of Operations,Peter Szoboszlay Viktoria Ficzere-Fortis an old hand at this game. has helped in building the firmLearning some tricks from Saul nearly from the beginning. SheBass in Los Angeles as a junior has all the commitment andgraphic artist back in the 80’s, expertise necessary to ensurehe later got more experiencedat Bates Saatchi&Saatchi, Grey, that this complex companyand Lowe GGK Budapest. runs smoothly.1997 was the year of the big She motivates everybody,leap. Hammer Advertising was makes quick decisions, keepsformed with his fellow clients happy and helps Peterart director. grow the business like no oneStarting with two people, the else could.company has now grown toemploy 60. This is Peter’s lifeachievement.
  4. 4. Media expert Online guruRenata Svebis Matyas Dobostarted her career as a market new media specialist aliasresearch project leader. Thisbackground made her a very Doransky as thousands of his Twitter andcompetitive media expert and FB followers know Hungary’shas been Head of Hammer best published digital visionary.Media Division since 2009. He is regular keynote speaker ofShe is not only responsible many communicationfor managing and building conferences and also therelationships with clients and founder of the most popularmedia agencies, but is also mobile conference, theinvolved in long term strategic Smartmobil.planning. Renata is passionately His service developmentsearching for new possibilities in enterprise, Endless//Mobil is amost up-to-date media solutions smartphone application lab, aso that innovative and effective strategic partner of Hammermedia campaigns can be Advertising.elaborated.
  5. 5. A creativemastermindBettina FülekiAfter she graduated aspsychologist, she started hercareer at Lowe GGK Budapest,working on clients such as CreativeUnilever, Nestlé, MOL, Matáv,and MNB. She became partnerSenior Copywriter at Akció Internationally well-knownAdvertising Agency working creative expert,on the rebranding campaignof T-Mobile. From 2010, Nicholas Koligiannis started his advertising career as ashe started to work on BTL copywriter in 1989 in New York.campaigns as a Creative Director He contributed to the success ofof Vodafone at Ogilvy-Redworks. top international agencies suchBesides that she considers as Saatchi & Saatchi New York,creativity as her profession, she is DDB Singapore, and Leo Burnettalso committed to be a creative Amsterdam. Now he is Creativetalent spotter, which is why in Director and Founding Partner of2006 she launched Hungary’s The Syndicate, an Athens basedonly accredited creative training, world-class ad agency.called Budapest Adschool.
  6. 6. What makes a difference? The passionate collaboration of a 60-strong workforce makes dreams come true.“People get together and existas an institution that we calla company so that they are able toaccomplish something collectivelywhich they could not accomplishseparately – they makea contribution to society.”Dave Packard (HP) 1960
  7. 7. ClientStrategic LeafletPlanning Division Client ServiceProduction Media Providing full service Team Division Digital Creative Division Team
  8. 8. Our World isComVort is the world’slargest global network ofindependent marketing Interconnectedcommunication agencies, whichare all owner-operated workingmore passionately and moreeconomically. Only the finestagencies, after passinga rigorous screening process,receive the ComVort stampof approval.Interpartners is an internationalgroup of independent advertisingagencies created specificallyto help clients move brandsaccross boundaries. The partnersjointly finince a co-ordinationunit which provides them andtheir clients with tailored multi-market back-up intelligenceand implementation tools.Interpartners thus able to provideinternational marketers, manyof them in change of medium-sized companies, a blend oscross border expertise and highlycommitted local footprint andtalent. We are not alone, more than one hundred independent agencies, similar like Hammer, from 5 continents of Earth, are forming beautiful nets of collaboration by sharing clients and opportunities. This is the sustainable network system Hammer belongs and believes. Being the ambassador of Comvort and Interpartners, Hammer represents the intellectual capacity of hundreds of advertising experts all over the World.
  9. 9. moscow Hamburg Warsaw london brussels Prague Bratislava Budapest Ljubljana zagreb torinoServing Bucharestbrands inEurope sofia“If you make sure you’reconnected, istanbulThe writing’s on the wallBut if your mind’sneglected,Stumble you might fall” [The Stereo MCs] Athens
  10. 10. Morning time, in the office of a marketing A couple of days later.manager at an international firm... Social Media Campaigns Print Production Online Ad Campaigns Website Development Corporate Identity Development Media Planning and Buying OK, let’s see what they’ve cooked! OMG! Double the numbers from that ridiculous budget? He must be outta his mind…In the afternoon at Hammer Advertising. Sales Flyer Design and Print Communications Strategy Development Integrated ATL and BTL campaigns At the brand manager’s office. Yippee! Boss liked it too. My bonus is on the way! Hey Guys! We need a killer campaign. Can you handle it? the end
  11. 11. Pickwick Green tea30 mp TV ad
  12. 12. Pickwick Herbal tea30 mp TV ad
  13. 13. SÁga 30 mp TV ad
  14. 14. Bábolna30 mp TV ad
  15. 15. Tesco mobileGuaranteed rate perminute30 mp TV ad
  16. 16. Tesco színes30 mp TV ad
  17. 17. Oxygen wellnes center Fressnapf king cat FHM - A kit for men print ad
  18. 18. Pepsi - The big Buddy Pepsi - Dare for more xmas gift stuff
  19. 19. HVG is the leading economical magazine in hungary. Here’s a few ass-kicking covers that Peter has been creating week by week. HVG coverHVG cover compilation Conservative female politics in Hungary. Their Lady of dreams.
  20. 20. Make the difference!
  21. 21. Thank You for playing for Us! Qualification can be accomplished if your legs are not shaking in a sharp situation May I be strong enough and and you celebrate only after the pips. won’t give up too soon! Make the difference!Nike print ad Digi print ads
  22. 22. Life is out there sága billboard Generali print ads It’s time to grow up!Generali billboard
  23. 23. Jade mineral water - citylight Pickwick tea - citylightFor connoisseurs!
  24. 24. Lancia Print ads Opel service - citylight Volvo - citylightElegance is a right. Quality dressed in beauty. The perfect fit Beware of crossing Volvos!
  25. 25. TedX Danubia program guide Blue Bill logo design[check out Peter & Akos’s killer drawing skills]
  26. 26. The Digital e Digital opportunities should not be considered as new answers to old questions. The digital world is the question itself. Our digital division is set to stretch the boundaries of the marketing industry and digital technology. With the help of innovative ideas, it always strives to enhance communication between brands and their consumers.
  27. 27. BangBang Sir Morton
  28. 28. Lancia Ypsilon Facebook app
  29. 29. Bonbonetti Facebook Profile Pickwick Tea Picker app
  30. 30. Tesco iPhone app
  31. 31. Your green story!Tesco pays specialattention to environmentalprotection.
  32. 32. Advent calendar Microsite for the kids of Mohács
  33. 33. Microsite for Tesco travel agency ecotesco microsite Banner for Tesco Mobile
  34. 34. Tesco - Your Butcher - microsite Tesco - Your kitchen - microsite
  35. 35. The rock of the leaflet team isOur photo studiowhere these awesome images are created.We have the talent of Dalí and thepatience of a yogi.There’s no impossible.We can catch the moment.
  36. 36. Hit the target!The approved efficient media plan is only a finaldestination, the emphasis is on the road that leads there.We know, use and love the abbreviations like GRP,RCH, AFF and OTS, but we consider it more importantthat we travel even 600 kilometers for a succesfulopening of a store, we are available 24/7(you can test it anytime: +36 30 504 7649),we can optimize media appearences with the mostmodern tools, we are willing to innovate an own systemand we are eager to go for a weekend shopping toTesco if we need to.
  37. 37. Contact us:Peter Szoboszlay +36 30 93 46 348 szoboszlay@hammer-ad.comViktoria Ficzere-Fort +36 30 399 79 99 viktoria.ficzere-fort@hammer-ad.comwww.hammer-ad.com