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Concept and Challenges of the EMODnet Sea-basin Checkpoints



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Iain Shepherd, European Commission, Directorate-General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, gives an overview of the role and the mission of the six EMODnet Sea-basin Checkpoints: Arctic, Atlantic, Baltic, Black Sea, MedSea & North Sea. The presentation was given at the EMODnet Sea-Basin Checkpoints Stakeholder Conference held on the 14-15 February 2017 in Brussels.

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Concept and Challenges of the EMODnet Sea-basin Checkpoints

  1. 1. ari e data stress tests Va e ti e’s Day 2017
  2. 2. which bathy etry surveys
  3. 3. which bathy etry surveys
  4. 4. which bathy etry surveys
  5. 5. which bathy etry surveys
  6. 6. are ari e Pr tected Areas a c here t etw r •management measures •representative habitats •larval flow
  7. 7. ca we f recast da age fr i discharge •oil type •currents •tourist beaches •wind forecasts
  8. 8. h w has c i ate affected sea •temperature •heat •ice
  9. 9. h w are ur c asts cha gi g •sea-level •erosion •sediments
  10. 10. what is i pact f fisheries •landings •discards •bycatch •benthos
  11. 11. is eutr phicati i creasi g •nutrients •oxygen •algae
  12. 12. what c es ut f rivers •mass flow •nutrients •sediments •salmon •eels
  13. 13. i pact f i vasive species •number •introduction date and pathway •impact
  14. 14. tw questi s • are the data avai ab e a d appr priate • are the right data bei g c ected