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All about me

  1. 1. By: Elizabeth Modesto All About Me
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Elizabeth Modesto I am 11 years old My birthday is February 9,1999 I was born in Venesuela, Philippines
  3. 3. My Family I have 1 mom named Olivia I have 1 dad named Joseph I have 2 sisters named Danelle and Rebekah (Bea) I have 1 brother named Angelo (Gelo)
  4. 4. My Personality I love sports because it gets you up and go. Music is what I listen to mostly. I like to dance but I am in Choir. I am a Christian. I am always there for my friend. I am a Filipino
  5. 5. My Hobbies I like cross stitching. I play sports mostly volleyball. Dancing and sing are my favorite hobbies. Watching movies and going to friends house are my favorite hobbies. Reading is one of my hobbies
  6. 6. My Favorite Restaurant I love the food at Tony Romas. Eating at Cheddars is a joy. Last but not least is at Olive Garden. I like going to McDonalds.
  7. 7. My Best Friends Victoria is one of my best friends because she is always there for me. Yisel is super funny she makes me laugh so hard. Manna is also super funny. Marcelle I tell her everything. Jessie is super friendly I cant remember a time they disappointed me.
  8. 8. Things I Don’t Like In School The thing that I despise is waking up so early in the morning Math is my worst subject. I think that what I hate the most is the bus its so loud and messy. I also don’t like Reading.
  9. 9. My Favorite Songs I like “Jar of Hearts” “Imma be” is something I can dance to. “Year without Rain” is something I can relate to. I also like the song “fences” by Paramore.
  10. 10. Favorite Actresses Selena Gomez is one of my favorite actresses because she acts a really tough characters. Megan Fox is also one of my favorite actresses because she acts well.
  11. 11. Favorite Animals My favorite animal is a puppy and dog they are so cuddly and friendly. I like koalas because they are so cute. Also penguins are cute. I like little chicks.
  12. 12. My Favorite Things to Do I like listening to music. Dancing Playing sports Singing Hanging out with friends
  13. 13. My Favorite Colors The color red can get other people’s eyes. Blue is the color of the water and I like swimming. I also the color neon green. Another color I like is the color orange.
  14. 14. Favorite Vacation Sites I like going to the Philippines in the summer for summer vacation. Going to Las Vegas is something to enjoy for me . Going somewhere tropical is something i can look forward to. I always wanted to go to a cruise all around the world
  15. 15. Favorite Food My favorite food is pizza with pepperoni. Another thing I like is eating strawberry cheesecake. Eating baby back ribs in Tony Romas is what I like. I love fries I know that it is bad for you but I salty things.
  16. 16. Favorite Movie My favorite movie is “The Blind Side”. It was so sad I cried Another movie I like was “Eagle Eye”
  17. 17. T