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Ugly duckling upload on diigo


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Ugly duckling upload on diigo

  1. 1. The New Beautiful Swan, transformed by words. Biz O’Brien 3rd Grade
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives Estimated Time: Hour and 45min. Big Idea: Identity Objectives 1. Students will use/ remember their new learned skill of cursive writing, they will connect all letters and spell the words correctly. 2. Students will be able to define and identity what the words synonym and antonym mean. 3. Students will apply their new learned vocabulary words to make a connection to their feelings about identity. 4. Students will use the knowledge they learned from the fairytale the “ The Ugly Duckling” to assemble and arrange their own Swan by the use of cutting, gluing, tracing, and writing.
  3. 3. Show Ugly Duckling Video and Read Book • • Questions to Discuss after viewing: • 1. What words can we use to describe how the duckling feels when he is born? • 2. What words can we use to express how he feels when he finds other ducklings like him? • 3. Introduce the definition of an Anonym and Synonym – Make list with the class.
  4. 4. Independent Activity   Create list of 5 words that make them feel ugly or different Make a list of antonyms for each of those words. Pick 3 of the 5words to use on the swan, along with the 3 antonyms Write these 6 words in cursive on construct paper Cut out the 6 words.
  5. 5. Identity of the Swan 1. Identity can change, just like words 2. Identity can be a search( the duckling had to search for his family 3. Identify can be about insecurities( he was insecure about his whack) 4. Identity can be about outside beauty( the duckling was white not yellow)
  6. 6. Materials Needed • Orange and black construction paper • White construction • Tape • Glue Stick • Straws • Scissors • Your own Hands • Stapler • Feathers (students color choice or real feathers) •
  7. 7. Informal Evaluation • Check to make sure their word choices are indeed antonyms of one another ✔ ✖ • Make sure they are spelling the words correctly and in cursive ✔ ✖ • Check to see if they have picked words that invoke meaning or ugliness or difference ✔ ✖ • Make sure the swan is composed of a plate, a neck, a beak, straws, and six total words. ✔ ✖
  8. 8. Inspired Resources • Disney video • Ugly Duckling book by: Hans Christian Andersen • - Website with the swan art