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Poetry Power Point


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Poetry Power Point

  1. 1. FlowersCreated by: Emma Southward 1st period: Mrs. Love
  2. 2. Flowers © Rola Barbakh You might think A bunch of plants Are not special In any way. But to me Flowers are beautiful They calm me down Like my best friend. Their scent is so nice It makes me feel so happy Some flowers have a strong smell I think I will faint! When I am sad The flowers are my help They might just sit there But they speak a million words. Of comfort and happiness A flower feels like a friend It listens to me And makes me feel loved!
  3. 3. Flowers By: Rola Barbakh ● This poem is about how the author feels about flowers. She thinks of them as her friends ● I chose this poem because I could feel that the author was genuine about what they wrote in their poem. That made me enjoy reading the poem, knowing that the author feels that passionate about flowers. ● The author uses a simile to compare flowers to their best friend. ● The mood of the poem is happy because it is supposed to make the reader feel happy.
  4. 4. The Little Flower By: Beverly Crespo In the same garden, side by side, two flowers began to bloom, One, small and fragile, knew her life would be over soon. The other, a boisterous rose, felt far superior to her friend For she knew that she would live to see the stars and moon Straight through to summer's end. The little flower did not have the heart to tell her That longevity can bring pain, For who would be there to protect her from the elements, The blistering sun and numbing rain. Or perhaps an overzealous lad would clasp her in his grip And pluck her petals one by one just for the fun of it. And as the rose rambled on and on about all the delights she'd see The little flower closed her eyes to dream contentedly.
  5. 5. ● This poem talks about the not so glamorous side of being a flower, the short life of a flower. ● I chose this poem because it was different from the other poems that I found. It doesn’t show the good side about flowers, but the bad. ● This poem has end rhyme. The first stanza follows an A,A,B,A,B pattern. ● The mood of the poem is sad because it makes your heart feel heavy with sadness. The Little Flower By: Beverly Crespo
  6. 6. When Flowers Wake Each Morning By:Kenn Nesbitt When flowers wake each morning they don't have to make their beds. And lettuce leaves aren't told to comb the hair upon their heads. You'd never tell asparagus it shouldn't play with spears. You'd never ask a stalk of corn to wash behind its ears. A mushroom doesn't have to clean its room, and you'll agree a tree won't have to study hard to learn geometry. I guess it should be obvious from listening to my rant. I'm tired of being a person; I would rather be a plant.
  7. 7. When Flowers Wake Each Morning By:Kenn Nesbitt ● This poem is about a person who doesn’t want any responsibilities. They would rather be a plant. ● I chose this poem because I thought it was a silly, funny poem. ● This poem has personification in it because it talks about flowers making their bed and lettuce brushing their hair.
  8. 8. Flowers We Share A simple flower, that's all it shall take. For another soul, to smile and wake. Whether for lust, love or passion, Or sympathy and, compassion. Spring tulips, charity, and delphiniums peaceful clarity. Our intentions, flowers do serve. We don't hesitate, with those who deserve. A mother's, priceless expression. And a lovers, honest obsession. When searching for words, flowers we share. Like a thousand sweet poems, they show that we care.
  9. 9. Flowers We Share ● This poem is about what flowers mean when you give them to others. It talks about different flowers that people give and the reason why they give them. ● I chose this poem because I liked it. It tells you why you should give the people you care about flowers ● This poem has end rhyme but not in every line, but about every other line.
  10. 10. My Rose By: My love for you, lives like a rose. Vibrant and beautiful, passion it shows. Each time I look upon you, My eyes witness an event. My body blooms with each infusion, of your intoxicating scent. Your beauty originates, from the most sacred place. If my heart looked in a mirror, it would resemble your face. They say - a rose in the snow, is impossibly rare. But, I must have you always, Mother Nature I'll dare. If I was an artist, and you were my rose. I could paint you with a blindfold, and recall every pose. When I wake each morning, I accept every thorn. To love you unconditionally, with open petals I've sworn. My love for you, lives like a rose. Our hearts like the petals, Each other they chose.
  11. 11. My Rose By: ● This poem is about a person describing their love for someone like a flower. ● I chose this poem because I thought it was very beautiful. The author has a lot of love for the person that they wrote the poem about. ● This poem has a lot of simile. One example being “My love for you lives like a rose.”
  12. 12. Rainbow Tulips By: A glorious flower, which blooms in spring. A sidewalk glance, and our eyes shall sing. Almost seems, like a colourful cartoon. Rainbow tulips, in the month of June. Universally supported, by its long mysterious stem. Prior to blooming, we anticipate the gem. It's all a fairy tale, Purple ones are vividly sharp. Expecting an angel, on a unicorn with a harp. Yellow, pink, orange, serene, calm, white. Hearts are lifted, with a mere sight. The beauty of it all, is just like a spell. With a thousand tulip fields, not a single, I'd sell.
  13. 13. Rainbow Tulips By: ● This poem is about a large collection of rainbow tulips. It paints a beautiful picture of the field so that you can picture it. ● I chose this poem because my favorite flower is a tulip and this poem is about tulips. ● This poem has end rhyme in it. Every other line rhymes.
  14. 14. But when I realized, Is that this flower that grew, Was not leaves and petals, But pieces of you. Your love and kindness, Your strength and power, Have helped me grow, Into my own little flower. And now with our friendship, I'll never let go, And we can help others, To flower and grow. Friendship Is Like A Flower by Regina Friendship is like a flower, Glowing in its glory, Each and every seed, Telling its own story. As each flower blooms, And then continues to grow, More of its strength and knowledge, Continues to show. And like a garden, It blooms much more fair, When carefully tended, By those who care. Once in a while, You come across a friend, Who is as beautiful as a flower, With a good heart to lend. So I picked this flower, And pulled it apart, And soon all its pieces, Grew into my heart.,
  15. 15. Friendship Is Like A Flower By: Regina ● This poem is about friendship. It compares friendship to a flower. ● I chose this poem because I like the message that came with it. ● This poem has simile in it, “friendship is like a flower”.
  16. 16. My Beautiful Flower © Allen you are my flower you are my sweet soft petal hand in hand my hand holding this precious gift the blossom of your beauty you are my beautiful flower you are my flower you are my sweet soft petal heart in heart just one heart beating to your sweet aroma the aroma of your splendor you are my beautiful flower you are my flower you are my first blossom blossoming love you are my love you are my first and true like sunset ocean blue you are my beautiful flower I am glad I picked you
  17. 17. My Beautiful Flower © Allen ● This poem is about someone comparing the person that they love to a flower. ● I chose this poem because I thought that it felt genuine and heartfelt. ● This poem has repetition. The poet used the line “You are my flower” at the beginning of each stanza.
  18. 18. Love is like a flower, beautiful and bold, If this love is not nourished, it can be hard to hold. Love like a flower, grows in the same way, It blossoms and changes with each passing day. Love is the tiny seeds that grows in our heart, Hoping this love is a brand new start. And when this flower shrivels and goes away, If it is cared for it will bloom again someday. If the love we felt seems to die, With patience and hope we will find it again In another`s eye. So when love seems hopeless and you are afraid to try Think about the beautiful flower under a blue sky Love is like a flower, and it will grow to be, A beautiful bouquet of love that will last all eternity. Love Is Like A Flower Written: October 24Th 2000 Copyrighted: 2000 LLLee
  19. 19. Love Is Like A Flower Copyrighted: 2000 LLLee ● This poem is about how love is like a flower. The poet uses many examples to show this throughout the whole poem. ● I chose this poem because i thought it was beautifully written. ● The poem uses simile in “Love is like a flower”.
  20. 20. Little Purple Flower By: Aufie Zophy I am a little purple flower My petals so extremely small I've stood in the grass for many an hour Enjoying a breeze most of all But, oh, what happened to my peers! Just yesterday, it moved me to tears While the children of John were playing their game My peers were trampled to death, what a shame When just before that, some bigger flowers were damaged The children were scolded badly by John But when my brothers were ravaged It was noticed, sadly, by none Today, however, I had a reason to smile A nerd, or so he must be Looked at this little purplish flower, a while And took a picture of me Even if tomorrow, to the worst of my fears I have to die, as yesterday my peers I will do so happily since someone has seen the beauty in me.
  21. 21. Little Purple Flower By: Aufie Zophy ● This poem is about a little purple flower and what it sees going on. The flower sees the school children stepping on the other flowers and is saddened by that. ● I chose this poem because at first you think its going to be a sad poem but it then at the end becomes happy. ● This poem has personification because it gives the flower human characteristics, like standing. “I stood in the grass for many hours”.
  22. 22. My Poetry
  23. 23. I am I am Compassionate, Friendly, Imaginative I love spending time with my friends and family Respect is important to me Honesty is important to me Caring is important to me Life is good Losing friends is bad, but it shows you who your real ones are Love will always prevail We shouldn’t follow the crowd Life is to short to worry about the little things I am
  24. 24. Cinquain- Dog Dog Loyal, Friendly Playing, Jumping, Running Dogs are cute and Cuddly Canine
  25. 25. Tanka- Tree Love is like a tree It grows as you nurture it Growing, growing, grow Beautiful flowering leaves Swaying in the summer wind
  26. 26. Haiku- Summer Night A warm summer night Friends sitting around the fire Warm fiery light
  27. 27. Five Senses- Joy Joy is pink and purple It taste like the first bite of a chocolate bar It sounds like children laughing And smells like a spring day It looks like flowers blowing in the wind And makes you feel like nothing can go wrong