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Work placement presentation


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Presentation on my work placement with The Tree Council

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Work placement presentation

  1. 1. The Tree Council • UK’s lead charity for trees • Established 1974 – works in partnership with communities, organisations and government to promote importance of trees • National Tree Week, Tree Care Campaign, Walk in the Woods month and Seed Gathering Season • Tree Warden Scheme – 8,000 volunteers
  2. 2. My Role • Update picture library • Update metadata • Website images
  3. 3. Tree News Assignment Working with The Tree Council’s newsletter/magazine, Tree News, to photograph a tree planting event organised by Community Environmental Group Andover Trees United and global initiative Plant for the Planet
  5. 5. • Project about The Tree Council’s Tree Wardens, who volunteer to look after and plant trees. Part of the GLA’s London Tree Week • Sent out mail merge asking if people would be interested in being interviewed and photographed • Arranged meetings with 8 subjects, and emailed a couple of questions for them to answer beforehand to develop upon during interview
  6. 6. Carole Wright is a Tree Warden and a community gardener, who has played an active part in planting projects such as the Whites Grounds Estate Community Gardens in Southwark where a community orchard has been planted. Carole is very pleased with how the residents have become attached to the eight fruit trees, which include quince, pear and apple that were planted with the help of local school children. “Nothing says community more than putting in an orchard or a few trees. The kids can walk by and can say, “I planted that!” Trees are accessible for all; you can plant it, stand back and watch it grow.”
  7. 7. Summary • Developed team work, communication and organisation skills • Developed confidence in a professional setting • Given the charity an exhibition which they/I can use in the future Good Points: The exhibition! And working with a lovely team of people who did everything to make my work placement a pleasant experience Bad Points: The organisers of the exhibition space at City Hall are not very organised! I would allow more time, if possible, to complete a project like this, especially with other coursework from other modules