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Think Tac Toe Strategy


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Excellent differentiation strategy for different modes of comprehension and demonstrating student understanding.

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Think Tac Toe Strategy

  1. 1. Think-Tac-Toe Directions: Complete three activities below. You may complete a vertical row, or a diagonal tic-tac-toe. World Languages Verbs Play charades with a partner. Take turns drawing from the bowl of vocabulary words. Your partner must guess and then use your verb in a sentence. Visual Use a beat to remember how to say the three tenses of four verbs. Draw a picture of yourself. Next to an arm, a hand, a leg, a foot, and your head, write a sentence about something you do with that part of your body. Kinesthetic Create flashcards with a picture of each activity on the front, and its translation on the back. Choose cards at random to write sentences in past, present, and future tense. Write a chain story with a group of four. Take turns writing sentences using different types of verbs correctly. Auditory Listen to the songs provided at the listening station. In each song, identify the verbs used, the types, and their tenses. Auditory Verbal/Linguistic Visual Tell a partner about your life when you were five, now, and your predictions about when you graduate form high school. Have your partner keep track of the types of verbs you use (at least four). Auditory Create a comic strip narrating three days in your life, and include captions. One day should be in the past, one day should be today, and one day should be in the future. Visual Write a skit and perform it with a partner. The skit can be about any event in the last year of your life. It should use four types of verbs. Interpersonal