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Building an atom


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Building an atom

  1. 1. Name: __________________________ Building an Atom!!! Directions: Build the following atoms listed below. Fill in the chart for each atom. You may need to use Chapter 18 if you don’t remember what atomic number, atomic mass, or an isotope is. Have fun! White marshmallows- Neutrons Marshmallows with color- Protons Spiced drops- Electrons The curved paper clip is the nucleus. Use that to hold the protons and neutrons. Attach the electrons using toothpicks. Reuse the marshmallows, toothpicks, and spiced drops for each atom or isotope. Metal, Nonmetal, Atom Protons Neutrons Electrons Atomic Mass Semimetal? Hydrogen (H) Hydrogen-3 Helium (He) Helium-5 Lithium (L) Lithium-7 Beryllium (Be) Beryllium-9 Boron (B) Boron- 11 1) What is an isotope? _____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _ 2) When an element is written with a number after it, what does that number represent? _______________________________________________________________________ _ 3) How do you figure out how many neutrons are in a certain isotope? _______________ _______________________________________________________________________ _
  2. 2. 4) If you change the number of protons, does the element stay the same? _____________ _______________________________________________________________________