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Facial muscles


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Facial muscles

  1. 1. Muscular System Facial Muscles Level 2 By Beauty and Holistic Therapies Faculty
  2. 2. Locations & Actions The Triangularis Corners of the lower lip extends over the chin Draws down the mouths corners The Temporalis Round and behind the ear running down the side of the face Raises and lowers the jaw when chewing The Frontalis Across the forehead Wrinkles the forehead & raises the eyebrow
  3. 3. The Zygomaticus Runs down the cheek to the corner of the mouth Pulls the corners of the mouth upwards and sideways The Corrugator Inner corners of the eyebrow Draws the eyebrows together as in frowning The Orbicularis Oculi Surrounding the orbit of the eye Closes and opens the eye as in winking and blinking
  4. 4. The Orbicularis Oris A sphincter muscle surrounding the mouth Closes and opens the mouth The Buccinator Forms the main muscles of the cheek Compresses the cheeks as in blowing The Risorious Corner of the mouth above the buccinator muscle Pulls the corner of the mouth upwards and sideways as in grinning
  5. 5. The Massester Runs at an angle down the face from the cheek bone to the jaw Lifts, lowers and closes the jaw aiding mastication; The Triangularis Runs from the lower jaw to corner of the mouth Draws down the corners of the mouth creating a sad expression Depressor Labii Surround the lower lip Depresses the lower lip and draws it down slightly on one side
  6. 6. The Platysma Front and side of the neck, down to collar bones Depresses lower jaw and lip wrinkling skin tissue on neck Mentalis Situated on the chin Raises the lower lip causing chin to wrinkle Nasalis Covers the front of the nose Closes and opens the nasal opening
  7. 7. Procerus Covers the bridge of the nose Wrinkles the skin over the bridge of the nose The sternocleido -mastoid Either side of the neck Individually rotates the head to one side together pulls the chin onto the chestThe Trapezius Across upper back, neck and shoulders Raises the shoulder to the ear. Pulls the head
  8. 8. The Occipitalis Back of the head Moves the scalp The Deltoid Caps the top of the shoulders is a three headed muscle Brings the arm forward Takes the arm backwards and sideways Pectoralis Major Front of the chest Moves the arm away from the side of the body