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Media Ownership


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Media Ownership

  1. 1. Issues Raised by Media Ownership By Emma Waite
  2. 2. Media Ownership • Media Convergence:Two or more types of media coming together. • Synergy: Different elements of a company working together to promote related products. • Concentration of media Ownership:The process by which an increasingly smaller number of companies own most media outlets. • Conglomerate:A large parent company which owns a range of smaller companies (vertical integration) • Subsidiary: Smaller companies owned by a parent company. • Oligopoly:When the market is dominated by a small number of companies.
  3. 3. Remember • The film industry is dominated by 6 main Hollywood studios.They are: 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount , Columbia, Universal and Walt Disney Studios.These command approximately 90% of the U.S box office. • This is known as an oligopoly.
  4. 4. Advantages of a big conglomerate in production • Will be able to take risks when making films • Wont need to collaborate to secure funding's • They have a better changes of getting well known actors and actress’s • Better special effects • Can get better locations
  5. 5. • Sheer size and power in the industry, more money and better links to related companies Sony Pictures (Vertical integration). • Can use synergy and cross media convergence to promote i.e. games, music, toys etc. Advantages of a big conglomerate in distribution
  6. 6. Links to Case Study • Skyfall had the backing of the company that was able to use cross media convergence because it owns smaller companies within a range of industries. • For Sony’s Skyfall it resulted in a huge amount of ‘word of mouth’ for a big budget film and helped the film become a blockbuster. Such are the benefits of cross-media ownership by these giant institutions.
  7. 7. Disadvantages of a big conglomerate in production and distribution • Films often have to satisfy a mass market and creatively film makers cannot take as many risks as so many conglomerate companies to satisfy and revenue to achieve.
  8. 8. How do smaller companies market smaller films in distribution • There are difficulties faced by smaller companies with relatively small marketing budgets and few easy opportunities for synergy.
  9. 9. Links to Case Study • ill Manors had a budget of £100000. It made £453570 at the UK Box Office. (Links to previous slide) • The challenge was to attract a core niche audience, with such a low budget, unknown stars, and low production values. • It had to be financed by the Film London, BBC Films and supported by Skillset, the UK Film Council and the Mayor of London.
  10. 10. Advantages and disadvantages of an independent company in production • Less budget so film will be less ambitious, with smaller scale cast, locations and special effects. • Often have to secure extra funding and finance (horizontal integration)
  11. 11. • Has to be targeted as less money to spend on distribution campaign. • The film is expected to make less revenue at the box office. • Can’t withstand losses with box office returns • They can take more risks with subject matter, whereas conglomerate companies probably cannot do this. Advantages and disadvantages of an independent company in distribution
  12. 12. How do independent companies compete? • Viral Marketing helped ill manors make money, overcoming the mass American film industry: for example their website gave the consumers easy access to information about the film and was fall ofVideo clips, trailers, pictures and downloads which make the consumers feel more involved in the film. • The downloads are a way of free advertising.
  13. 13. Walt Disney • Walt Disney owns:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney Music Group, Marvel Studios,Touchstone Pictures, Disneynature, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and DisneyTheatrical Studios and DisneyTheatrical Group.
  14. 14. Walt Disney synergy and cross media convergence • It has a range of different advantages such as: Disney Parks, Disney Holidays, Disney shows, Toys, games and much more.