Photography and its uses


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Photography and its uses

  1. 1. PHOTOGRAPHY AND IT’S USES By Emma Veness
  2. 2. LANDSCAPE• Landscape is a very popular type of photography. It intends to show different spaces around the world, with little or no human activity, instead featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light. Landscape photographers often attempt to document the space as well as convey an appreciation of the scenery.• How landscape photography has changed:Landscape photography has changed massively in the last hundred years. From these twophotos you can tell with the difference in colour, lighting and the different cameras used. Youcan see that O’Sullivan used albumen print, which is a photographic print on a paper basednegative. Where you can see that Adam Burton has used the new technology (SLR) which isat our advantage today to produce great quality photographers, it looks like he may have usedsome kind of artificial lighting.Simply by comparing these two photos youcan see how landscape photography haschanged over the years 1874 - Timothy H OSullivan 2012 – Adam Burton
  4. 4. FASHION • Fashion photography has been in existence since 1839. It’s seen from the covers of magazines to online shopping websites, it’s popular because fashion and beauty tends to be everywhere. The industry is very competitive and you can tell by the wide variety of fashion magazines etc. Here I will compare how fashion photography has changed in the last 60 years:This Vogue cover This is a very recentfrom 1960 shows 2012 vogue cover.‘Twiggy’. The With Kristen Stewart,photo is quite who is a famousplain, white actress, the cover hasbackground, not many bright colours,much writing, it’s all about thesimple. The fashion element withcolours are quite what shes wearingdull and its not and her pose. There isthat exiting to look also a lot more brightlyat. coloured writing on.
  6. 6. ADVERTISING• We seeing advertising photography everywhere, there used to make us buy their product they are selling. They draw us in and make us believe that we ‘must have’ their product, they do this by creating eye catching images. A good advert that stands out among the rest should make you want to buy the product, unusual and make you want to find out more. Here I have two Coca-Cola adverts, one from 1960 and one from 2012, just by looking at them you can see so much difference, from colour to the surroundings of the bottle. This Coca-Cola This advert is from 2012. advert is from you can see how much 1960, the photo is technology has changed quite plain, with a just by the edited flowers dark/dull around the bottle, the eye background, the catching red background only thing that draws you in. Compared to catches your eye the other advert its more is their slogan in simple but defiantly more the white writing. effective.
  8. 8. MACRO• Macro is capturing photographs of small, detailed insects or plants in most cases. Macro is typically used in nature shots such as this:
  9. 9. MACRO - DEPTH OF FIELD• Depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. Although a lens an precisely focus at only one distance at a time, the decrease in sharpness is gradual on each side of the focused distance, so that within the DOF, the un-sharpness is imperceptible under normal viewing conditions.
  10. 10. PORTRAIT• Portrait photography captures the likeness of someone or a small group of people. Its taken to capture a persons personality, expression or mood. Photo albums are often filled with school portraits, wedding portraits and family portraits. Usually labeled with the photographers logo or insignia, portraits should be clear, well exposed and show creative composition. This portrait photograph is of Johnny Depp, the photo captures him at this very time, and his expression. He is deliberately looking at the lens, so he knows this photo is being taken.
  12. 12. ‘’ A picture is worth a thousand words’’DOCUMENTARY• Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to history significant and historical events. It is typically covered in professional photojournalism or real life reportage, but it may also be an armature, artistic or academic pursuit. The photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective and usually candid photography of a particular subject, most often pictures of people or events.
  13. 13. DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dorothea Lange-• Steve Mccury-