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Gatorade case study

The key facts for Gatorade's 'Replay' campaign. Produced whilst working at BBH.

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Gatorade case study

  1. 1. Gatorade „Replay‟ Case Study
  2. 2. SummaryThe Problem: Only 3 in 10 adults over age 30 exercise regularlyThe Challenge: Reignite the athletic spark in the 30+ age groupThe Solution: Provide an opportunity every athlete dreams of
  3. 3. The Brief• Do more than simply say something from the TV• Be about getting off the couch and doing something• Weave the DNA of the brand into the DNA of culture to find more authentic connections with the audience
  4. 4. Believed actions would speak louder than our words so set out to:1. Allow people to experience what Gatorade stands for – A Catalyst for Athletic Achievement.2. Demonstrate Gatorade‟s functional reason for being – Fueling Athletic Performance.
  5. 5. The StrategyInsight: No matter how great they are or how many championships they‟ve won, all athletes have one game or moment they wish they could change the outcome of. It‟s why we both love and hate the finality of competition.
  6. 6. • Sport only gives you one shot, one chance to determine the outcome and define winner and loser for all eternity.• There are no second chances.• We wondered if Gatorade could change this universal truth about sport.• What if Gatorade used sport as a catalyst for giving athletes a second chance?• An “athletic do-over” that only Gatorade could provide.• What if Gatorade wasn‟t just a beverage company, what if it was a network?
  7. 7. Communication strategy: Let’s fuel second chances.
  8. 8. The ExecutionFuel an opportunity every athlete dreams of - a second chance. Gatorade reunited the original players (now all in their mid 30s) from two 1993 high school football teams to replay their rivalry game that ended in a 7-7 tie. Gatorade became a true athletic partner.
  9. 9. For 90 days Gatorade scientists trained and coached these former athletes to help prepare them for the big game. The big re-match was held in the venue of the original 1993 game, Fisher Field, in front of a crowd of 15,000 fans. Gatorade supplied the athletic fuel for the game.
  10. 10. With on-field temperatures reaching over 100°F, no players were dehydrated or seriously hurt – talk about the ultimate product demonstration.We also created a 5-part documentary series released online that told the Replay story in order to inspire other former athletes from around the nation. The Situation: Athletic participation plummets drastically once individuals graduate from High School.
  11. 11. Family, career and increasing obligations inevitably replace sport and exercise. Per US government statistics, 7 in 10 adults aged over 30 don‟t exercise regularly. And thus, aren‟t using Gatorade like they used to. Our challenge was to reignite the athletic spark with this group of former Gatorade loyalists.
  12. 12. ResultsA majority of participants made dramatic health improvements. Many lost over 25 pounds, added muscle and altered poor eating/exercise habits. Bruce Lebitz is a great example of the changes the players made. Bruce lost 57 pounds and was able to come off his cholesterol and blood pressure medication.
  13. 13. Created news, not advertising. $3,415,255(US) worth of earned media from just $225K in paid media – a 14,000% ROI. Named as one of CNN‟s Top Stories of 2009. Game sold out in 90 minutes.
  14. 14. Tickets fetched 6 times their face value on eBay.6-page editorial feature story in Men‟s Health.REPLAY is now a documentary television series broadcast to 90 million households.Thousands of athletes have petitioned Gatorade to be selected for the next REPLAY game, scheduled for 2010.Regional Gatorade sales increased by 63%
  15. 15. • Proving that once you‟re an athlete, you‟re always an athlete• Content was posted online so that viewers could follow their journey• 10,000 tickets sold out in 90 minutes• 160 million media impressions• One of CNN‟s top stories for 2009• Gatorade‟s „Line-up Finder‟ in collaboration with Facebook allows former athletes to reconnect with former team mates and to nominate their teams for upcoming seasons of the show
  16. 16. • An indication of the high quality content and top end production was demonstrated when Fox Sports acquired the rights to the series and began airing the previously online-only production, further extending the reach of the campaign.
  17. 17. • TV exposure contributed to a campaign value of over $3 million worth of earned media, from a spend of just $255,000. Replay also garnered 160 million media impressions
  18. 18. Digital Impressions• 84 MM impressions for digital banner campaigns• 75M unique visitors to to date• More than 30% of users tay more than 10 minutes• 13,961 Facebook fans, 58% of fans are active monthly• 6,200+ tweets for 529MM impressions• 1.8MM views on REPLAY online videos
  19. 19. Player Bio
  20. 20. The Power of PR“Filled with stories of dashed hopes and dreamsdelayed, Replay is a primer in modern digital publicrelations: viral videos, public appearances, pressconferences, media tours, online communities -- andyes, even a few ads to promote the web series that grew outof it.” Timothy Kane, AdAge
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