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Pp17 synergy


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Pp17 synergy

  1. 1. SynergyYou must be able to use examples fromthe film industry of where synergy was evident and to what advantage – audience or $
  2. 2. Synergy• You will need to be able to comment on how synergy is very important to the industry in reference to• Production• Distribution• Exhibition
  3. 3. Definition• Synergy is when two companies work together in a mutually beneficial way.
  4. 4. Production• Universal, Working Title• How is this relationship beneficial to both companies?• What synergy was there in the production of This is England?
  5. 5. Synergy: Merchandising• Consider how merchandising and cross-media convergence are productive to companies.
  6. 6. Synergy: Merchandising• Marketing – Merchandising. Mcdonalds happy meals. Star Wars Toys episode 1. • Research these products online. • Why do Mcdonalds choose to have this synergistic relationship with the film industry? • How much of the revenue of Star Wars came from the toys? Who produced them? • Why would LucasFilms want this relationhip?
  7. 7. Cross Media Convergence & Synergy• What synergy was there amongst the Vivendi group with The Boat That Rocked?• What synergy was there in the case study of HSM3? – Amongst The Disney Group? – Outside of the The Disney Group?• Apply these terms to these examples: – Horizontal Integration. – Vertical Integration.
  8. 8. I.S Due MONDAY• Synergy and Cross Media Convergence are the backbone to the Media Industry’s success. How far do you agree with this statement?Do a plan.• Production• Distribution and marketing• Exhibition• Audience Consumption