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Broadband infrastructure in dun laoghaire


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Broadband infrastructure in dun laoghaire

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I am starting up a businessand I need to find the bestbroadband option available tome My area is Dun Laoghaire. That factors I will considerare broadband speed and cost.
  3. 3. WHAT IS BROADBAND? The term broadband refers toa telecommunications signal ordevice of greater bandwidth. It can be up to 100 times fasterthan a dial-up connection. You can receive and make callswhile using your broadbandconnection.
  4. 4. GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line: DSL service with a larger portion of the capacity devoted to downstream communications, less to upstream. Coaxial Cable – A type of cable that can carry large amounts of bandwidth over long distances. Cable TV and cable modem service both utilize this technology. Dial-Up – A technology that provides customers with access to the Internet over anexisting telephone line. DSL – Digital Subscriber Line: The use of a copper telephone line to deliver “alwayson” broadband Internet service.
  5. 5. GLOSSARY OF TERMS USED ISP- Internet service provider- A company that provides access tothe internet. MB- A high speed connection allowing for maximum downloadingto a certain amount. GB- A unit of computer memory or data storage capacity equal to1024 megabytes.
  6. 6. ADSL BROADBAND Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a type of DSL broadbandcommunications technology used for connecting to the Internet. It is the most common type of broadband.
  7. 7. WIRELESS BROADBAND Wireless Broadband refers to technology that provides high-speedwireless Internet access or computer networking access over a wide area. Wireless networking - which is often just known as Wi-Fi - is a way ofgetting broadband internet without wires. Wi-Fi allows you to connect several computers at once, anywhere inthe house - or if you have a laptop, to even use your computer in thegarden. You don’t need to install extra phone lines or cables.
  8. 8. MOBILE BROADBAND Mobile broadband is the marketing term for wireless Internetaccess through a portable modem, mobile phone. Major mobile phone providers sell portable modems for example;Meteor, O2 and Vodafone.
  9. 9. C O M PA N I E S T H A T A R E P R O V I D I N GB ROA D BA N D A C C E S S TO T H E I N T E R N E TIN DUN LAOGHAIRE UPC  Onwave Imagine! Digiweb  Vodafone Mobile Broadband Eircom
  10. 10. TELECOMMUNICATIONSC O M PA N I E S :UPC (Fibre Power) -€59 Monthly Imagine! (ADSL)- €40 Monthly Professional bundle- 20Mb  Package- 3Mb ADSL Speed- 3Mb/2Mb  Speed- 3Mb 4 phone lines- no line rental  Includes phone- no line rental Set up/Install- €80  Installation- €50
  11. 11. TELECOMMUNICATIONSC O M PA N I E S :Digiweb (DSL)- €59.95 monthly Eircom (DSL )- €40 monthly Talk Extra package  Up to 12Mb/ 1.1Mb- Speed- 8Mb business starter Free calls to Irish & UK  Free self install connectionLandlines  Free wi-fi modem Free Installation  Consistent broadband speeds 24/7
  12. 12. TELECOMMUNICATIONSC O M PA N I E S :Onwave (Satellite)- €124.95 monthly Vodafone Mobile Broadband-€48 Monthly Package- Ten +, 10Mb  Ideal + Talk Off peak  Speed- 8Mb Speed- 10Mb  Free installation Installation- €99  Unlimited off-peak calls to Connection fee- €25 Irish to Irish landlines, 200 off- peak minutes on weekdays to Vodafone mobiles.
  13. 13. MY DECISION I have decided to go with Eircom. They provide a range of DSLbroadband and phone to a business. The package I have chosen is the cheapest, costing €40 a month. Up to 12Mb/ 1.1Mb- business starter, free self install connection,free wi-fi modem, consistent broadband speeds 24/7.
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  15. 15. REFERENCES