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Lisa office system


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Lisa office system power point presentation

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Lisa office system

  1. 1. Lisa Office SystemFlores, Emmanuel T.BSIS 2A
  2. 2. The Apple Lisa alsoknown as the Lisa isdesigned by AppleComputer
  3. 3. The Apple LisaOffice Systemwas released inJan. 19, 1983
  4. 4. The Lisa hardware,Operating system, and its setof office applications weredesigned by Apple to to worktogether to create a powerfuldocument processingworkstation.
  5. 5. Flores, Emmanuel T.BSIS 2A
  6. 6. What is Apple Dos?
  7. 7. Apple DOS refersto operating systems forthe Apple IIseries of microcomputersfrom late 1978 throughearly 1983.
  8. 8. The first operating system forthe Apple computer primarilydeveloped by Paul Laughton,Randy Wigginton, and SteveWozniak for the Apple II series ofcomputers. The first release ofApple DOS was Apple DOS 3.1and was released in June 1978.
  9. 9. There was no Apple DOS 1 or 2,per se. versions 0.1 through 2.8were serially enumerated revisionsduring development (which might aswell have been called builds 1through 28). Apple DOS 3.0 (arenamed issue of version 2.8) wasnever publicly released due to bugs.