Locations and directions


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Locations and directions

  1. 1. Location and Directions
  2. 2. Today we will discuss:» Location vs Direction» Explaining Locations (prepositions)» Explaining Directions» Use in Daily Conversation
  3. 3. Location vs. DirectionLocation» Where something is (located) Q: Where are my keys? A:Your keys are on the table.Direction» How to get to a location Q: How to I get to the High Street? A: Go straight ahead and take the second turning on the left after the Church.
  4. 4. Location Preposition We use prepositions to connect anoun or a pronoun to another word. It stands on a hill Pronoun + verb + preposition + article
  5. 5. Location Prepositions
  6. 6. Location Prepositions under above opposite behind below between
  7. 7. Location Prepositions
  8. 8. Location Prepositions in into next to on out of over
  9. 9. Let’s Read» I work in an office on the 5th floor of the building near the river.» I sit at the back by the window.» Dan sits at his desk in front of me.
  10. 10. » There is a photocopy machine behind Dan’s desk.» The clock is above the door and there is a large mat under our desks.» The lunch room is two floors below ours.
  11. 11. Describe where the people are… Old man Eric Tim boy John Couple Alice
  12. 12. Where are John and Alice? Old man Eric Tim boy John Couple Alice
  13. 13. The old man and the boy are__________ of the shop. Old Eric man Tim boy John Couple Alice
  14. 14. Tim and the dog are _______the shop. Old man Eric Tim boy John Couple Alice
  15. 15. Now it’s your turn to make alocation sentence! Old man Eric Tim boy John Couple Alice Hint: under, between, inside, on, through…
  16. 16. Directions
  17. 17. Giving directions:2. From where you are now3. From one location to another4. Can depend on which way you are facing.
  18. 18. Go straight ahead
  19. 19. Turn LeftIt’s on the left Take the second on the left
  20. 20. Turn rightIt’s on the right Take the second on the right
  21. 21. Facing Up the roadDown the road (behind) (in front)
  22. 22. Asking for directions» How do I get to the nearest ____?» Can you tell me the way to _____?» Do you know how to get to _____?
  23. 23. Excuse me, how do I get to the Main Office? Main Office CEO’s Offices Conference Room office IT Offices Department
  24. 24. Giving Directions: Sam is in room 29 and needs to get to the elevator. Excuse me, can you tell me where the elevator is?
  25. 25. Give Sam directions around the office… Turn left out of the door and keep left along the corridor. Turn right and go straight ahead. The elevator is at the end of the corridor.
  26. 26. Giving Directions: Sam is at Stairwell B but needs to get to Stairwell A.B Excuse me, where A is Stairwell A?
  27. 27. Give Sam directions around the office…B Turn right and then left. Go straight A down the corridor. After the Reception Office turn right again and you will see Stairwell B on your left.
  28. 28. Conversation 1A. Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?B. Yes. There are a few banks.» How do I get to the nearest one?» Go straight ahead and turn right. The bank is on the left.A. Thank you.B. Youre welcome.bank Park bank
  29. 29. Conversation 2» Excuse me. Is there a supermarket near here?» Yes, there is.A. How do I get there?B. At the traffic lights, take the first turning on the left and go straight ahead. Its on the right.» Is it far?» Not really.A. Thank you.B. My pleasure. (You’re welcome.) Supermarket
  30. 30. Today’s Lesson Location & Directions» Definitions» Use of prepositions» How to describe the location of an object» Different ways to ask for directions
  31. 31. Anyquestions?
  32. 32. Thank you.