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SPENTREP - Factors Paper (Emmanuel Junio) 2013.Sep.09


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SPENTREP - Factors Paper (Emmanuel Junio) 2013.Sep.09

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SPENTREP - Factors Paper (Emmanuel Junio) 2013.Sep.09

  1. 1. Factors Paper in Entrepreneurship MBA Standard Program Emmanuel Junio Student Jorge Saguinsin Professor
  2. 2. Factors Paper: Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment I. Background Am I ready to become an Entrepreneur? Do I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur..? These are some of the questions which boggle my mind as I take this class. One thing is for sure, I have to find out. But then, again.. How? II. Assessment To initially assess myself, I decided to take an Entrepreneurial Assessment from the Internet. I found and took my first ever Entrep Test. Hungry for more proofs, and not to call it luck, I searched for more sites, and took more test from, and Below are the results. How to interpret your results? Your results are displayed with blue horizontal bands. A red vertical band shows the mean score of entrepreneurs. If the horizontal range of your results does not exceed the vertical range, it means that your results for this dimension are below the average obtained by entrepreneurs. If the horizontal range exceeds the vertical range, your results are above average. Results General profile 170 Motivations 59 Aptitudes 72 Attitudes 39 YOUR MOTIVATIONS Motivation factors determine behaviour. They are the underlying reasons that induce someone to act. Motivation 59 Need for achievement / success 14 Power / control appeal 20 Entrepreneurship 2
  3. 3. Need for challenges / ambition 18 Self-sufficiency / freedom 7 YOUR APTITUDES Aptitudes are natural inclinations, competencies, abilities. Certain aptitudes predispose someone to be an entrepreneur. Aptitudes 72 Perseverance / Determination 15 Self-confidence / Enthusiasm 16 Tolerance towards ambiguity / Resistance to stress 20 Creativity / Imagination 21 YOUR ATTITUDES Attitudes are made up of perceptions, our feelings about something. They are judgements we make, ways we look at things. Attitudes 39 Perception to act upon one's destiny 21 Action oriented 18 NOTE This questionnaire was prepared on the basis or research and observations of the characteristics of Canadian entrepreneurs in all industry sectors. On average, entrepreneurs tend to obtain overall results that are higher than those of the general population, and this for all characteristics. Granted, the mere fact of obtaining – or failing to obtain – results in line with those of entrepreneurs is not enough to indicate your potential as an entrepreneur. Many other factors come into play, including your personal circumstances, your milieu, your experience, timing, etc. What these results will do, however, is allow you to compare your answers to those of a group of entrepreneurs, and to note where they are the same and where they are different. Source: Entrepreneurship 3
  4. 4. Your score is 32. You already share many key attributes of entrepreneurs. If you have not yet decided to become an entrepreneur, you should give it serious consideration. Source: Your score is 26. You probably share similar skill levels with most successful entrepreneurs. (But you can always improve!) Source: Kauffman FastTrac® Entrepreneurial Characteristics Survey Score: 40 to 51 You ARE an entrepreneur. With proper planning and consideration, you are driven and rewarded by innovation and problem solving. You, too, should document a personal vision. And, don't do it alone. Surround yourself with others—mentors, advisors, peers, associates, investors—who buy into your vision and will serve as a sounding board and support mechanism to help you ensure long-term success for the company you create. Source: III. Conclusion After taking the online Entrepreneur Assessments, I had a sigh of relief and was glad to know that I have what it takes, the aptitude and attitude, to be an Entrepreneur! Not only that, the sites tells me that I share similar key attributes and skill levels with most successful entrepreneurs – and that I should give it a serious consideration! That’s good news! Honestly, I took this class for two main reasons: 1) to learn the science of Entrepreneurship (business, how to set it, and how to efficiently and effectively manage it) and 2) to share knowledge and give guidance to kinsfolks, friends and people who needs guidance in their business ventures (especially that they don’t have the luxury of time or money to enroll in such Entrep study programs). Lastly, I know that this assessment is just the first step, but I am excited to learn more from the class and gear towards becoming a successful Entrepreneur! Entrepreneurship 4