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Youth related crimes


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Published in: Education
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Youth related crimes

  1. 1. Mind Map: Many crimes around our society, are youth related. Some of the committed crimes are: graffiti, robbery, violence, drug dealing and assaults. Most of these crimes are done as a result of peer pressure , parental pressure/influence and stress. It is increasing every day, week, month and year. Sometimes these crimes, get out of hand and murder is committed. Many of these crimes start by bullying. Mostly, youths, get into groups of including various ages, sometimes even kids. If this keeps going on, the future and education will be destroyed. Some youths may be confused with the art of graffiti, and the CRIME of graffiti. What we already know about this topic!
  2. 2. Peer and parental pressure: At schools, collages or universities, we should reduce bullying, and let students know that the staff and organisation is there for them. Confusion: Organising more activities showing the difference of art and crimes. Increasing : We need to reduce this by having more protection for the youth and convincing them to understand the crime and consequences . Security: There should be more security around our community. Also our community members should keep an eye out for any signs of not only vandalism, but robbery, violence, drug dealing and assaults as well as other types of crimes. Getting out of hand: To stop these violation to get of hand, we need to make our youths aware on the consequences by punishment the first time. This may sound harsh but it is the only way be which they will understand. Solutions
  3. 3. Janhavi : Good morning Parramatta, today we have a wonderful guest in our studio. She is the local lady who has witnessed crimes committed by youth in our society and has taken further research on this issue.. Of course, we are talking about Miss Riddle! Now lets move on to our topic, so Chantelle what is the issue in our community. Himani: Well Jessica the overall problem of this issue is that this certain generation is rather disrespectful of their surrounding environment , easily pressured by peers/ parents, and because of all these reasons they find that their last resort is to commit crime. Janhavi: Hmmm… Why do you think the younger generation are being influenced by this? Himani : The youth are confused by what's crime and what’s not. They are getting pressured and bullied and are not fully understanding the consequences if they get caught. Students may be overpowered by stress and as many artists say, art is a way of relieving stress therefore innocent juveniles are confused by Graffiti and Art. Janhavi: Do you think there is any way of ceasing this crime committed by the youth? Himani: I think that we should organise more activities showing the difference between graffiti and vandalism. We should let schools, high schools, universities or colleges know that our staff, teachers, parents, friends are there for them, because usually they are feeling too much pressure and that forces them to commit these crime. Janhavi: Well thank you Ms Riddle, and we hope that the crime stops, or at least ceases. Well that’s all for today. Have a good day, and we’ll see you later. Interview: Script
  4. 4. Facts and Figures The total of Parramatta's population is 178,549, out of this 83,563 are men and 83,293 are women. About 3,043 people of those are over the age of 85, and 71174 are aged between 0-25 , in other words are YOUTHS! Our issue is, Reducing youth related crime, in order to understand the reasons behind this violation to our society, we first need to collect data on this topic. Parramatta has been ranked 37 out of a huge 154 local government areas with a population more than 3000 for the crime of Break and enter- Dwelling. For Liquor offences in Parramatta, we were ranked a horrible 93 out or 154. This is a very disappointing result. Parramatta was ranked 89 for damage to property, this includes, graffiti as well as unauthorized demolition. For the robbery of motor vehicles, Parramatta was ranked 25 out of 154, this may mean damage or theft of motor vehicles. All of these result are very disappointing! We HAVE to do something about this!
  5. 5. Top 3 resources 1) Newspapers: This site has been very useful for all the crimes committed. It has given us the exact detail of all the crimes we have mentioned through out this project. 2) Internet: It has given us the dates, and information on when crimes were committed, and the whole history of crime that has been marked on this presentation has been based on information from this site. 3) Crime This was extremely useful for recording all of the populations, and documentation of our crime and determine our numbers of crimes committed.
  6. 6. First Hand Investigation The Problem: The issue we are dealing with is the amount of Youths who are related with crimes around Parramatta. This is mostly because they do not understand the consequences or are being forced by peer, parental, environmental or other pressure. This also causes the environment to get damaged. Aim: The aim of our experiment is to make the youth understand the concept, and consequences of their crimes. In order to keep everyone, and the environment as well as the youth committing the crimes safe, we have to stop this violation! Hypothesis: I think that after we have done our solution, the crime rates in Parramatta will drop by a great number. This will mean that slowly, Youth related crimes will soon enough stop, as the amount of peer and parental pressure will lessen. How we will do it: We will do this by hiring people to talk to the youths in schools, collages, or Uni’s. They will be a group of expert speech makers who are positive and understanding towards younger people. This will cause the young to feel comforted and feel that they can talk to some-one who gets what they mean and reassures them.
  7. 7. Topic Sentences Drugs, Alcohol, Exposure, Horrible role modelling, THIS IS the reason why crime is spreading through our society! This absurd violence to our society is not just going to STOP, Parramatta, YOU need to play your part! Stop and think, if our generation NOW is like this, what will be the state of our future generations. To STOP the crime, you first need to understand the crime.
  8. 8. Flow Chart Youth committing crime Reasons: pressure, exposure, drugs and alcohol. Types of Crimes: abuse, assault, murder, violent, graffiti, racism… What we can do: Confidence talks, limit what they see & hear, change their point of view. Types of crimes done before: small theft, fights. Solutions: More security, cameras, heavier consequences. Rates of youth committing crimes: 37,93, 89, and 25 out 154 other crime committing leading governments. How YOU could help: don’t take a bad choice for life, think before you do anything, help out anyone going through a rough time. Every thing written on this page, is from previous primary and secondary investigations.
  9. 9. At schools, collages or universities, we should reduce bullying, and let students know that the staff and organisation is there for them. To stop these violation to get of hand, we need to make our youths aware on the consequences by punishment the first time. This may sound harsh but it is the only way be which they will understand. Nowadays people commit crime ever so freely. Vandalism, murder, abuse, physical harassment and the list goes on. Organising more activities showing the difference of art and crimes. We need to reduce this by having more protection for the youth and convincing them to understand the crime and consequences . Crime rates will increase faster than ever and Parramatta will suffer! In seven years time or so, if no action is taken against this problem, it may get doubled, or even TRIPLED! It is because of exposure to the younger generation that is causing them to get confused on what is right and what wrong. If a older adult who is a delinquent, the youth starts to feel that what they see is what they should do. Understanding Play Your Part The Future Reasons Organize all collected evidence under topic sentence
  10. 10. How does the issue affect the community The issue, youth related crimes, can affect the community in many ways. There are obvious danger with perhaps alcoholic or violent teenagers who might just want to start a fight. This can cause great insecurity and an unsafe barrier toward the families and locals. Delinquents vandalising personal property isn't a very good thing at all. Parents and families who live in a rented house don’t need to pay extra money for the deflection on there secondary property. This crime doesn't have a good affect and can be severely threatening the safety of the residence.
  11. 11. My piece of Writing To: 5644 Chinchpok Parramatta all youths future centre HQ. NO: 0456387220 Of: 976840944 Everyday/for every month/of every year! Dear all Youths I am writing this letter as I would like to discuss something very important with you. Your behaviour and attitude towards the law of Parramatta is rather ignorant and stubborn. Of course we understand that, yes, once in a while you have the freedom to go to a party, have some fun, hang about with friends, but this is NOT an EXCUSE for you to commit CRIME! You committing crime, does not only impact your life, but to the whole society along side you too. The innocent bystanders, get injured, people get harassed, tension rises, and the good name of Parramatta gets stained. Many people die because of this stupidity, many get depressed, and MANY commit SUICIDE! Why should the innocent people of Parramatta have to suffer through your idiocy? And WHAT DO YOU GAIN? You don’t gain anything! So why this nonsense in the first place? No matter what anyone says, you know, inside you that what you are doing is Wrong. Step up and change for a better future, YOUR better future! I hope that you now understand your wrongs and are ready to change! Yours Sincerely Organiser and trustee of YRCC (YOUTH REDUCING CRIME CENTRE) Haylene sholskin
  12. 12. More attention given from teachers parents and possibly locals and neighbours If teachers gave more attention to students and talked to them about there problems and try to get them to open up or such can stop youth who do crimes because of there tough lives. if teachers give support and notice if a juvenile is being bullied to do crimes, if the action is taken that can cease the crimes that are caused by peer pressure. Parents should be more aware of where the children go , epically at the later times. Is your child going to a sleepover or going to a dark alley to meet up strangers and criminals to break the law. Possibly if locals or neighbours see youth related crimes to report to local community, if done so the community can cease the issue by giving more security or cameras which moves on to our next solution. Security and safety 24 hrs. cameras Having security guards or surveillance cameras can make a change and difference to the frequency and the common youth related crimes. If studies and careful investigation and research is taken to realise where specifically will we need the extra security. The main places youth related crimes happen are in subways, general house or building property, trains and buses, parks and other locations. Using security guards or guarding and surveillance cameras will possibly persuade the delinquents that they can not get away or not face the consequence:; that they are caught. If more youth relies the high security they are less eager to preform crime as it is much more easier to get caught Community support The main reasons youth create crimes are because of being bullied, peer pressured, thinking they will be cool and popular, family problems , confused between art and vandalism and it goes on. If more community fundraisers or festivals or stalls to support the innocent criminals who really meant no harm. Activities like “support the bullied” could save tear and horrible consequences. If the community support the bullied or helpless delinquents could realise they are not on the own and cease the bully and the bullying issue which is causing them to do inappropriate crimes. Consequences Some juvenile criminals do it because they are the bully , they think it is cool when its plain shame to destroy property and vandalize. If these people are directly informed with there consequences then there is a possibility of decrease in youth related crimes Propose solutions and explain
  13. 13. Phamplet
  14. 14. The predictions To Our First hand investigations: If the suggestions and plans we have made in our First hand Investigation necessary. If these are not completed, this problem will never be solved. The environment and people will suffer more and more! Crime rates will increase faster than ever and Parramatta will suffer!
  15. 15. Key sites of the issue in Parramatta Church Street Mall: This Mall was once a seedy haven for drug dealers and crime gangs. Westfield: 34 year old man died of fatal shooting Parramatta River: Women's body found in suitcase, floating in the River. MGHS: A pre-teen was roughly knocked to the ground and was assaulted, by a man in a mysterious mask and hoodie
  16. 16. History of the Issue The history of this issue goes back many years. The first criminals were the convicts. The convicts were accused of faulty or unreasonable crimes. But nowadays our crimes are getting serious. Before people were just stealing a small amounts of food, just to feed their hungry children. But now, people are vandalising other people’s properties. Now people are KILLING other colleagues and people. Crime is getting out of hand
  17. 17. We have compared the population group youth and the rest of the society. Graph And Comparing population grouping
  18. 18. Timeline Crime itself went back all the way to Greek gods and convicts but specifically youth related crimes may have started around the 1990’s. from underage drinking to vandalism the youth have developed into the worst. 20th century: Alcohol substances. 1960/70: Sydney was the scenario for kidnapping. 1980: Drug and alcohol 1990: corruption 2000: inappropriate gang assault
  19. 19. Primary Evidence In 2013, Parramatta, a man, 22, named Patrick Crowe was stabbed at a bus stop by 3 juvenile girls, and 2 juvenile boys, around the same age as Patrick. This was remarked to me by a primary teacher, who has apparently witnessed part of this crime, named Lee Candelario. Lee recorded: “He was one of my past student’s. I was there for his funeral.” The criminals are now in jail, and the court is STILL discussing whether they are to be hanged or not. Secondary Evidence On March 12 2011, a body of a unidentified woman was found floating around in a suitcase in the Parramatta river. It was first spotted by residents who were apparently out for a walk. Police commented: It’s just a black cloth suitcase. It’s quite a large one though. It was quite a sight. Police swarming around the river, endless numbers of divers plunging in. The park is usually filled with bike riders, athletics, sport groups, and that day it was bigger then ever. The police interrogation continued for a long time. They were asking nearly every single person spotted around the river. Later that afternoon the body was sent to be examined clearly for any clues of the women’s identity. Secondary and primary source which shows reason towards problem
  20. 20. From the very beginning of youth related crimes, this issue was much easier to deal with. Most juveniles who committed crimes had family issues or some other personal problem. The frequency and reportion of youth related crimes back then was very rare. These days around most suburbs there are at least a report related to youth crimes per day. Back then there where only a few possibilities to why children where committing crimes but now there are many reasons. For example 1.bullying 2.peer pressure 3.influenced my parent 4.confused against art etc. Compare and contrast
  21. 21. Brainstorm the evidence • After analysing and collecting a range of primary and secondary sources the evidence is stating that youth related crimes is becoming more and more frequent. Possibly 1/8 of the phone calls involving police are related to youth related crime. Around Parramatta more and more unauthorized graffiti has been noted. Some of these crimes are life threatening and dangerous. Youth related hasn’t been taken seriously but there can be change.
  22. 22. Cost of the Equipment needed for safety Equipment Cost Safety cameras $34.20 each Watch men/safety guard $ 15.00 per hour* Fences $24 per metre Locks $ 9.20 Sensor lights $ 24.00 Sensor sounds $19.90 Sprinkler traps $ 17.60 Total Cost : $128.10 * 20c extra for “ in uniform “
  23. 23. Recommendations to solve the problem • Bullied- this is one of the main reasons youth related crimes are caused. Juveniles charge there anger , depression, fear, etc. onto crimes, society and the community. They think doing crime can some what help them. If action is taken such as campaigns, support the bullied public holidays or a public bullied awareness week. • Confusion- some aspiring artists are confused between art and vandalism. If in school, teachers, staff and principal take time in explain this thoroughly or even use it as a writing task or study material , whatever can help students more aware of the difference between vandalism and art. • Peer pressured-sometimes you just need to trust yourself. Parents and teacher are the main supporters here because your friends could be pressuring you and you may not realise and take it as a joke. Parents and teachers should be aware of the student friend groups and should specify to students on how to tell when your being peer pressured • Of choice- some students or youth know and fully understand the consequences, under no pressure, no confusion, no influence but still commit crime. These delinquents should be stopped. After night patrolling or extra security at parks or dark alley can cease this issue • Overall to all these problems , starting a website, conference with the person, support weeks or days, news articles etc are a great way to solve the problem
  24. 24. Predict How bad this Problem will Get: As you all know after reading previous research notations, Parramatta’s crime rate is gradually rising. As much as we would like to ignore this fact, it is time to face the truth. In seven years time or so, if no action is taken against this problem, it may get doubled, or even TRIPLED! It is true that this problem is getting sorted and therefor staying at a moderate level, but if no major operation is not taken, we will have no control over it at all!
  25. 25. My opinion on why this issue is getting out of hand: I simply feel that this issue has become a problem in our society because of pressure and bad role modelling. A youth does not start off a criminal, no-one does. It is because of exposure to the younger generation that is causing them to get confused on what is right and what wrong. If a older adult who is a delinquent, the youth starts to feel that what they see is what they should do. For example: For more evidence
  26. 26. Evidence: The boy who circled in this picture, is the same boy from the previous picture. His previous experiences have negatively influenced him to bully others weaker than him. The older and more stronger boy in this picture is evidently bullying the much weaker and younger boy. The size and expressions of the victim shows that he is being constantly being harassed through his life. This is one of the examples of why crimes are committed. of course we understand that murder and kidnappings are different to bullying, but we would merely like to show that we believe, that this is how youth are easily influenced by their surroundings.