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The EV Opportunity For Utilities by Olivier Pinçon


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Olivier Pinçon, Founder at ZappyRide gave this presentation at Forth's Utility Working Group webinar on September 5, 2019.

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The EV Opportunity For Utilities by Olivier Pinçon

  1. 1. ForthWebinar Intro Slides
  2. 2. The EV opportunity for utilities 1 Load Growth Load Control Customer Satisfaction High quality customer engagement can unlock these opportunities.
  3. 3. The customer engagement challenge 2 Utilities remain among lowest- performing industries in digital Regulator threatens utility with sanctions for failing to fix customer service Utility customer satisfaction down 3% across IOUs, munis Source: J.D. Power,American Customer Satisfaction Index, Portland Press Herald
  4. 4. Why? 3 Challenges in User- Centricity Obstacles to Metrics & Feedback • Difficult to organize content around user journey • Patchwork of tools and calculators • Difficulties in measuring customer satisfaction • Self-selected respondents • Agile development required to incorporate feedback CarelessVendors • Copy-pasted solutions • Low quality interfaces and data • Cheap now, hockey stick later
  5. 5. Who we are 4 Give your customers the EV experience they deserve.
  6. 6. How? 5 EVs Only One customer journey, done well Local & Customized Making it relevant for customers Research is Essential Understand needs and obstacles Data Driven Measuring progress against targets Agile Dump what doesn’t work, build what does Cross-Industry Bring best practices from OEMs, startups, non-profits
  7. 7. Our clients and partners 6
  8. 8. ForthWebinar Answer to question
  9. 9. Leading utilities are moving to the center of the EV ecosystem 8 EV Customer Utility Dealership Public Charging Networks Home EVSE Vendors and Installers Government (Incentives) Information Providers / Advisers EV Customer Utility Dealership Public Charging Networks Home EVSE Vendors / Installers Government (Incentives) Information Providers / Advisers
  10. 10. What is the scope of my utility’s customer engagement? 9 Rates Home Charging Vehicles Dealers Further away from existing expertise More comprehensive engagement
  11. 11. How to build required capabilities? 10 Outreach and Awareness Letting customers know about electrification options Automated Support Self-service software tools Human Support RAD events, hotline, in-person support Value Chain Integration Engaging dealers, electricians, EVSE vendors, etc. to facilitate customer journey Internal Integration Integration among EV programs and across customer-facing programs Metrics and KPIs Ability to measure impact of customer engagement programs Utility Capabilities for Customer Engagement 1 4 2 5 3 6
  12. 12. Success story: PG&E 11  ~60,000 unique web visitors in 8 months, with zero marketing investment  400+ new rebate applications in the first week after launch – equals $320,000 in incentives  Rave customer feedback to the utility: “This is such an outstanding tool. I can hardly believe it has come out of a public agency. Do we really have people this good still working in the public sector?”  Online platform focused onTCO, incentives, charging  Co-developed with PG&E  Built for <50% of initial budget
  13. 13. The do’s and don’ts of EV customer engagement 12 Do... • Think strategically • Know your customers • Earn your credibility - customers don’t naturally think of the utility as a trusted advisor for vehicles • Be smart about outreach • Set metrics and measure impact Don’t… • Give your customers poor/cheap solutions you wouldn’t use yourself • Assume customers have a PhD in engineering or accounting • Assume that a car is like an appliance – EVs and refrigerators are VERY different