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EV Dealer Engagement Program by Thor Hinckley


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Thor Hinckley, Senior Program Manager at Forth, gave this presentation at Forth's webinar on September 10, 2019

Published in: Automotive
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EV Dealer Engagement Program by Thor Hinckley

  1. 1. EV Dealer Engagement Program Tools that boost engagement between utilities, their customers and EV dealerships to improve the EV buying experience. Thor Hinckley, Senior Program Manager 5.8.19
  2. 2. Easy Levels Of Engagement Forth has created a menu of tactics for you to choose from. Our recommended approach is to use the tactics in a focused time period, e.g 1-3 months. You can use many of the tactics out of the box, and others you may choose to customize and make your own.
  3. 3. •Sales tools and training •Certification program •In-showroom kiosk •Sales incentive program •Live video event EV Dealership Engagement and Training
  4. 4. •Direct mail •Email •Plug-and-Play Website Content •Digital Ads •Social Media •Gamification Utility/Muni Marketing Support
  5. 5. Thor Hinckley Questions? March 2019 | Forth 5