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Equity in Transportation Electrification Projects by Sergio López


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Sergio López, Program Manager at Forth gave this presentation at the Oregon Utilities Virtual Convening on Transportation Electrification on August 6, 2020.

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Equity in Transportation Electrification Projects by Sergio López

  1. 1. Equity in Transportation ElectrificationProjects 08/06/2020 Sergio Lopez, Program Manager
  2. 2. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated that the average American household spent $9,576 on transportation expenses annually. The second highest expense for households – after housing. • Utilities have an opportunity to educate and invest in transportation electrification in general, especially in areas that have been historically underserved (both urban and rural). • Electric vehicles and other forms of new transportation create an opportunity to disrupt old traditional patterns • Electric vehicles and other forms of new mobility create an opportunity to disrupt these traditional patterns 3
  3. 3. 4 “Redlining”
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. • TrimetReduced Fares for Low-IncomeRiders • $1.25for single ride, $2.50for DayPass • HB 2017-OCVRP • ChargeAhead Rebate • SB 1547 • Directed utilities to accelerate transportation electrification Some living examples 6
  6. 6. • BEF is intending to provide grant funds directly to utility applicants, which are not to exceed $50,000 per proposal, and not to exceed $200,000 in total awards. Projects that increase ZEV access to underserved communities will be given preference. Infrastructure Community Engagement Smart Charging Other Zero Emission Vehicle Innovation Fund Bonneville Environmental Foundation 7
  7. 7. PGE Drive Change Grant Fund 2019 Examples include: A government agency or nonprofit group buying electric Vehicles to provide social services to vulnerable populations A subsidized electric car-share located at an apartment complex. Outreach activities that educate people about access to, and benefits of, electric ve For more information: Dan Janosec
  8. 8. CBO/Community Engagement Summer of 2019, PGE Grant Fund: Forth was contracted by PGE to give local community based organizations and agencies technical assistance on the application. • Level 1- CBO is interested an will handle all RFP drafting and needs minimal help. • Level 2- CBO is interested but is less equipped to draft RFP and needs moderate • Level 3- CBO is interested but unable to produce an RFP and need high level help
  9. 9. • Meals on Wheels People ($337,731) An electric, refrigerated cargo van for meal delivery and an EV to support outreach and assessment efforts for new program adopters, will help reduce costs for the over 700,000 meals that are delivered annually from their central kitchen for families experiencing food insecurity. • Native American Youth and Family Center ($272,359) Five new EVs and the required charging infrastructure will serve students throughout NAYA’s programming and expand to new areas for Native youth facing barriers due to cultural gaps in mainstream institutions. • Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center ($123,803) Two EVs will transport more clients to one of the six locations at no cost, eliminating a barrier for the lower-income community of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Washington and Yamhill counties • Portland African American Leadership Forum ($40,000) The education and outreach program will create awareness of EV ownership and the environmental and economic issues they are tied to, adding to their goal of helping to build civic participation and leadership to achieve results in the areas of social and climate justice. 2019 PGE Drive Change Fund project awardees 10
  10. 10. • 2020 PGE Drive Change Fund PGE will award$2.25 million in grantstolocal organizations spearheading projects that increase access toelectric transportation - Deadline ofSeptember 1st • Pacific Power Grant Fund Electricmobility grant funding is available to non-residentialcustomersin Oregon.Funding awards willcover up to 100%of the eligiblecosts associated withstudying, planning, promoting, or deploying electrictransportation technology and projects -Deadlineof August 31st •Emerald People’s Utility District EVSE Grant Funding EPUDis working toexpand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in its service territoryby making grant funding directly availableto alleligible non-residential customers –Through the end of2020 2020 Opportunities 11
  11. 11. Sergio Lopez Linkedin Thank you! 12