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Drive Oregon E-Bike Event


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Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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Drive Oregon E-Bike Event

  1. 1. eBike Update Drive Oregon-April 16, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda • Company • Market • Technology • Customer
  3. 3. Demographic Trends Re- Urbanization Changing Personal Mobility Advanced Product Technology Huge Growth Potential Why is now the time?
  4. 4. • Founded 1997 by Dr. Malcolm R. Currie, – Chairman Emeritus Hughes Aircraft • Sold in the mass and specialty markets – Now focused exclusively on specialty • Sells both eBikes and E-Scooters • Largest E-Bike company in the U.S. market • Approximately 42 employees • Purchased in January 2012 by Accell Group NV Company-Profile
  5. 5. Ownership-Accell Group NV • Largest Bicycle Company in Europe • Largest eBike company in western world • 4th largest Bicycle Company in North America • Brands include: • Haibike • Lapierre • Redline • Raleigh • Diamond Back • Hercules • Ghost • Winora • Sparta • Koga
  6. 6. Brand Story • IZIP – IZIP™ is Currie Technologies® premium line of electric bikes. Complete range of eBikes for varied uses. • eFlow – Top-of-the-line technology, ride, and performance in an ultra cool package. The E-Bike for the Urban bike enthusiast. • Haibike - German Engineered, Top-of-the-line performance, Bosch Center Drive, truly off road worthy.
  7. 7. Company Capabilities • US Market leader - More than 16 years exclusive experience • Advanced internal technical resources for development & support • eBike Testing & development: Industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering • eBike drive systems software coding and development • After sale service – Dealer tech support and service center, spare part distribution • Lithium battery testing, repair and after sale service • Extensive quality control • Retail consumer experience center • Accell North America Support • eBike Competence Center • eBike Service Center
  8. 8. Company Capabilities ! ! ! ! Accell!North!America!Announces!Formation!of!Electric!Bike! Competence!and!Service!Center! FACT%SHEET% ! ABOUT THE Electric Bike Competence and Service Center North America (EBCC-NA) EBCC$NA'is'a'truly'unique'resource'that'leverages'Currie'Tech’s'16'years'of'proven'experience'within'the' U.S.'electric'bike'(eBike)'space'with'the'leadership'of'global'eBike'powerhouse'Accell'Group'(AG),' combined'to'benefit'AG’s'North'American'arm,'Accell'North'America'(ANA).!Currie'Tech’s'experience'will' provide'ANA'brands'and'customers'a'true'marketplace'advantage'in'obtaining'success'in'the'fast$growing' eBike'market.'Resources'provided'include:' • R&D!Center:'Assuring'safe'and'reliable'leading$edge'technologies'that'have'been'thoroughly' vetted,'while'maintaining'the'highest'levels'of'performance'and'satisfying'ride$ability.' • Industrial!design,!mechanical!and!electrical!engineering!capabilities:'Assuring'optimum' integration'of'electronic'systems'into'a'range'of'function$specific'electric'bicycles'that'are' uniquely'built'to'perform'to'the'pinnacle'of'U.S.'and'Canadian'standards'for'electric'assist' bicycles.' • Drive!systems!software!coding!and!development!capabilities:'Creating'the'“magic$carpet”'ride' feel'through'proprietary'system'firmware'development.'' • Dealer!Technical!Support!and!Service!Center:'Vast'on$line'technical'resources,'a'highly'trained' call'center'and'operation'specialists'will'provide'North'America'ANA'customers'with'the'highest' level'of'support'to'assure'speedy'diagnosis'and'issue'resolution.' • Spare!Part!Distribution!Center:'Supporting'the'product'in'the'market'with'speed'and'efficiency' to'assure'replacements'as'needed.' • Lithium!Battery!Pack!Support!and!Service:'Capabilities'include'testing,'repair'and'after'sale' service'assuring'safety'and'long'life.' Technology supplier for additional Accell North America Brands • Systems integration • Technical Support • Customer service • Marketing coordination
  9. 9. We are the Complete eBike Solution • Widest Range of Products and Price Points • Merchandising Support • Comprehensive Marketing Support • National Print Advertising • Public Relations / National Media • Social Media • National Road Show – Demo Sell Through Events • Field Sales and Tech Training What we do
  10. 10. US Market Overview – Current Status • Where are they being sold today? • eIBD’s, Online, and some small qty of IBD • What is the market size? • Pike Research and EBWR report 65-90,000 in 2012 • Currie Tech believes market is 80,000 units (+/-) in 2013 • $90,000,000 business in the US today • Retail ASP <$1600 (‘12) - >$2500+ (’13 YTD) • Currie Tech – 2013 – Dealer sales up 46% • Currie Tech YTD-up 286% The Market European (EU 27) Market Status (2013) • Total Market • >1MM Units in 2013 • Value at $2.5B USD • ASP (dealer channel) $2,540 USD • Germany became largest market in 2012 (Surpassing Holland) • Germany >400K units (2013) • Higher ASP’s ~ €2000 • Fastest growth rate at ~15% per year • Last 3 years – New younger consumers enter market due to improved technology and product innovation • Aging Boomers with discretionary income • Distribution has shifted from eIBD to IBD as category has gone mainstream.
  11. 11. European Market Development • eBikes began in mid ‘90’s with underwhelming products • In Holland, Accell Group’s Sparta brand took the category mainstream in 2004 - 2005 with the innovative Sparta ION How it Started
  12. 12. Game Changers In the beginning, they can difficult to see….
  13. 13. Unless you are totally tuned in
  14. 14. Please allow us to enlighten you…
  15. 15. What technologies are driving the growth? • Battery and BMS technologies • 18650 Cylindrical cells • 3.2 Volts per cell currently • Was 2.5 2 years ago • Testing 3.6 currently • Tesla uses 7000/vehicle • Center drive motors • Better due to weight, torque, efficiency, power use • Been around forever • Bosch Entered in 2010-Performance • 50% Market share in EU • Now others entering • Yamaha, Shimano, and Asian Manufacturers Emerging Technology
  16. 16. The Mainstreaming of the e-Vehicle Emerging Technology
  17. 17. What do we need to do to bring more participation? Retooling our bicycles for Aging Baby Boomers Boomers are seeking the aura of the outdoor cycling experience without the arduous exertion and discomfort. eBikes are a perfect fit! • They are willing and able to spend the money -- they just want to have some fun. • The by-product is often neighborhood trips to the post office, bank and grocery store, but transportation is NOT the primary intent for most boomers. • Motorized, but no red-tape: No licensing, insurance, tags, etc. Customers
  18. 18. What does the future look like? Aging Demographics •In the United States, the baby boom generation represents 76 million people. •On January 1, 2011, as the baby boomers begin to celebrate their 65th birthdays, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day—this will continue for 20 years. •By 2030 in the United States, about one in five persons will be over 65. Customers
  19. 19. What do we need to do to bring more participation? Changing the Urban Mobility Paradigm Bicycles, Ebikes and other two-wheel electric vehicles answer the call •We must continue to do the great work we have been doing on cycling advocacy and infrastructure but we need much more then to simply provide safe places to ride bikes. •Counter objections (inner human resistance) to bike riding: Too many hills, too uncomfortable, too far, too slow, too much work, too sweaty, too tired, too lazy, too many injuries, too old, too lazy, and yes, too dangerous. •Start using electric bikes to directly answer these objections In Europe – eBikes have literally become the bike industries shining star! • Yes, there exists a more cycling centric culture, BUT the majority of eBike sales are coming from new customers to the bike shops, people that have “rediscovered” the joy of cycling. Customers
  20. 20. Primary Customer Trends Demographic-Aging Baby Boomers • Just want to have fun • Recreation • Activity Psychographic-Urban Dwellers • Financial • Efficiency • Often-Millennial • The most exciting trend for the bike industry Customers
  21. 21. What do we need to do to bring more participation? Get some of the “Used to be fun, now it hurts” group riding by using an eBike to overcome their objections for reason of topography and inability. Counter the negative consumer perceptions about bike riding •I’ll get way too sweaty. Yuck. •I’m just not physically able to ride a bike. •You need to be an athlete to ride a bike. •I can’t ride up these hills, or ride that distance. This is what is happening in Europe today! •Biggest Growth Category •Higher Average sale price •Higher “Lifetime Value of Customer” •Less Competition Customers
  22. 22. Product • The widest range of products and price points from complementary brands ensuring the perfect eBike for every rider
  23. 23. One opinion To grow cycling participation we need our cities and towns to become more bike-friendly and to achieve that, we need to get more Americans on bicycles, and any bicycle will do eBikes are part of the solution! More people on bikes = fewer people in cars More people on bikes = more advocates for cycling
  24. 24. Thank you!