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Clean Power Research by Brian Boler


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Brian Boler, Lead Product Manager at Clean Power Research gave this presentation at Forth's Utility Working Group webinar on September 5, 2019.

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Clean Power Research by Brian Boler

  1. 1. Brian Boler Lead Product Manager, WattPlan
  2. 2. PRODUCT FAMILIES Helping utilities and their customers:
  3. 3. Serving over 50 utilities with industry-leading products
  4. 4. EV shoppers have many questions Times to charge Public/home charging Incentives TOU Rate Models RangeEnergy costs Cost to own Considerations: • Electricity usage • Rate data, bill engine, eligibility • Vehicle/charger specs • Driving/charging behavior • Other program participation • Incentive data, engine, eligibility • Fuel mix • Public chargers • Maintenance costs • Salvage values Carbon
  5. 5. Self-service tools enable personalized education