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ChooseEV by Andre Javier-Barry


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Andre Javier-Barry, Senior Account Manager and Business Development Representative at D+R International gave this presentation at Forth's Utility Working Group webinar on September 5, 2019.

Published in: Automotive
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ChooseEV by Andre Javier-Barry

  1. 1. Forth Utility Working Group 9/5/2019 Andre Javier-Barry, Sr. Account Manager - D+R International, 301-628-2077
  2. 2. CHOOSE EV DIGITAL TOOLKIT: POWERFUL SET OF SOFTWARE  EV Benefits Landing Page  EV Frequently Asked Questions  EV Promotions and Events Directory  EV Public Charger Finder (DOE Powered)  Gasoline/Electric Savings Calculators  Incentive Stacker Communication Tool  Carbon Reduction Calculator  EV & PHEV Model Review Tool  EV Survey  Directory of local EV charger installers  EV Dealer Locator  Level 2 EV charger retailer finder  Commercial Fleet Calculator
  3. 3. Complete EV Market Development Solutions In addition to software solutions, we offer a full suite of EV market development and program implementation services and have a 30+ year track record of delivering results. Utility EV Pilot Program Design • Customer Engagement Strategy • OEM Engagement Strategy • Dealership Engagement Strategy • Charger Manufacturer Strategy • Charger Distributor Strategy EV Dealership Program • Dealership Recruitment (Looking for Dealership Champions in early Program Launch) • Dealership Agreements to partner with our utility clients • Dealership Data Collection (Sales data) • Dealership Sales Training • Promotional/Marketing materials designed for dealerships EV Charger Retailer Program • EV Charger Retailer Recruitment • Retailer Agreements • Retailer Data Collection • Retailer Sales Staff Training • Promotional materials designed to educate customers at point of sale EV Level II Charger Installer Program • Installer Recruitment • Installer Agreements • Installer Trainings • Compliance Verification EV Bulk Buy • Bulk Buy Program Design • Stakeholder Coordination • Marketing and Promotion
  4. 4. Question • Choose EV: Given the complex nature of and challenges associated with EVs, utility companies will likely have greater success promoting EVs if they aren’t sent down a rabbit hole of clicking through multiple pages, each with its own unique set of questions. How can the utility provide resources to their customers that are easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to digest?
  5. 5. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE A utility website should provide answers to key questions immediately. One or two clicks. Answer key questions really well (& fast!) • What is an electric vehicle? • What is the range of EVs? • How do I charge them? • Where can I charge them? • How much do they cost? • What incentives/rebates are available? • Where can I buy one? • Who makes EVs? • Are all EVs the same? (range, power, charging etc.) • Are EVs slower than gas cars? (Can I take it on the freeway?) “I’m glad I came here for this information. It was impartial, accurate and easy to understand – My questions were answered.”
  7. 7. EV MODELS