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Alex Keros_Maven


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Alex Keros of General Motors gave this presentation at Forth's networking event on October 3, 2017.

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Alex Keros_Maven

  1. 1. Manager, Vehicle & Advanced Technology Policy General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven Alex Keros
  2. 2. 2 MOBILITY IS CHANGING • Demand for transportation as a service • Urban population growth is on the rise • Mobile first ELECTRIFIED PROPULSION SHARIN G AUTONOMOU S CONNECTIVITY
  4. 4. GM CONFIDENTIAL 4 EV Adoption is here to stay! Chevrolet Volt Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid Chevrolet Bolt EV
  5. 5. GM CONFIDENTIAL 5 A Robust EV Market Benefits Everyone. • Individual Benefits – Quiet and exciting ride & handling – Fuel savings – Ability to “fill up” at home • Societal Benefits – Economy (local spending, local jobs) – Environment (local air, climate) • Utility / Grid Benefits – Load growth that’s “flexible” – Renewable energy integration – Downward pressure on rates Scale Matters. Utility Participation Matters. GM / EPRI / Utility Collaboration • Largest existing auto-utility collaborative effort -- formed in 2007. • Over 50 utility members and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  6. 6. MAVEN CITY Round-Trip Car Sharing 6 ~13-14 Hours ~75-80 Miles FAVORITE CARS Chevrolet Volt Chevrolet Tahoe AVERAGE TRIPS 13 and counting NUMBER OF CITIES Exclusive closed- community car-sharing MAVEN HOME > 8,000 Residents and counting AVALIABLE TO AVAILABLE IN Residences in DC, San Francisco + growing. (Multiple non-exclusive properties as well) Solutions for the Gig Economy – Ridesharing, Delivery Services. Short-term rental includes vehicle, maintenance, insurance. >175 Million MILES DRIVEN 7 Cities and Counting AVAILABLE IN MAVEN GIG
  7. 7. Station Based App-Based Reservation Engine App-Based Access App-Based Start Maven’s platform enables app based reservations. Search by use case, by availability, by location, by vehicle type. Maven leverages technology to unlock and start members reservations; no physical keys Maven technology then ensures the members phone is within the vehicle to allow them to start the vehicle just like a traditional key fob. Maven platform enables seamless experience
  8. 8. CITY | HOME | GIG • Electrifying shared-use offers unique consumer experiences and advances multiple energy and environmental goals. Maven Gig allows drivers to seamlessly use EVs for commercial and personal purposes. Electrifying Shared & Personal Mobility GIG / BOLT EV MILEAGE Total Miles Driven Average Miles Per Day, Per Car ~2,300,000 >125 GIG / BOLT EV CHARGING Total DCFC Events ~27,000 Total kWh ~800,000 • Program designed, in part, to help new drivers and riders get exposure to EVs. • Ride-sharing drivers typically do not have charging at home, so they must leverage public charging. • Building confidence through the infrastructure network (among other things) is critical for long-term success. ~ 150 Bolt EVs - Early Feb 2017 to Aug 2017
  9. 9. CITY | HOME | GIG Charging: Utilities: Cities: Maven working with Infrastructure Service Providers to support the business model for public charging. Early indications show positive influence on network health and on the business case. Maven working closely with a number of electric utilities to propose and demonstrate new shared-use models, such as grid-integrated DC Fast Chargers, rate-design considerations, and education/outreach efforts. Maven in routine discussions with a variety of innovative, public- private partnerships to consider sustainable transportation solutions. Opportunities such as supporting multi-modal hubs to EV infrastructure deployment. General Motors/ Maven Establishing Innovative Collaborations Around Bolt EV Example:
  10. 10. 10 GM CONFIDENTIAL Physical infrastructure Telemetry, Data SciencePublic sector: Tax, regulatory, utilities, municipalities Member services Fleet Management: Registration, repairs, transport, maintenance, lifecycle & residual management, financing, insurance Maven’s Mobility Role Service brand for shared access by different demand pools Real-world ridesharing ops and learning with Bolt EVs
  11. 11. 11 GM CONFIDENTIAL • Current EV technologies, from extended-range Chevrolet Volt to long-range Chevrolet Bolt EV, are available in all 50-states. These vehicles have the capability of meeting a variety of consumer needs in all communities. • EV Infrastructure remains a critical enabler and the Role of Utilities in transportation electrification will (a) enable the EV market while (b) providing significant benefits to all utility customers. Vehicle-Grid Integration is a key opportunity. • General Motors’ EV Deployments, including high-mileage applications like Maven Gig, have the capability of meaningful impacts – from exposure • Public-private co-planning and investment are essential to achieve potential: o Deployments that address multiple challenges, offer 1+1=3 solutions. o Technical solutions are able to cut-across geographies and deployment types. Well- designed mechanisms for working together are likely the most important key enabler. Summary
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