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  1. 1. FutureMakers in San Francisco for… …#appsworld 2013 Moscone Center By Emilie Alba Feb 7 & 8, 2013
  2. 2. - Our Mission –Sharing the Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing & Development to Hoteliers
  3. 3. What ProfessionalsThink, Recommend or Disadvise - 5 Facts -
  4. 4. 1- Effective customer engagement through mobile apps enables to increase value driver 2- Users expect entertaining apps because of all the “amusing” apps that are being developed 3- Don’t bring too much into apps ! 4- It’s hard to surprise users with apps because of diversification… HUMANIZE your strategies instead !5- Get followers and active users on social networks by TELLING STORIES !
  5. 5. TOP 10 8 Mobile Techs to… ?Try Share Ignore !? Download
  6. 6. Get known through LOGO SCANNING, forget about QRcodes ! Attach your company info to a logo, and allow users to: - Visit your website - Benefit from offers, coupons, etc. - Follow you on Social mediaWatch the video:
  7. 7. - Create publications - text, movie, sound, etc. - for touchscreen devices- Build your App (no coding)- Publish your App on Google play, Appstores, etc. Users can download your App and read your magazine ! Watch the video:
  8. 8. - Develop your AG “Augmented Reality” App for touchscreen devices- Create your content – bring movies, interactive experiences, photo galleries, etc.- Connect your content to print media, real-world objects & images- Publish your content Give users an AG experience like “browsing” the world… as they browse the web Watch a video:
  9. 9. Mobile Hospitality - Reach consumers on any touchscreen devices- Deliver an optimized user experience while providing travel & hospitality information - Configure your personalized, branded mobile app Watch a demo here:
  10. 10.  Get your own social network – available on any touchscreen devices  Control how fans view your content  Monetize social networks
  11. 11.  Sellers can upload content and distribute products on social networks  Buyers can make secure mobile payments (via PayPal) in-store and online by scanning a QR CodeWatch the video:
  12. 12.  Fetch strategists have a deep knowledge of mobile consumer behavior  They create innovative and responsive campaigns for any market sectors  They provide your customers with an engaging user experience  Fetch delivers reports from mobile tracking, measurements and analyses
  13. 13.  Tracks your apps metrics - sales, ranking, reviews, downloads, etc Analytics reports are sent by email Free app Watch the video:
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing & Advertising The 10 Right Questions Hoteliers should Ask Themselves when Turning Mobile
  15. 15.  How can brands get visibility in the app store ?  What is the purpose of apps within your mobile marketing strategy ? What are the 10 key factors and new technologies that will get (and keep) your brand on consumers’ smartphone ?  Why do you need a mobile content strategy?  How does your mobile strategy fit with your wider content strategy?
  16. 16.  How is mobile redefining consumer buying experiences ?  What benefits do apps provide over mobile web in terms of loyalty and engagement? Innovation with location based marketing strategies and mobile – what is it? Why should the travel industry be embracing apps as part of the communication strategy?  Should the travel industry be utilizing the iOS6 Passbook – is it going to revolutionize ticketing?
  17. 17. Do you know FutureMakers ? Take a look at FutureMakers Blog to get an overview… Follow us @futuremkrs Follow me @emilie_alba