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How to read a film still


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to read a film still

  1. 1. How To Read A Film Still The shot is central so our focus goes straight to Emma Kerr The angle is straight – this could be because the centre onto the main characters. The shot is symmetrical which therefore makes our focus goAs the characters are obviously the main focus is in the middle and being on a into the centre because it’s balanced out so happy and oblivious to the straight angle it would be the first thing to nothing else grabs our attention apart from the danger around them – this notice. main focus – the main characters. shows us that they aren’tcleaver characters and this also The Camera It is a participant view as we are watching shows their personalities. and going along with the characters. The creatures in the People The frame is a longshot as it has you can background are staring see what’s in the background and theinto the centre at the two main focus. main characters, alsomaking the attention into the centre of the shot – The main characters are in focus, the into the foreground. background creatures are out of focus. The focus is in the foreground – the main characters. They are in their own classic charactercostume which never really changes so The two main characters are adding that onto them being in the highlighted in the centre bringing highlighted and bright centre could more attention to them whichsuggest the future after this shot is good shows they dominate the shot.that’s why they are selected away from the darkness as their complete self. Lighting The background colour is dark and grim which relates The two main characters are looking at each other keeping to the creatures contrasting with the foreground of the the focus in the centre. The two main characters are smiling main characters in bright and vibrant colours so they at each other and look like they are ‘skipping’ which tells attract the attention. The background colours are us they are happy and so the highlighted and bright colours black, purple, green and blue also help to show this because it relates to happiness. which relate to dark and ‘evil’ which are relevant to the creatures.