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Fidel Castro Notes


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Notes on Fidel Castro

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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Fidel Castro Notes

  1. 1. Fidel Castro A Man WhomChanged a World
  2. 2. Brief Bio • Born in 1926 in small rural, town • Went to law school, then into the Army • Did not like the treatment poorer Cubans received; hated Fulgencio Batista and his government
  3. 3. Cuba in the 1950’s• Government very corrupt – dealing the the US Mafia, US businessmen and congressmen, exploitation of Cuban workers for profit – Batista controlled everything; no one allowed to argue• Poor people treated very unfairly and suffering a lot – no health care, no job benefits, etc.• A group of rebels continually tried to overthrow the government throughout the 1950’s
  4. 4. The Rebel Cause • Was a member of these rebellions and was thrown in jail in the 1950’s • After he was let out, he began organizing and was the leader of the rebel cause
  5. 5. Bah-Bye Batista• The rebels just kepts getting stronger and had more support• The US originally supported Batista, but in 1959, when it looked like Batista would be forced out for sure, the US tried to align with Fidel Castro – US originally was afraid that Castro