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Blood Transfusion


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A101 Science Module done by Team 2 from Republic Polytechnic SIngapore of block and class W36F.

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Blood Transfusion

  1. 1. Content PageIntroduction to Blood TransfusionWhat is Blood transfusion?Ways of ensuring a successful bloodtransfusionHow antigens & antibodies causes bloodtransfusion to be successful or failure?Can animal blood be transfused tohumans?
  2. 2. IntroductionIn the past, there are several cases of severe bleedingsby many causes which results in serious consequencessuch as death. Often, blood appeared to be the same.However, when transfusion is done, some patientsreceived strange reactions including death.Using the rescue mission program, our challenge to dayis to establish the conditions for a successful bloodtransfusion.
  3. 3. What is blood transfusion??A blood transfusion is a safe,common procedure in which youreceive blood through anintravenous (IV) line inserted intoone of your blood vessels.
  4. 4. Ways of ensuring a successful blood transfusion??Good manufacturing practiceGood laboratory practiceGood hospital practiceGood clinical approachAll those who are involved in blood transfusion-relatedactivity must be aware of the importance of qualitymanagement for its successful implementation.
  5. 5. ANTIGENS vs. ANTIBODIES ANTIGENS ANTIBODIESForeign substance (bacteria, virus) Manufactured by the body to fight against antigensWhen antigen enters body, it stimulates the immune system toproduce antibodies.Antibodies attach, or bind themselves to the antigen andinactivate it.(typically Y-shape)HOWEVER.The binding sites of each antibody, in turn, have a specific shape.Only antigens that match this shape will fit into them
  6. 6. THEREFORE,Blood transfusion containing antigens which isINCOMPATIBLE with those in the bodys ownblood will cause serious, potentially life-threatening reactions.(as antibodies and other bodily process wont beable to destroy/remove the harmful foreignsubstance)
  7. 7. So.. Can animal blood be transfused to humans??Animal blood cannot be transferred to humansbecause our blood protein in the immune system willnot be able to recognize the animal’s blood protein.This results the animal protein to be a “stranger” andcause our body to fight against it.Therefore, the animal blood will coagulate with humanblood reagents causing human blood to clot internallyand lead to death.
  8. 8. THANK YOU