Monitium Network Of Women Legacy Rules.


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Monitium and The Network Of Women is all about living in The Now. Supporting women online to turn their passion into profit. Go to for more inspiration.

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Monitium Network Of Women Legacy Rules.

  1. 1. Waking up - taking stock of your present . Legacy Minded Purpose.
  2. 2. Purpose, Passion And You To maintain passion in your life it must be worked on, just like a marriage or any other long-term relationship. When life gets busy and you don't pay attention to your self like you should, you can get stuck in a rut. You need always to be working to bring new energy and new tricks into it to keep life fresh and vibrant. It's all good... until, suddenly, you realize you're bored. You've hit the maintenance phase, where putting yourself through the days activities is as about as exciting as washing the dishes, you have lost the joy in the small things in life. We all hit these moments in life, the question is, What do you do about it? The key to really connecting to your life is to "find the things That really ignite your interest, and explore them more deeply”. Action Step: For most people, the road to connecting with passion begins with practicing good self-care. This means slowing down, spending time with yourself, taking good care of your body and mind, nurturing your spirit, and engaging in activities that will move you out of your head and into your body. Once you become passionate about your self-care, you'll know you're on the right track.
  3. 3. How Do You Feel? This is very simple. There are two basic types of feeling, one feels good, one feels bad. By starting to be aware of how you are feeling during the day, you may start to notice that much of the day you are in a "bad" state of feeling, or just feeling OK. This is why you are not achieving the energy, the money, the people into your life that you desire. If you have not achieved your life's dreams, now is the time to take stock of them. List them, how would it feel to have achieved even one of them. The key action here is to FEEl. Actually imagine the feeling you would feel when hand over that $10,000 check to your favorite charity. Action Step As many times as you can through the day, try and check in with your feelings. Give yourself little reminders throughout the day. Whether it is a note on your mirror, when the phone rings, make it a personal reminder to be aware of HOW you are feeling.
  4. 4. Being Present So how do you start to shift out of this "non serving" state of mind? Well we start practicing awareness. Having this awareness is the first step to regaining control over your life. “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn Pretending that today is the last day of your life is a little over the top, BUT by getting clear that this new fresh day is bursting with possibilities is a habit that many successful people practice. Whatever faith you exam, each one has it’s own variation on being present. So lets look at an easy 2 min practice to set your day off on the right foot.
  5. 5. Easy Action Steps * Before getting out of bed “check in with yourself”. How do you feel, is your mind already on the chores of the day, are the kids fighting, do you want to just turn off the alarm and have 2 more minutes of sleep?{this can take a few days to actually catch yourself before leaping out of bed.} * Remind yourself that this is a fresh day, a clean slate. Run over your schedule of events. See yourself gliding effortlessly through the day. You are not going to feel tied or rushed. People are going to treat you with a positive attitude. Throw in some magic, think of someone you would love to chat with, imagine a unexpected check arriving in the mail. Gratitude is also a very powerful practice. if you feel your emotions running away with you, start to list all the things you are grateful of. The eyes you see with, your car that works, your house, be specific and keep going. You mood will lift.
  6. 6. Laughing, Oxygen, Smile If you have a hard time getting in a good mood, I strongly suggest you listen to an inspirational speaker while you get breakfast underway. I love to listen to Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor to mention a few favs. A flush of oxygen to your brain first thing will do you wonders. Can you take a 10 min walk outside? Even if you cannot get outside, 20 jumping jacks, a few sun salutations . Something to help you breathe. {Having a good laugh works just as well!}
  7. 7. Taking Care Of Your Body Of course eating and feeding your body is vital to well being through out the day. A little extra b vitamin love will really makes a difference for me in the early morning. Throw in a little green tea and am raring to go. Once you are in a rested state, your body is nourished and you have oxygen in your brain, now you are ready to take on the day. When you are present you have a purpose. When you are well taken care of, you can take care in your day.
  8. 8. Small Steps = Success If your schedule is rushed, when you feel bored, irritated it is life telling you that you are on the wrong path. Although you cannot chuck in your job today, or pick up and leave your life as it is, by taking small positive steps the fog will start clearing and you will start to see alternatives emerging. You will start to remember what it is that you really wanted from life. Those deep desires will float to the surface. Dreams of traveling around the globe, taking your daughter to the ballet at christmas, running a marathon, a yoga retreat in Bali, sipping a chilled glass of crisp white wine while with great friends. There is so much wonder, excitement, beauty. When you take care of your basic needs you are able to start dreaming again.
  9. 9. HOw do You Feel If you have not achieved your life's dreams, now is the time to take stock of them. List them, how would it feel to have achieved even one of them. The key action here is to FEEl. Actually imagine the feeling you would feel when hand over that $10,000 check to your favorite charity. These positive feelings is what it is to live at your fullest potential.
  10. 10. Your Sphere Of Influence If you are ready to move forward in life you need to start to look at who is around you, “What are these associations doing to me?” That's a major question to ask. What have they got me doing, listening to, reading, thinking and feeling? You've got to make a serious study of how others are influencing you, both negatively and positively. “Is that okay?” Maybe everyone you associate with has been a positive, energizing influence. Then again, maybe there are some bad apples in the bunch. All I'm suggesting here is that you take a close and objective look. Everything is worth a second look, especially the power of influence. Both will take you somewhere, but only one will take you in the direction you need to go.
  11. 11. Your Sphere Of Influence Action Steps: So how do you handle associations or relationships that are holding you back? 1) Disassociate. This is not an easy decision, nor something you should take lightly, but in some cases it may be essential. You may just have to make the hard choice not to let certain negative influences affect you anymore. It could be a choice that preserves the quality of your life 2) Limited association. Spend major time with major influences and minor time with minor influences. It is easy to do just the opposite, but don't fall into that trap. Take a look at your priorities and your values. We have so little time at our disposal. Wouldn't it make sense to invest it wisely? 3) Expanding your associations. This is the one I suggest you focus on the most. Find other successful people who you can spend more time with. Increasing your circle of influence is one of the most powerful life moves you can make. Now, this is not just about financial success; it can be someone who you want to learn from about having a better marriage, being a better parent, having better health or a stronger spiritual life. By connecting with like minded people who are actually living the life you dream of, you can study them, quiz them and follow their map of actions that led them to success.
  12. 12. The Network Of Women It is called association with purpose—to inspire us to be our very best. The Network Of Women is the catalyst to achieving triumph in our life. When formulating your grand plans—be they business plans, educational goals or anything that requires dedication—lay out your next goal as specifically as the initial one. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin says. “What will I do when I achieve my goal? What comes next?” Being surrounded by positive like minded people is an important step to success. The Network Of Women is going to become your home. A place to find inspiration, practical advice, passionate women on the same path as you.