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We Economy - Drupalsouth


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For nearly ten years I have used open source software tools to earn a living. It may have started as the "me" economy, but over the last decade I have become part of the "we" economy. I rely on complete strangers to build me the tools that I use daily; and other complete strangers rely on the work that I do too. I have deployed open source solutions for government agencies, non-profits and for-profit companies. Everyone wants to know, "What's the catch?"

In this 45 minute presentation we'll explore the underbelly of the open source world and address the questions:

* Is it a scam? What about my competitor advantage? Can they steal my password?
* Who uses this stuff anyway? (Hint: everyone in this room is probably using something that was built on open source software.)
* Can serious for-profit businesses (and government) rely on this "free" stuff?
* Who makes this stuff? They can't possibly have a job. They must live in their mother's basement!

FOSS is serious business and it works because people like you pitch in. In the second half of the presentation I'll give you a tour of some of the contributions I've made to the FOSS community (hint: very few of them are programming). I'll wrap up with my 2010 project: The 100 Mile Client Roster. In this project I will be open sourcing my business so that you can do what I do too.*

(* Book deals, international fame, and world travel not guaranteed.)

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We Economy - Drupalsouth

  1. 1. The “We” Economy Emma Jane Hogbin @emmajanedotnet
  2. 2. Is it a scam?
  3. 3. No
  4. 4. Who uses it?
  5. 5. People and businesses just like you ● ● Fast Company ● Now Public ● Ozzy ● The Ginger Press
  6. 6. Is it f'reals?
  7. 7. SourceForge
  8. 8. Who makes it? ● Intel ● Dmitry Gaskin
  9. 9. My history ● 1996: First paid “Web” contract ● 1999: “carpenters don't steal their tools” ● 2001: Switched to only FOSS on Windows ● 2002: Installed Debian ● 2003: First open source contribution ● 2004: TLDP Coordinator ● 2009: First Drupal core patch
  10. 10. (Government) Deployments ● 2001: Career planning for students ● 2002: Dialogue on Foreign Policy ● 2006: QA for Paramedics, Digital Asset Management, Archive support, Tourism micro-sites
  11. 11. Scams, security and “open source code” ● Code ● Open Licenses (GPL, CC, GNU-FDL) ● Data ● Project Security Teams ● Coverity Scan
  12. 12. My FOSS contributions ● Conference presentations ● Documentation ● Blog posts ● Screencasts ● Core patches ● Deployments ● Advocacy ● Client User Group
  13. 13. “How much for a Free Web site?” ● $1500, unless it's not ● Using multi-site ● Using install profiles and features
  14. 14. The 100 Mile Client Roster ● Over 3000 views on ● DrupalCon, FOSDEM, FSOSS, LCA miniconf ●
  15. 15. The Kits ● Identity kit: brochures, business cards and postcards ● Marketing kit: planning calendars ● Web hosting kit: Drupal multisite ● Proposal writing kit: to get new clients ● Money kit: budgeting, planning your work, gnucash, bookkeeping ● Workshop kit: plan and deliver an outcome based workshop ● Web site kit: templates to use with clients (based on my Web site action plan) ● Newsletter kit: based on effective email campaign content ● Desktop publishing kit: OOo templates for nice looking handouts/short books ● Conference kit: plan and run your own conference ● Membership kit: uses open atrium + includes membership model (business guide) ● Trade show booth kit: booth design, give-aways, success strategies
  16. 16. What questions do you have: ● WTF is the GPL? ● How do you make money? ● What are your pricing and business strategies? ● Can I use FOSS to do rapid prototyping? ● How do I start getting contributed? ● Is there security in FOSS projects? ● Something else?
  17. 17. Micro-deployments of small business sites.
  18. 18. The first kit will be published at the end of January. Insert logo here
  19. 19. Online workshops starting Wednesday! Design to Theme in Five PHP for Designers (with less dancing)