My top ten music videos


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My top ten music videos

  1. 1. My Top Ten Music Videos Emma Eglin 12CLL
  2. 2. Christina Aguilera - beautiful The video behind this song in particular portrays an important message to people who feel pressured by the media and because of Christina’s ability to use her talent to send a message to her fans I find this video important. The use of a dark dusty colour palette takes away the stereotypes of female artists who are considered to be fake Barbie dolls. Jumping between different stories within the video allows the audience to relate to at least one and allows Christina to be the voice of reason who stands up for her fans. Lots of extreme close ups also relate to the lyrics about everyone being beautiful. Christina Aguilera’s ability to blend her talent with an influential message to her views/followers portrays her as a significant role model to young people. Through the use of lots of close-ups of the artist presenting the message: ‘we are beautiful no matter what they say’ which relates to Andrew Goodwin’s theory Christina connects with her audience as she looks directly into the camera on many occasions. The striped back costume and make-up of the artist once again relates to the meaning behind the lyrics as well as the message she is presenting. Using simplistic make –up and costume dissolves the divided which separates Christina from her fans because she is removing the ‘mask’ which places her above the ordinary working class views who are watching the music video.
  3. 3. Thriving Ivory – Angels on the moon Although this band has only released one music video their style of editing and lighting techniques is something I hope to learn from when producing my music video. They use a wide range of editing skills which are tide with their use of lighting. The video it’s self is purely performance based however a narrative could have easily been drawn up to complement the bands performance because the lyrics are highly creative.
  4. 4. Beyonce – Single Ladies Beyonce’s single ladies video is captivating through dance. Although the video is performance based the dance routine which fits the pace of the music keeps the audience hooked. Black and white lighting is essential to the plain foreground allowing the audience to focus on the artists talent rather than creating a believable mise en scene. Also it is incredible how little the production of the video cost because the hand piece was the most important part of the single ladies video which has became iconic for beyonce and all her fans.
  5. 5. Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone The extreme narrative’s of Lady Gaga’s videos are always crazy however when lady gaga collaborated with beyonce the video stormed the music channels. The contrast of extreme costume designs and repetitive dance moves the video becomes alive. The use of editing from jump cuts to shaky stills and rolling credits of the artists names gives the video a sense of being like a film. The three minute intro gives the video a base of a story before the lyrics begin also using non dietetic sounds adds to the building of drama.
  6. 6. Madonna – Like a Prayer The video is not glamorous by no means however its very thought provoking and uses techniques like slow motion to its advantage. Like many videos I have chosen it uses the dusky colour palette, avoiding bright vibrate colours which juxtapose everyday real life.
  7. 7. Queen- I want to break free The video as a whole is highly entertaining and highlights everyday life for women which is something the views can relate to therefore creating a audience from the video minus the song. Lots of high angle shots and tracking movements are a recurring throughout the video.
  8. 8. Nelly furtado - Turn off the light Nelly’s video its self does not entertain me however the dusky setting where the dancers perform fits the speed of the music very well. Also that particular section is creative because the use of white dust complements the dancers routine and the editing cuts add to the speed of the dance. Also the opening of the video where they enter from the ground is creative and once again linking back to the lyrics ‘turn off the light’ The slow paced camera movement at the beginning is another example of how the music fits the video.
  9. 9. Fly on the wings of love Although this video has a simple narrative the actions of the characters fit the timing of the music precisely and unlike many music videos of today it is funny and eye catching through the use of bright vibrant colours which fits the genre of the music.
  10. 10. Alicia keys – Try sleeping with a broken heart The video its self is not one my top ten however they way the video opens up to the views is creative and links well to the song because the purple water moves to the peace/base of the music before turning into silk bed sheets where the artist, Alicia Keys is introduced. This purple also links to the artists costumes. Also as the scene opens up it begins with a couple of sentences which sets the scene for the video its self and is a beautiful sentence which states how the artist felt while writing the song. It’s a well thought out video opening
  11. 11. Black Eyed Peas – Where is the love Not only was this song, Black Eyed Peas first UK number 1 but the video highlights the importance of ‘Love’. This video is similar to Christina Aguilera’s as they both are sending a message to their fans and views. These type of video’s are not only meaningful but important as they are role models to the younger generation. In particular this video has a recurring theme through out. A Question mark suggesting a answer to their song, ‘Where is the love?’.