Birmingham Employers needed for voluntary placements for young people


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Birmingham Employers needed for voluntary placements for young people

  1. 1. Opening Doors for Carers 75 Harborne Road Birmingham B15 3DH Tel 0121 452 1152 Dear Employers I would like to introduce myself, My name is Emma Bytheway and I am a Development Worker for the charity Opening Doors for Carers, which is a small charity based in Birmingham, part of the wider national charity The Carers Trust. We are an employment and training advisory service to unpaid carers and former carers looking to return to the workplace, and we assist them with their journey, however far removed or close to the labour market they may be, we work with them on a needs led basis, to enable them to pursue fulfilling employment- whilst accommodating their caring role at home. ! !
  2. 2. Definition from the Carers Trust website, defining a carer: The role of a carer Each carer’s experience is unique to their own circumstances. The causes of someone taking on caring responsibilities are varied but can include: Serious physical illness Long-term physical disability Long-term neurological conditions Mental health problems Dementia Addiction Learning difficulties The duties of a carer Just as the reasons why someone becomes a carer vary greatly, the variety of tasks that a carer fulfils is diverse. They can include the following duties: Practical household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing up, ironing, paying bills and financial management. Personal care such as bathing, dressing, lifting, administering medication and collecting prescriptions. Emotional support such as listening, offering advice and friendship. Although the distinction is often made between a full-time or part- time carer, there is not a minimum time requirement or age restriction that “qualifies” someone as being more or less of a carer. Someone in their seventies who cares 24/7 for their spouse with severe dementia is a carer. A teenager who offers emotional support and helps to keep the household running as and when the fluctuating nature of their parent’s mental health requires it — is also a carer. The two situations are very different. Both are individual examples of the 7 million carers in the UK today.
  3. 3. We are currently looking for employers within the City to consider taking Young Carers (18-25 year olds) on work placements to compliment an accredited employabilty course we are running from the end of June, and would invite you to consider the proposal, even if a position was only for a few hours a week. Please contact Service Manager Nancy Khan on 0121 452 1152 if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity further- or even having an informal discussion to gain more information about this. Nancy’s email address is if you would prefer to contact her by email. We look forward to hearing from you in due course. Yours faithfully Emma Bytheway Carers Employment Development Worker.