Heart of England Health Fair


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Heart of England Health Fair

  1. 1. • Informative and educational • Find your career in the NHS • Health checks and Health talks • Testing for bugs • Lots of Co-op fairtrade freebies • Come and meet your Chairman and Chief Executive • Come and ‘Pat a Pet’ Millennium Point (Pets as therapy dogs) FREEY Plus community music, Curzon St. ENTR a kids corner... 10am - 4pm t ore in tion c forma members ontac p hi and lots, lots more!! ... 22nd September 2012 e for m hite in th 24 1218 urning & ra W 14 Keep the flame bSand fice on 012 email: of u can ngland.nhs.u k or yo Relay join our Olympic fe arto ip. e@he bersh a.whit sandr visit: http ://mem hs.uk/ In partnership with or land.n ofeng heartArrive by 10am and have a chance to winone of 70 free entries to the ThinkTank! with the London Be a torch bearer rchAlso, win a luxury holiday in Marbella! 2012 Olympic To