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Images of Artists


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Images of Artists

  1. 1. I like how the background is blurred out so the main focus is the artist. The composition looks really effective and I think it’s good how the artist is looking directly at the audience, as it’s very attention grabbing.
  2. 2. I really love how this photo is in black and white, as I think it captures the artist’s emotion and lures the audience in further.
  3. 3. The background again is blurred out so the main focus is on the artist. I love the natural setting and the warm colour tones. I also like how it’s a candid shot, so the artist is acting like the camera isn’t there. This captures the artist in a natural way, as it’s not staged.
  4. 4. I love this photo because the composition is really effective. I also really like how it’s black and white, as it makes it a more striking image. The artist isn’t looking directly at the camera, so we are on looking what’s going on, rather than being involved.
  5. 5. This is similar to the sort of image I want to create, as it pictures a female and a guitar. The eye contact makes the artist look friendly and makes people want to find out more about them. The styling is very simple, and the guitar takes up a fair amount of the space, making it one of the main focuses.
  6. 6. This image is very obviously staged, which is perhaps not how I want my image to be. I think the eye contact looks effective here, but I’m not keen on how the guitar is being held. When I take my shots, I think I’d like the artist to look like they’re playing the guitar.
  7. 7. This is definitely my favourite image. The black and white is so dramatic and looks stunning. I love how the artist is glancing away like something’s caught their attention away from the camera. I also love the setting as it’s very relevant to the artist. I’d love to try and get a shot similar to this.
  8. 8. I love the setting of this image, and how all the colours work really well together. I also like the earthy tones in the image and the natural lighting. It would be great to get a shot like this, but due to the time of year, it’s unlikely that I’d be able to create the same ‘summery’ tone.