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TGIS Talks February 2013

  1. 1. TGIS TALKS TGIS TMC(#804519), Area 7, Division B, District 20 February 2013≈ Think, Grow, Inspire & Succeed with TGIS
  2. 2. What’s in this Issue & Editor’s note Issue No. 123 Quisque auctor erat vel nunc FROM THE EDITOR Finally, TGIS is talking , our Newsletter is ou t!In this Issue: I know the next few lin es may sound a bit cli need to thank all ché, but I of the Toastmasters contributed to this who haveDivision B Governor Message 3 newsletter by subm Messages such as Di itting their vision B & Area Gov dear Excom member ernors, myArea Governor Message 4 s, our New and Se members, Area 1 Gov nior club ernor TM Hubert MiraMeet the Excom 5 TM Dr. Sikandar Ali fro nda and m Burj Toastmasters. TM Santosh Venkatar Thanks toPresidential Communiqué 6 am for taking our Exco and thanks to the Sh m photos oot Masters of the Dinner, Area Club the GalaMessages from Excom Members 7-11 Contests, hope ther copyrights on your ph e are no otos as they are noTête-à-Tête with a Senior Toastmaster 11 newsletter.  w in ourEk Tha Tiger Mission 12-13 What a bless to be a VP PR in this era! If same role 10 years ba I had theYour Voice is Your Signature 14-15 ck or even 5 years ag I would have enjoyed o, I doubt this role as much asTreasured Memories 16 Last year I was the Cl I do now. ub Secretar y so when of PR was suggeste the role d to me by the NMy Summer in the USA 17 Committee, my first omination reaction was NO W could I be the PR, I am AY! howFinding my Nemo 18 the most introvert in th But they somehow be is club! lieved in me and be doesnt mean I need ing a PRThe Power of Thoughts 19 to speak, all can be writing and with visua done in ls. We have so manyCongrats & Thank You 20 available to us to prom platforms ote Toastmasters, from to Linked-In and the G MeetupBienvenue to TGIS 21-26 rand Facebook Socia All these media do ma l Network. ke my work easier an dont need to spea d yes IContests at Club Level & Area Level 27-28 k... Our Division an Divisions in the UAE d ot her as well as our DistrictDivisions B & F Gala Dinner 29 their dedicated Face 20   have book pages so I ur member to join their ge eachMarhaba to Dubai DTAC 2013 30 pages to make the mo Social Media phenom st of this ena and be updated Toastmastering news with all the in and out of our area . Happy Reading! Emma Bruneau   TGIS TALKS PAGE 2
  3. 3. Our Division Governor Talks to the TGISites‘COMMITMENT IS THE KEY EVEN TO SELF DEVELOPMENT. THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS’ Good day TGIS members & leaders, 2011-2012 Area Governor - Area 25 2012-2013 Division Governor - Division B The toastmasters program helps us gain the courage to change and become better communicators and explore the leadership skills. In The reason why I shared the details above is to process it helps us build a new generation of let you know that commitment is the key even to leaders. Which is what we are lacking currently in key to self development. There are no short cuts fast paced world. This is what we are lacking and I would request all of you to avoid the same current in the fast paced world. in toastmasters if you want to be better communicators and leaders. Toastmasters The world is changing rapidly and we need to provides us with the important foundation and change too. We need to be better communicators tools to build ourselves upon--- in communication and better leaders in what-ever we do and and leadership. So I would say…be regular and toastmasters program is an wonderful platform make the best out of it and share with others and which can transform all of us and lead to become help them grow.. better human being. •Celebrate ac hievements and successes together as a team I would like to congratulate you all TGIS members •Network and connect with other toastmasters who have been driving force for many other across the world toastmasters’ guests to Think again and join the •Absorb helpful communication and leadership toastmasters program which will help them grow skills and inspire others by sharing all the experiences. I •Watch and learn from superb speakers and would like to congratulate all TGIS members who trainers around us have been a driving force Best wishes for an enjoyable and enriching year My toastmasters experience started in 2007 when 2012-2013 and ever after. I was elected as SAA of the club. It’s been great journey since then as I have learned a lot by Alok Kumar Singh (ACS/ALB) serving the members at club, area and division Division Governor (2012-2013) level. Division B 2007-2008 SAA - Emirates Supply Chain Forum District 20. Toastmasters Toastmasters International 2008-2009 SAA - Emirates Supply Chain Forum “Where leaders are made” Toastmasters 2009-2010 President - Emirates Supply Chain Forum Toastmasters President - Emirates Supply Chain Forum 2010-2011 Toastmasters TGIS TALKS PAGE 3
  4. 4. Message from our Area Governor ‘A JOURNEY FROM UNKNOWN TO WELL-KNOWN’Dear TGIS members,As your Area Governor, It is indeed a pleasure to write this message to you all. Having attendedseveral of your meetings and interacted with your club leaders and members, I feel it is a veryvibrant club and It is always a pleasure to attend TGIS meetings.My journey in toastmasters has been a remarkable experience. In simple terms, a journey fromunknown to well-known, from a shy person to a smart speaker, from a guest to an Area Governor. Iused to be a very shy person, an introvert and afraid of the English language from childhood. Myhigh school and higher secondary school mark sheets stand testimony to this . However, todaywith all humility, I can say that I am able to confidently lead a team, organise events, train, inspireand motivate people......not just because of joining toastmasters but also because I never lookedback when it came to taking up varied roles. When opportunities came my way, I did not stop tothink whether I would be able to do full justice to it, but I plunged head-on and I believe this iswhat has made me blossom as a speaker and leader.Dear TGIS members, If I could get here overcoming so many challenges, I firmly believe that eachone of you can achieve much more than me. I urge and encourage you all to act and act now toreap full benefits from this wonderful platform called toastmasters. During the remainder of thisterm, let us all endeavor to do our personal best not only for the club but for our personal goals aswell.My sincere appreciation to all the club members, in particular the Excom members & leadershipdemonstrated by your VPPR in bringing out this news letter.I take this opportunity to wish each and ever one of you -Happy toastmastering and wish it is asrewarding a journey for you as it has been for me.Warm regards,TM Shanmugam, CC, ALBArea Governor, Area &, Div B, Dist 20TGIS TALKS PAGE 4
  5. 5. Meet TGIS Excom 2012-13 VP-PR MTM Emma Bruneau (left) and VP Education TM Razeeth PMK seem to be having funThe smiling faces of TGISPresident MTM Sumana Halder (left) and SecretaryMTM Saro Tharyan (right)From left to right:President MTM Sumana Halder,Immediate Past PresidentMTM Saira Ranj,Secretary MTM Saro Tharyan,SAA TM Vishal Manglani, VP-Memb TM Dhanush Acharya,Treasurer TM Manish Agarwal,VP-PR MTM Emma Bruneau,VP-Education TM Razeeth PMK (Left VP-Memb.)TM Dhanush Acharya, (Middle Facing us) SAA Vishal Manglani, (Right VP-Memb.) TM Razeeth PMK Guys talk, serious talks Ladies can’t interfere! TGIS TALKS PAGE 5
  6. 6. Presidential CommuniquéHi Everyone!It’s my pleasure to greet you as the President of TGIS club. I took over mid-term, but the support and enthusiasmof the club members and that of the office bearers of the club did not make me feel at all that I am a newPresident. Everything is running as smooth as it was before!TGIS is doing extremely well in terms of quality of meetings, new memberships, PR activities and has beenbranded as one of the reputed club in the region. I express my gratitude to the leadership of past PresidentKamal Goyal and the hard work of the Executive Committee members. I am elated to see that some of our oldmembers have also started attending the meetings regularly. I, together with the other officers of the club, aim tobuild a robust foundation on which the pillars of the club will be built, so that it would be easier for our futureleaders to sail through without any major hurdle.We have quite a few events lined up in the coming months. We have even planned for joint meetings with otherprominent clubs, educational sessions, speakathons and many more.Each member’s presence adds some value to our meetings. Its my urge to all the members to attend the meetingsregularly. We don’t want to miss anyone of you !Signing off for the time being !Sincerely yours,Sumana HalderMessage from our Past President (President from July to October 2012)One of the most important reasons I like being a member of the toastmaster club is that it brings out the best /positivity in each of us. There is no gossip, no criticism, no politics. Everyone is helpful and inspiring. As I writethis message, I cannot help but reproduce this powerful message from a motivational speaker, David Boufford:“The longer I live, the more I realize the power of my attitude on life. “Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, thancircumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people say or do. It is more important thanappearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company, a home, a family or friendship.The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. Wecannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change theinevitable.The only thing we can do is play, the one string we have control over and that is our attitude. Im convinced thatlife is 1% what happens to me and 99% how I react to it.Please remember to choose your attitude carefully because 1) Its contagious, itll affect people or infect them(especially children). 2) Your emotions can definitely be positively affected by choosing apositive attitude/outlook. 3) You will enjoy life more and those around you.I encourage you to test it out for yourself! Best,Kamal TGIS TALKS PAGE 6
  7. 7. Other Officers... Say what?The VP EducationEB: You are a hard core cricket player, what is that common denominator between Toastmastersand Cricket?RP: I hail from a place called Thalaserry, a city on the Malabar coast of Kerala.Thalaserry hasan extra ordinary relation with cricket, In India the game cricket was started here, and the firstbowl was bowled in early 1800s on the ground of Thalaserry cricket stadium, produced lots oftalented players. Thanks to Colonel Wellesley who brought the game to this Malabar town.Many cricket matches had been played between British Cricket Team and Thalaserry cricketteam during the time of British invasion itself. I was brought up watching my father and hisfriends playing cricket. That was how I became a hard core cricket player. I enjoy playing andwatching cricket more than anything. But one thing most of the Thalaserrians (not all) forgot tolearn from Colonel Wellesley and his team was the English Language. I wish I would havebrought up listening English language (with due respect to my mother tongue) from the mouth ofmy parents.Thanks to my parents otherwise I would have never ended up in Toastmasters.EB: You are now a Competent Communicator, which project in the CC manual you enjoyedpreparing the most and which one was the most challenging?RP: P1 – Ice Breaker. That gave me the confidence that public speaking is something which canbe molded through continuous practice.EB: From Sergeant at Arms last year to VP Education this, I recommend you to take the VP PRrole next year, whats your take on that:)?RP: I would like to focus on Advance manual rather than to take any Excom role next year.EB: As a VP Education with a club of 30+, in few words, motivate your members to take up rolesand complete their projects. Its a TT, you have 30 seconds!RP: We all have joined Toastmasters to improve our public speaking and leader ship skills andnot to just witness others performance. Yes off course in our journey we do help fellow membersin achieving their goals.EB: Finally, you are known as the John Abraham of TGIS, how do you keep up with thisreputation? Whats your secret?RP: Secret is Cuisine of Malabar J, especially Thalaserry is well known for their variety whichthey got from Arab traders who used to visit Malabar region and local community.TM Razeeth PMK TGIS TALKS PAGE 7
  8. 8. The VP Membership EB: You have joined TGIS around the same time last year, how has been your Toastmasters journey so far? DA: Indeed, times flies and looks like its just been fews days ago I joined toastmasters to improve my public speaking. TGIS has given me a good platform to express myself and develop the confidence to speak. The good thing about TGIS meetings is that every meeting there is something new to learn. Although its been just a year, I feel like I have been with TGIS all my life and have a connection with all the members in the club. It feels great to be part of an organisation where each us of encourage each other.  EB: As our VP membership, what is your strategy to attract new members and what is your strategy to ensure current members remain active? DA: I think the members define the club and being in TGIS club, there is no doubt that we will be able to attract even more people. We have a good mix of senior and new toastmasters. Its good to see the new toastmasters taking up roles and senior toastmasters guiding them. On a whole, there is freshness in the meetings with the quality being intact. Hence, through our clubs quality meetings and reputation, we have been getting more and more guests. I believe the only way to bring in new members and retain existing members is to have quality and lively meetings. EB: What are your objectives for this Excom year? DA:I think the objectives for Excom this year has been to spread the name of TGIS toastmasters club and make the meetings more livelier. This has been evident with the number of guests coming as well members from other toastmaster clubs coming in as well. With respect to meetings, I think the involvement of new members has been very good and the ongoing support and encouragement by the toastmasters has made sure that we have successful meetings.    EB: Last year, you represented the club at the Area and Division Levels in Table Topics, do you have any tips for this year’s Club participants? DA: I feel fortunate to have represented the area and division level in table topics category. It gave me a great opportunity to learn and develop.   The only way to learn is to participate irrespective of the result. You just need to believe in yourself and look for improvements at each speaking session. The only way to compete is to compete with yourself and improve yourself everyday. You just need to take the first step and the rest will follow. EB: We want to know more about our VP Membership, tell us what you are passionate about, what do you do and how does Toastmasters just blend into all this? DA: I am an ACCA (certified chartered accountant) and work in Ernst & Young, Dubai in the audit services. I am passionate about singing, travelling and photography. I always believe to live life to the fullest and see positive in everything. Toastmasters was something which I wanted to do for a long time to improve my public speaking and I am glad that I took that I have joined TGIS toastmasters. Being in toastmasters is an ongoing development and meeting toastmaster from whom we can learn a lot. TGIS TALKS PAGE 8 ]
  9. 9. The Secretary The SAA (for the first half of the term) Toastmasters is all about improving your communication and leadership "I simply love  being in toastmasters skills. Communication skills can be club. I consider  TGIS as a college improved by doing t he project (mind it, not school which is always speeches and taking up different scary) where different people with roles. Being part of the Excom, is same objective come together and helping me improve my leadership share their knowledge.Where in this skills. As the Secretary of the club, I world will you find a place where have to take the minutes at each club you can learn and have fun at the meeting and executive committee same time??? There are teachers meeting. I am thoroughly enjoying (mentors), principal (president), myself in this new role as it’s helping monitor (general evaluator), a me to improve on my listening skills watchman (timer), exams (project also. At the meetings I have to be speeches), results (evaluations) and alert and make quick notes so as not many classmates (fellow TM) who all to miss any points. The Secretary role have joined to get their graduation, is also helping me to organise myself. lets call Bachelor in Communications I have to see to it that the minutes are (B.Comm); there is masters  as well send to all the members before the (advanced project speeches) but lets next meeting. not talk about it :) The only difference here is that you can never fail in your At TGIS, I am discovering myself all exams, thanks to all positive minded over again. I am among some very members who will always guide, talented and encouraging people. I support and encourage you to do am looking for ward to many much better next time.  All you need wonderful moments with the TGIS to do is just follow their members and learning new things in advice....religiously...sounds simple? the process. aaahhhh....ask me:) TM Vishal Manglani MTM Saro Tharyan THE TREASURER DECIDED TO REMAIN SILENT FOR THIS EDITIONTGIS TALKS PAGE 9 ]
  10. 10. The Immediate Past PresidentEB: You have been a Toastmasters for about 10 years on and off, what drives you every otherSaturday to attend TGIS meetings or any TM meetings?SR: Firstly, Toastmasters is an amazing organisation that has transformed the lives of many people.I say TRANSFORMED as people who join are absolutely awestruck by their own growth andchange as time goes by. I have also changed and grown tremendously but as we all know life is alearning game and theres always place for bettering ourself further. TGIS- it was pure chance and a reference by a friend Toastmaster Shoukath Ali Eroth- one of thepast Presidents who asked me to come by. I stayed because the place grew on me! The people aresuch kindred souls and theres a spirit about this club that needs to be felt to be understood. :-) EB: Its hard to believe you when you say you were an introvert  in the past, what was the turningpoint that made the person you are today i.e. not even a bit shy to speak in front of an audience?SR::-) Well, not an introvert actually. I have always been big and expressive inside my head...justunable to express myself in reality! TM gave me the platform, support and encouragement to beme.And thats been a fabulous journey. I was however a very nervous soul on stage- I had prepared and rehearsed my ICEBREAKER 1month before I delivered it- so you have an idea how much of nervous energy I harbour!I wouldnt define any turning points- just the fact that I loved what I did- watch other speakers,express myself in writing through my speeches and then work meticulously on delivering them onstage. I did this passionately for a long while...and before I knew a confident, bold me emerged. Ihave seen lots of people change and enhance others lives through this organisation- so I woulddefend it till my last breath. :-)   EB: As a working mother of two, how do you balance work, family and Toastmasters?  SR: When you are an Excom member, life does get complicated. Its a juggling act- esp with longcorporate hours and growing kids! Everyone and every aspect requires a part of you- and youhave no choice but to keep moving. Today my life is quite different- things are more relaxed than in the past. This year was anintentional break away from the Leadership roles- to concentrate on my Communication- and I amenjoying every step of it.  EB: Three tips you would like to give to fairly new Toastmasters or Toastmasters who are on afrozen speaking mode?SR: 1."Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming...." - quoting Dory fromNEMO. :-)You have to just come, watch, make the deliberate effort to participate- even if it is throughminuscule roles- slowly and steadily you will bloom.Guaranteed.2. Source a mentor for yourself. TM does not restrict you to the number of mentors you may have.Find someone you connect with and tell them your situation- he/she will guide you and seriouslyhelp you out. You just need to hang in there and persevere.3. I often get frozen because of topic selection- I can write and speak- but what to write about is myfrequent freeze mode. I try and get over this by watching others deliver their speeches/topics- oreven ask for random topics that spur my creative side. So I recommend the same for you.(to be continued) TGIS TALKS PAGE 10
  11. 11. EB: As the Immediate Past President of TGIS, what is your vision for the club and any advice you would like to give to the new Excom? SR: In Sumanas hands, I see the club blooming...and I daresay, reaching very new heights. She is dedication and commitment personified. If the Excom members support her vision and help her to reach it, the club will see an all time high. I find the current excom very talented but not all folks are as committed to the task as to the vision and the talk. It is one thing to profess, it is totally another to just do it- and in the end ACTION wins hands down. We are all busy leading our unique full lives, we just need to CREATE the time to fulfill the promises we took. I love this club- I hope the flag keeps flying high- always.  MTM Saira Ranj Tête-à-tête with one of TGIS Senior ToastmastersEB: As a Senior Toastmaster, what are the five tips you could give to TGIS Excom?HM: TIPS stands for Take Immediate Permanent Solution. Excellence comes from doing numerous littlethings with passion one after the another. An Ordinary can become Extra Ordinary by doing thoseLittle things regularly.So my Tip is only one if I can express it in the language of Cricket. As Geoff Boycott invariablymention, Bowl wicket to wicket and as Glen McGrath has always practiced, TGIS should immediatelybe brought upto Basics to make once and for all a strong foundation. TGIS ExCom has to define thisBasic.EB: You are a mentor to several new members, who are or have been your mentors? Any stories ormentor/mentee techniques you would like to share?HM: I have never had any Mentor/s. I have always decided what one thing I want out of a particularRole Play and accordingly select my Mentor for that required skill to be acquired. I inspire myselfcompletely with the person I look upto so much so that I become him for a while before I emerge in anew pack.EB: What have you been up to? One project in one year?HM: It happens to me quite often but it always unlocks another creative side of me. So with regard toProject Speeches I have never been in hurry. No wonder I took 5 years to complete CompetentCommunication manual. History will not repeat itself this time but  Stories aboutmy pace are being made. But then Stories are also made about those who complete 10 project speeches in 7 months!Hemant Mundhra TGIS TALKS P A G E 11
  12. 12. Ek Tha Tiger, Ek Tha TGIST h e w i n n e r s o f t h e T G I S E k T h a T i g e r m i s s i o n TGIS Tigress: Immediate Past President MTM Saira Ranj on a mission in Hua Hin (Thailand) TGIS Tiger: On the motor bike ride from Dubai to Istanbul, before reaching Tabreez in Azerbaijan, the Tiger met with another Czech Tiger who was riding from Delhi to Prague on a 1960 dieselTGIS TALKS PAG E 12
  13. 13. The other Tigresses of TGIS with their Tigers Times Square in the Big Apple Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bonnie an d Clyde aka MTM Saro Tharyan & ETC President TM Alex Tharyan on their US Tour (read the complete article! on page 17) What a Rainbow! The Majestic Niagara Falls Tigress in action (enjoying the ride) Typical bollywood story! Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Tigress says: “I love the ocean, every time i go to the beach I feel as if i am going home. The horizon where the ocean & sky meet, is mesmerizing. Reflection of the sky, the mysteries it holds beneath always lure me. At twilight, watching the sun going to sleep, on the bed of the ocean is splendid with the colors changing from sky blue to dark blue, gray, yellow, orange, red. I am crazy about the ocean, sea shore, especially the one near my place. Every time I go there it’s like talking to the nature, to my very own soul. It makes me feel calm, quiet & absolves all my worries, tensions. It’s an eternal feeling.”TGIS TALKS PAG E 13
  14. 14. Your Greatest Tool as a Speaker is Your YOUR VOICE! Voice is YourSignature How well are you looking after it? How your Voice is CreatedBy Hubert Miranda,Area 1 Governor, Division B Deep, Controlled Breathing is NECESSARY For Good Vocal Production TGIS TALKS PAG E 14
  15. 15. 1- Do You Whisper Or Boom ?WHAT 2- Are you Monotonous Or Melodious ?KIND OFVOICE DO 3- Is Your Voice a Rain Cloud Or Rainbow ?YOU HAVE? 4- Do you have Mumblitis ? 5- How well do you Articulate? 6- Do you Trudge like a Turtle Or Race like a Rabbit? 7- Do you Agitate Or Orchestrate? Discover Your Voice Profile METHODS FOR VOICE RELAXATIONIMPROVEYOUR Be aware of throat tenseness & jaw tightnessSPEAKING Yawn with an easy “ho-hum”VOICE! Repeat and feel the strain removed Practice saying : hang, harm, lane, main, lone, loom. Exaggerate your lips & jaw movements. Lightly knead the throat muscles. Slowly repeat the following: nah, nay, nee, no, noo. Drop your jaw and relax your throat. i.Exhale & Inhale Deeply four times.BREATHING ii. Exhale Comfortable. Then inhale a moderate filling ofEXERCISES breath, hold it for 15 seconds, then exhale quietly. KeepTO increasing the holding time periodically.IMPROVE iii.Inhale with 5 quick short gaps through open mouth. Then exhale in 5 quick puffs.VOLUME iv.Laugh heartily through complete exhaltion, then inhale deeply and quickly. v. Close your lips and laugh soundlessly through your nose.TGIS TALKS PAG E 15
  16. 16. Treasured MemoriesLife is a train journey; God is the driver;  Traveling in a European train is a wonderfulWere off to a place called Eternity;  experience altogether. Railway platforms are equipped with all modern amenities - automatedTrain journey…yes, I am sure all of us have kiosks for buying tickets, digital train informationloads of memories associated with it. Be it long signboards, restaurants, souvenir shops, touristor short distance, train was the most popular assistance centres.and economic means of communication evenfew years back. And the train itself, a world away in terms of comfort with spacious ergonomic seats, spic andIts been years I haven’t taken an overnight train span air-conditioned compartments and diningjourney, but I still have a vivid memory of such cars. As soon as the train crosses the urbantrain journeys which we often used to take back borders all you can see through the widehome in India. Right from entering the platform whopping windows is the stunning sceneriestrying to pay attention to the constant inaudible along the Elbstanstein Mountains with theannouncements to settling in the allotted berth beautiful Elbe River flowing through it. Thisonce the train reaches the platform- I used to particular region of Germany is called Saxonget thrilled during every step of those journeys. Switzerland. And it truly bears the name ofThe tea stalls, the magazine shops, the fruit Switzerland because of its magnificent mesmericcorners and then the journey itself. Air landscapes.conditioned compartments were rare thosedays. Sitting beside the open window gazing at But surprisingly… this wonderful travel pushedthe beautiful green landscapes, the gorgeous me down the memory lane thinking about ourgolden paddy or mustard fields, feeling the good old train journeys. Every step of thebreeze wafting in as the train clickety -clacks journey reminded me of my childhood trainthrough the country side, sometimes dozing off travels. I was missing the ever-roving and yellingor sometimes reading a book. People, who tea and snack vendors on each station … I waswere strangers to one another before, become missing the constant sound of chitchatting of thefriends for those few hours of journey, passengers who verbally try to do everythingchattering, sharing their meals. As the night falls for the country in that short span of journey.people start spreading sheets on their berths,start inflating their air pillows preparing to go to Amidst the serenity of the Czech-Germansleep. landscapes, I realized that I was missing the overall colour and character of our very ownAnd… how can I forget the inseparable Indian trains.connection between train travel and the teavendors. It still amazes me how they manage to The world, through a child’s eye, is alwayssell cups and cups of tea in the typical earthen mesmerizing and magical. And the innocence ofpots to the passengers even if the train stops at life seen through a child’s eye is treasured in hera station for only five minutes. mind forever which will never be wiped off.Years later, again a train journey brought forth By MTMthose memories to my mind. We were travelingin Europe this summer going from Prague Sumanatowards Berlin with a short stopover in Dresden. HalderTGIS TALKS PAG E 16
  17. 17. My Summer in the USAOn August 10th, when we boarded the plane, there was a great deal of excitement among the threeof us (my family and me) as we were on our way to visit USA!We visited Houston and Dallas in Texas, Freemont and San Francisco in California, New York,Niagara Falls and Washington.At San Francisco we visited the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge spanning the GoldenGate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. It’s such a beautiful structure andis one of the most photographed bridges in the world!New York nicknamed as the Big Apple is the most populous city in the USA. We visited the TimesSquare which is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway theatre district and one of the world’sbusiest pedestrian intersections! How can our visit to New York be complete without visiting the LadyLiberty! The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrantsarriving from abroad.Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world was next on our list. We were awestruck bythe sheer beauty of the falls! From largest to smallest, the three waterfalls are the Horseshoe Falls,the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls lie on the Canadian side and theAmerican Falls on the American side, separated by Goat Island. The smaller Bridal Veil Falls arealso located on the American side, separated from the other waterfalls by Luna Island. One canhear the thundering sound of the waterfalls from miles away!Our last stop was at Washington, DC where we visited the White House, Lincoln Memorial,Washington Monument and many other breathtaking sights.We had a fun and hectic trip to US, hopping from one state to another and discovering the charmand cultures of each state along the way.Some helpful tips: Apply for the visa well in advance and plan your itinerary and book the airlinestickets through one of the booking websites to get some good deals! By MTM Saro Tharyan Monsieur et Madame Tharyan MTM Saro promoting at the Statue of Liberty, NYC Toastmasters International, Lincoln Memorial, DCTGIS TALKS PAG E 17
  18. 18. Finding My Nemo In life, sometimes you need to do something to get everything would be normal. Heeding to the out of your comfort zone and rediscover yourself. instructor’s words, I just surrendered to the sea and And to do just that, I wanted to do something stayed calm. And as we went under water, different for my vacation this year and one of the everything seemed normal. For the first time, I was things, which I always wanted was to do the open conscious of my breathing and could feel the water scuba diving course. Looking at all the places, coolness of the water. The water was so blue and I zeroed on Pondicherry, India for my scuba diving heavenly that I forgot all the worldly tension and session. I packed my bags and was set for the pressures of life. I felt like I was in the meditative Pondicherry trip not knowing what to expect. state of thoughtless awareness mode. And to top Suddenly, I had butterfly in my stomach, as I was not that experience, I saw incredible underwater life sure if I was up for the scuba diving. But my nerves such as cuttlefish, lionfish, jellyfish and schools of were settled when I met my scuba diving instructors blue fish, which made me realize there is so much in who told me that there is one problem with Scuba this world that we just seem to ignore being busy in Diving, once you do scuba diving, you get addicted our own closed world. With sign language for life. I smiled at him and then asked him if I had becoming the only source of communication, we to bring anything with me, and he told me ‘yes, you went along the underwater doing the skills we learnt need to get an important thing, your smile’. and seeing the amazing underwater life. We then came back to our boat having finished a successful The first day, we practiced the skills in the swimming dive. pool and it was a pretty average performance as I was taking lot of time to learn those skills. Still not This scuba diving experience was not just an sure, whether I was up for it, I just went ahead adventurous activity but also a life learning hoping everything would fall in place. experience. In scuba diving, a buddy always accompanies you and helps you for any mishaps. Finally, the D Day arrived. We got on to the boat Same is with life, you always need someone to help surfing to the main sea, my heart started pounding you achieve your goals and having trust is an with each moment and I had thoughts of giving up. I important aspect. And while you are doing a new thought to myself that I was struggling in the venture in lif e and going in an unknown swimming pool, the sea would be even more environment, you resist the new change like the way challenging. And to make matters worse, the sea I had panicked on the sea surface but as I went was rough that day. To calm my nerves, my underwater, everything was calm and I started instructor told me that I had to believe in myself, enjoying the experience. Similarly, in life you need enjoy the experience and everything would be fine. to give some time for any change as the time passes, everything will seem peaceful and the change is I put on my suit, fins, goggles, life jacket and heavy actually beneficial for you. In scuba diving, you scuba tank cylinder. The moment had arrived, I sat learn the value of breathing. It is not important the on the edge of the boat, rolled back and ‘DUSH’ number of breath you take but how deep and long splashed into the water. Coming to terms with the you take each breath. With this scuba diving rough sea, I was struggling to be stable at the adventure, I found my nemo discovering new things surface of the sea. For some unknown reason I in life and an unforgettable experience, which started to panic and felt like I was in a battleground would etch in my memory forever. waving my hands and kicking my legs fighting with the sea currents. I saw that even my fellow divers who were with me were struggling in the sea and having thoughts to quit the dive. By TM Dhanush Acharya Then, our instructor came and told us to just stay calm and assured us that once we get underwater,TGIS TALKS PAG E 18
  19. 19. The Power of ThoughtsTwo men were carrying a VERY heavy news… The good news is; yes we DO Reiki Master, a Mind Power & NLPsofa to the 10th floor of a building. manifest a lot of things through our Trainer…After two hours of struggle, they imagination everyday… and the badasked their person in charge, news is; mostly we manifest what we In fact, doing visualization is the“Where are we, and how many floors DO NOT want… Dear friends, just for easiest job in the world. First locate amore do we have to go?” He looked a moment, close your eyes, all of spot 20 degrees up, on the right sideout of the window and replied “I you… and DO NOT think of an of your forehead about half a meterhave two news , one is good… and elephant… Now open your eyes… away from your head. This is yourthe other is bad”. The good news is; What did you see? Of course AN Mental Screen, which has magneticwe are on the 9th floor… and the bad ELEPHANT, right? effects in it. Whatever image younews is; we are in the wrong project on it with your eyes closedbuilding… This is how, we ATTRACT all those and keep visualizing it for 4 minutes, things, which we DO NOT want in it is manifested. It is that easy. Only…Dear Toasmasters and Honorable our life… This is the L AW OF remember, to always think positiveguests… Good Evening, every one of ATRRACTION that says “the thing we because, as poet Bennie Johnsonus lives in TWO worlds… one is this FOCUS UPON… happens, whether says:material world, made up of soil and we WANT it, or we DO NOT wantwater, whereas the other is the world i t … We d o n o t w a n t m o n e y If you think you are beaten, you are.of our imagination, our inner PROBLEMS, we do not want BAD If you think you dare not, you don’t,kingdom. One is REAL, and the other relationships, we do not want a BAD If you like to win, but you think youis a REFLECTION. Which one do health, and we do not want so many can’t. It is almost certain, you won’t.YOU think, is the real, and which one BAD THINGS… as a result, we attractis a reflection? so many... BAD things… If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost. What I learned from this is, All For out of the world we find,I also have two news … The good success in life, whether material or Success begins with a fellow’s will –news is; till very recent time, like most spiritual, starts with the thoughts… It’s all in the state of mind.of us, I thought, this material world, that we put into our mind, everymade up of soil and water, is the second of every minute of every day. If you think you are outclassed, youREAL world… and the bad news is… Our outer world reflects the state of are. You’ve got to think high to rise,that was my biggest mistake… Our our inner world. By controlling our You’ve got to be sure of yourselfREAL world - where we can actually t h o u g h t s , we c a n c o n t r o l o u r before. You can ever win a prizecreate something, is the world of our destiny… As MK Gandhi says: A manimagination. This material world... is is but, the product of his thoughts… Life’s battles do not always go, To thejust a reflection… of what we have in What he thinks, he becomes in simple stronger or faster man,our mind… And the Quantum Physics w o r d s : But soon or late he who wins, Is theproves that: THOUGHTS… BECOME… THINGS... man WHO THINKS HE CAN!Imagination is more powerful than thewill power, and… Now you must be thinking that, allVisualization is more powerful than that I said sounds wonderful, but howthe REALITY… to ACTUALLY do it. Again I have two news; the bad news is; if you ask anyAnd that, whatever we can visualize, o t h e r t r a i n e r, w h o i s N OT awe can achieve… It is, THAT simple… Toastmaster, he will say: Pay 10,000All religions and civilizations, dirhams and attend a 5-day workshop By Dr. TMdelivered this message through their on Creative Visualization and then Sikandar Ali,writings and stories. only you will learn how to do it. And Burj TMC the good news is; if you ask me, I will say: JUST DO IT! As I do it, to Dr. SikandarNow, you must be wondering “if it isthat easy, why then, everyone doesn’t achieve goals in my life. This is how I is a Mindapply it, and achieves, what one did doctorate in Mind Sciences in Scientist andwants?” Dear friends, he, he, he... only 4 years. This is how I became a Psychiatristagain I have a good news and a badTGIS TALKS PAG E 19
  20. 20. Congrats & Thank you TGIS Beta, TM Santosh Venkataram, got hitched! Congratulations to t he new couple! Thanks to our Club Mentor VP Menon for guiding us and always be available no matter what! Merci Division Governor Alok Singh for your unconditional support to the Club. You are the Hotline of TGIS Salute to MTM Akshatha Bala for being a member since the inception of the Club. How do you keep up with us:)TGIS TALKS PAGE 20
  21. 21. Bienvenue to TGISThe following pages are dedicated to our new Club Members! We wouldn’t have obtained these two awards without YOU! TGIS TALKS PAG E 21
  22. 22. B ALA KUMARAN Profession: Fashion sales and merchandising Home Country/Town: India/Chennai Number of Years in Dubai: Less than a year Languages spoken: Tamil, English, Kannada & Hindi Passion: Dancing and Football Sports: FOOTBALL & BOWLING Hobbies: Reading & Photography Favorite quote or motto or tagline: Form is temporary  but Class is permanent Favorite cuisine: No Bias! Favorite Author/Movie: Paulo cholleo / Inglorious Bastards PR A S H AN T MA L H OT R A Profession: Banker Hometown: Delhi, India. Interestingly I was born in madras as my dad was working there at the time however we moved 7months after and havent visited the place since. Number of years in Dubai: 7 years after returning from the States. I grew up in the gulf (Oman and Dubai) Languages: English, Hindi and basic Arabic Toastmaster Experience: Member of a Toastmasters Club 7 years back in the NY region. So joining TGIS is like rising back from the ashes. Passion: Sports anyday. But apart from that reading and discussing business and politics. Sports: Any racket sport, cricket and football although I do think there is something wrong with the huge mindless endorsement deals signed it shall be the theme of my 2nd speech. Hobbies: You guessed it....sports....Also, reading and following business & politics. Favorite quote: "Just do it"..... I believe if you put your mind to it you surely can. Favorite cuisine: Thai.... really like it. Favorite Author: Dan Brown Favorite Movie: God Father. Can watch it any day!TGIS TALKS PAGE 22
  23. 23. D H YA N B I D DA P PA Originally from Karnataka, India, I have lived in Dubai since 1994, except for a year studying in London. I am currently in my final year studying for a BSc. Economics degree from the University of London. This is my first Toastmasters experience, although I have made forays into public speaking and elocution in school and college. Im an avid reader; currently reading James Clavell and enjoying his books immensely. Food always gets my interest, especially steakhouses and anything Indo-Chinese. Im always up for barbecue on a beach when Dubais winter comes around." D E E PA K A N T H O N Y How did you find out about TGIS? Found out about TGIS through Been wanting to join toastmasters for a while, and the photos on the meetup group gave me the feeling that TGIS was a bunch of warm, friendly people. Why Toastmasters? Id heard about toastmasters through friends and family, a few years back. As someone whos had to present quite a bit over the years, Ive always felt there was tons of room for improvement. Like many folks, Im usually mortified by the idea of being put on the spot, and having to speak to large audiences. Also, as a guest, over the past couple of meetings, its been great interacting with like- minded folks who dont compromise, whore always looking to improve themselves and others. Work related: Currently spend most of my time on a technology company I co-founded. Place I feel at home: Dubai. Been here longer than I can remember. Passions / Hobbies: Exploring/working with technology that isnt mainstream yet (think mind-controlled drones). Alternative/ augmented realities. Travelling / exploring other cultures (covered a few places in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia thus far). Literature (Richard Dawkins, Nassim Taleb, Malcolm Gladwell, etc.). Science-Fiction (can’t overstate the impact SF has on moving the human race forward). Human psychology and rationality (still working on wrapping my mind around Jungs Red Book). Writing fiction/fantasy. Conceptual art / Rendering. Weight-training and swimming. Fav Author: Neal Stephenson. Anathem was a mind-altering read (for an intro to his style, google ‘mother earth mother board’ for a fascinating non-fiction editorial). A close second would be Tim Ferris (the 4-Hour series. check out his google tech talks on youtube), for the sheer amount of impact his material has had on the world, and how much his lifes operating system inspires me.TGIS TALKS PAGE 23
  24. 24. SHALIQ MUHAMMAD Professional line: Insurance Nationality: Indian but born and brought up in Dubai  Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam Passion: To be an influential and recognized personality in the society  Sports: Football Hobbies: Listening to music, Traveling  Favorite tagline: "No give-up, No retreat....fight till you die" Favorite Cuisine: Indian and Arabic Favorite Author: Chetan Baghat  , "300" G U L N A R A A K H M E T K A L I Y E VA Profession: I studied to be a Teacher of English, but I never worked as a teacher; instead worked in Oil&Gas Corporate Governance sphere and later in the British Embassy in Kazakhstan as a Community Liaison Officer. Home Country/Town: Kazakhstan, Alga Number of Years in Dubai: 8 months Languages spoken: Russian, Kazakh, English, Italian, Chinese(basic) Passion: I love to learn about nations of the World, their history, religion and culture. Sports: Yoga Hobbies: Reading, singing Favorite quote or motto or tagline:The best religion is humanity. Favorite cuisine: Asian, Indian, Italian Favorite Author, Movie: I love Russian classics: Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy.  "New Cinema Paradiso" by Giuseppe Tornatore, "Sanctum" by James CameronTGIS TALKS PAGE 24
  25. 25. RO B E RT D E VOT TA How did you come to know about TGIS? Through my friend -TM Leo DSouza Why Toastmasters? It’s the perfect platform to hone my public speaking & leadership skills which is a major requirement for me to fulfill my life purpose. What do you do? Ex sailor who sailed for almost 14 years before deciding to anchor permanently Birth Country: India In which place do you feel at home? Home is where the heart is - so wherever I have my family with me is home to me Languages spoken: Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and of course English Passions: To make people realize how great they already are and how much greater they can be - if they would only believe. Reading about the intricacies of the human mind and how it functions thereby improving on my knowledge about my Self and thus evolving into the best that I can be Sports: Love to play Table tennis and Badminton whenever I can find the time Hobbies: Reading on topics such as Mind development, Soul development, Purpose of Human Existence and Motivational literature.  Playing games that involve the mind Favorite quote or motto or tagline: Two. First one:- Of whom much is given, much is expected. I believe that am blessed with the experience of abundance in all aspects of my existence and it is a responsibility to help as many others as I can to also experience this in their lives. Second:- All good things come to he who waits. Patience is a golden virtue and one which is much needed in todays world where the core of popular culture is instant gratification. I  aim to lead by example as to the various blessings that can accrue through the daily practice of patience in our lives. Favorite Author, Movie Many favourite authors like Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra,  Eldon Taylor and many more Favourite movies: Again many. To name a few - BenHur, Quo Vadis, Sound of Music, Its a Wonderful Life, Mackennas Gold, Guns of Navarone, An Officer and a Gentleman, Scent of a Woman, nauseum ad infinitum.TGIS TALKS PAGE 25
  26. 26. A BH I LA SH VA RG H E S E How did you come to know about TGIS? Google Why Toastmasters? I heard about toastmasters during a training session and I was very attracted towards the concept of Toastmasters, where a group of people join together, give  presentations, evaluate each other, motivate each other, with  one  motive and interest, that is to develop  effective communication skills and leadership skills.   What do you do? I work  with a Japanese Company in Dubai as Asst. Marketing Manager. Birth Country : India L O R R A I N E TAY L O R Profession: 12 years as a Secondary School Teacher in 5 countries teaching Maths and Geography, however, currently completing a Masters Degree in Business as I hope to move into a role as a Learning and Development Specialist within an HR Department in Dubai.   Home Country/Town: Originally from Colorado, USA but that was 25 years ago.   Currently feel home is Motuoapa, New Zealand as well as Dubai. Number of Years in Dubai: Although not concurrently, have been in Dubai for 15 years.  Came to Dubai in 1998 and have recently been in New Zealand for the past 6 1/2 only visiting Dubai.  Toastmasters Experience before TGIS: Currently also a  member of Taupo Club in New Zealand where I am the VP Education.  Have been a member for the past 2 1/2 years.  Enjoy competing in the speech contests.   Last year came 3rd in the New Zealand (District 72) International Speech Contest. Passion: Learning new things and meeting interesting people. Sports: Walking, hiking, downhill skiing and swimming. Hobbies: Quilting, playing piano and flute. Favorite quote or motto or tagline: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams Favorite cuisine: Authentic Mexican Favorite Author, Movie: At the moment, J.R. Tolkein and  The Hobbit as have recently attended the World Premier of the Hobbit in New Zealand.TGIS TALKS PAGE 26
  27. 27. The Contests Fever! @ t h e C l u b L e v e l F i r s t Thank you to our Chief Judge for both the Contests, Division F Governor TM Kiruba and his panel of judgesTGIS TALKS PAGE 27
  28. 28. Serious Stuff at the Area Level You did it TGISites, you represented us on February 8th, at the Area Level THANK YOU! All the best to MTM Akshatha Bala (Evaluation) & TM Razeeth PMK (Humorous) at the Division LevelEvaluation Contest Humorous ContestWinner: MTM Akshatha Bala 1st Runner Up: TM Razeeth PMK2nd Runner Up: TM RK Raman Table Topic Contest 2nd Runner Up: TM Robert Devotta Evaluation Contest Participants Table Topic Contest Participants International Contest Participants Humorous Contest Participants TGIS TALKS PAGE 28
  29. 29. Divisions B & F Annual Gala Dinner Division B Governor TM Alok Singh, MTM Mac Loren Tuplano and TM Dhanush Acharya Our leaders Division F Governor TM Kiruba with DTM Lt. Colonel Mohammed Murad, District Lieutenant Governor Education and Training,Vicky Ferrer awarding TM Dhanush and MTM Emma the H1 award Enjoying the show Divisions B & F, UnitedTGIS TALKS PAGE 29
  30. 30. Marhaba to Dubai DTAC 2013 SEE YOU THERE! I t i s a u n i q u e c h a n c e t o w i t n e s s t h e C r è m e d e l a c r è m e & m e e t f e l l o w T o a s t m a s t e r sTGIS TALKS PAGE 30