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Chinese Medicine and the IVF patient


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Chinese medicine has been used to treat infertility for many thousands of years in China and is now used with IVF patients in the West. IVF clinics in Sydney support their patients using acupuncture.

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Chinese Medicine and the IVF patient

  1. 1. Chinese medicine and the IVF patient Dr Jane Lyttleton introduces an audience of GPs and health professionals to the Chinese medicine treatment of infertility at an information evening organised by IVF Australia
  2. 2. One patient; Two approaches Both Work (sometimes together) (
  3. 3. The Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Case History includes details of the medical history, all symptoms, the patient’s appearance, their constitution, their life circumstances, the pulse and the tongue. A diagnosis is made, and a treatment plan designed. There are as many approaches to treatment as there are patients themselves.
  4. 4. Tools of a TCM practitioner • Acupuncture • Chinese Herbs • Lifestyle and Dietary advice
  5. 5. How does TCM improve fertility? Chinese medicine treats • PCOS • Endometriosis • Oligomenorrhoea • Poor sperm morphology and motility And • Reduces stress hormones • Improves ovary function and oocyte energy
  6. 6. What might TCM contribute to the IVF patient? 1 reduce stress and increase resilience 2 increase implantation rates 3 improve endometrium quality 4 improve ovarian response 5 improve sperm function 6 reduce miscarriage rates 7 improve embryo vitality 8 minimise side effects of IVF drugs, reduce OHSS 9 regulate immune factors