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Customers Retention for eCommerce in Asia - Speech at eTailAsia event


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How to keep your eCommerce & Retail customers happy and comming back?

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Customers Retention for eCommerce in Asia - Speech at eTailAsia event

  1. 1. Southeast Asia eCommerce from Insiders’ views @eMinhBui – Founder • Southeast Asia eCommerce Blogger at, Guest Columnist at e27, WebinTravel, Tnooz… • Asia Marketing Director, Wotif Group • Head of eCommerce Division, MobileWorld
  2. 2. Customer Retention
  3. 3. Increasing customer retention rate by 5% increases profit by 25% - 95% [According to a research from Harvard Business School]
  4. 4. How to keep your customers happy and coming back? RETAIN
  5. 5. REPEAT - RETAIN Repeat – Repeat – Repeat The rule of Seven Promote brand on most Marketing channels Customers’ devices
  6. 6. REPEAT – LAZADA CASE STUDY Lazada Southeast Asia has local companies with milions of dollars revenue and more than 200.000 visistors/day Purpose: increase brand awareness & visitors
  7. 7. ENGAGE - RETAIN Set up a two-way relationship Comment/review, Q&A, fanpage… External social media channels
  8. 8. ENGAGE – AirAsia CASE STUDY Purpose: increase brand loyalty • Use CEO as the main communicator • 23 languages and 23 facebook pages • Main FB page: 2.2M fans with hundreds of likes, comments, shares
  9. 9. TOUCH - RETAIN Touch points  Website, email, social profiles, search result, PR articles… The most important touch point is the product page  Photos  Reviews  Crowd effect
  10. 10. TOUCH – AGODA CASE STUDY Key points from Agoda product page Purpose: improve conversion rate
  11. 11. ACTIVATE - RETAIN How to activate the first to n transation  Transaction activation tips Low value – high discount product promotion  Example Mouses, accessories, food, lingeries…  Promo for 2nd, 3rd…n order  Promo for idle time  Promo for season
  12. 12. ACTIVATE – LINE CASE STUDY Case study: Line Thailand “Flash Sales” Purpose: increase the volume of orders
  13. 13. IDENTIFY - RETAIN  Know your customer well  Location, language, age, gender, like…  What to do  Localization  Personalization  Loyalty program
  14. 14. IDENTIFY – Tmall CASE STUDY Case study: Tmall – A B2C platform for brands in China Purpose: improve repeated customers • 500M+ registered users • Transaction: $32 billion • Special day: 250M visitors • Stores: Uniqlo, Levi’s, Espirit…
  15. 15. IDENTIFY – RETAIN Case study: Tmall – A B2C platform for brands in China Purpose: improve repeated customers • Ready-made stores and services for brands • Online payment tool • Chinese languages online customer services • Product return facilities • Haagen-Dazs exceeds 2 million RMB sales/month
  16. 16. NOMINATE – RETAIN Offer customers the most possible products to buy  Hot this week, Best sellers, You might like..  Most viewed, searched, wish list  Related product for cross sales
  17. 17. NOMINATE – AMAZON CASE STUDY Purpose: increase average order value
  18. 18. TAKE-AWAY TIPS
  19. 19. Southeast Asia eCommerce from Insiders’ views! Twitter/Linkedin @ eMinhBui - Repeat Engage Touch Activate Identify Nominate @ eMinhBui