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Week 5 Online


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Week 5 Online

  1. 1.  Questions Class vote for raw data winner Announcement of arbitrated raw data winner Announcement of review winner. Activity Mystery Box
  2. 2. Your Questions Please
  3. 3.  Screening Each group votes for one other group. Repeat until a winner is determined.
  4. 4. 1: BLC2: Yellow3: Tequila4: Velociraptors5: Toybox
  5. 5. Congratulations Team Toybox!You have been selected by third partyviewers as the bestraw footage selection team.
  6. 6.  BLC Toybox Tequila Failure to submit: Yellow & Velociraptors
  7. 7. The selected winner is …Team TequilaBLC and Toybox should know that theyproduced excellent initial analyses and theywere both equally close to winning. Such effortwill assuredly produce future wins.
  8. 8.  5 volunteers to help with the production. Remaining team members produce their diagram of the scene. Review of portrayed scene from original series I will choose 1 winner for a team-comp point. The ‘correct’ answer will then be shown.
  9. 9.  Create a 3 - 5 minute screencast of an online group interaction (1), choose an evaluative tool from Chapter 11 (2), record your results in a word processing or table program (3) then post the video link and results document to the Facebook group. *3 to 7 members in the group A free screencasting tool: Jing A few meeting forums: Skype, Facebook, Google+, Group Texting, Chat, Twitter Hashtag, or Shared Docs.Due at the same time as the 8th quiz.
  10. 10. Game time: | Enter: jeopardy1328402732.txt | Download here
  11. 11.  Don’t forget to read for next class and complete your online assignment for points. Also send any questions you or your group have and I will focus on answering them.