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Week 4 Online


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Week 4 Online

  1. 1.  Ground Rules Interaction Diagrams Interaction Categories Roles Leadership Decision Making Cohesiveness
  2. 2.  Acquire Permissions Avoid Introducing Error Inform Carefully Avoid Personal Criticism
  3. 3.  Mapping the conversation
  4. 4.  Seems friendly Dramatizes Agrees Gives suggestion Gives opinion Gives information Asks for information Asks for opinion Asks for suggestion Disagrees Shows tension Seems Unfriendly
  5. 5.  Task Group building Maintenance
  6. 6.  Creation Over Crown. Coding  Interview response coding example Imitation: Learn to lead with greatness through observation.
  7. 7. Pick 3 representatives.One for each case.
  8. 8.  Kelso Foreman Fez Hyde
  9. 9.  Mr. Brown Michael Dwight Jim Kevin Start at 3:30 – 8:44 Season 1 Episode 2
  10. 10. KarenWillMother
  11. 11.  A three minute planning period will begin after questions are answered. You have 45 minutes. Your team must capture 5 minutes of quality group video on campus and prepare a 2 minute illustrated analysis of the meeting. Standard voting procedure will determine the winner.
  12. 12.  Recall a scene from a television show or movie that exemplifies a term or section from the text. Note the title and time that the scene begins and ends before justifying your selection. 500 words or so would be an appropriate length. Email the required information to If the digital object is publically accessible I would also appreciate a link.
  13. 13.  Exam Tips Exam Questions
  14. 14.  Don’t forget to read for next class and complete your online assignment for points. Also send any questions you or your group have and I will focus on answering them.