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Eminenture outsources data entry project services


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Data entry is the process of digitizing irrespective form of data. It involves scanning, recording, format conversion, filtering, managing, securing and delivering voluminous data of variety. Eminenture keeps it in electronically and collaterally managed documents, invoices, forms, orders or any kind of data.

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Eminenture outsources data entry project services

  1. 1. Eminenture Outsources Data Entry Project Services
  2. 2. Index
  3. 3. Online Data Entry Offshore Data Entry Catalog Data Entry Database Data Entry e-Book Data Entry e-Commerce Data Entry Survey Data Entry Data Entry Outsourcing Collaterally Digitize, Streamline & Maintain
  4. 4. Book Conversion Data Conversion Document Conversion PDF Conversion XML Conversion Data Conversion Employ latest techniques and premium sources for converting formats of:
  5. 5. Data Form Processing Image Processing Order Processing Survey Data Processing Data Processing Add competitive edge through extracting, mining, cleansing and delivering filtered & processed:
  6. 6. Book Scanning Image Scanning Document Scanning Forms Scanning Survey Data Scanning Data Scanning Do Digital Transformation of:
  7. 7. Security : Protects electronically saved data from hacking Timeline: Saves the original version of the created data. Version: Saves the actual timeline when the data is created originally Data Integrity Cost-effectiveness Document Management EDM
  8. 8.